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Australia's Next Top Model starts Sunday night 7:00pm on Bravo New Zealand!
When you and your friends realise you haven't stuck to any of your new years resolutions.
Going back to work in the new year :(
Tackle 2017 head on!
Us at Boxing Day sales...
Merry Christmas from the Australia's Next Top Model fam!
Everyone needs a best friend like this.

Tag your besties.
And the award for the sassiest Model goes to...
To our fabulous and fearless mentor Cheyenne Tozzi... Happy birthday!
When you are Christmas shopping but keep finding things you want.
Throwback to this hilarious moment with Belinda LOL!
When your makeup is on point.
LIVE on the Red Carpet at the 6th Annual AACTAs our very own Stenmark twins!
Those Friday feels!
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#NEWS our girl Aleyna has relocated to Sydney to pursue modelling... which big Aussie brand might she be working with? Find out below!

‘I’ve got castings, it’s model life now’
When you remember Top Model finished last week :(