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Happy Birthday to our ten gorgeous lemur boys on Bindi’s Island! We celebrated their birthday with plenty of presents, treats and lots of love as well. The party was a real hoot, check it out in this video!
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If you’re around Brisbane this weekend, be sure to drop in and say G’day to our Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors at the World Science Festival Brisbane! They'll be set up at the Queensland Museum & Sciencentre all weekend, talking about crocs and the importance of the ground-breaking research our Croc Team conducts every year on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. They'll also be joined by some...
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Our Zoo Keeper for a Day program is back these school holidays! Join the Zoo Crew as we enlist your help to care for our animals! With many different species needing special attention, you’ll get to learn a whole lot about animals and how incredible they really are. For more information, visit: [ Link ]
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WOO-HOO! Our expeditions to the #SteveIrwinWildlifeReserve are back! Join scientists from around the world as they survey the reserve for new species or work alongside Steve’s croc research team as they continue to study the largest reptile on the planet, the saltwater crocodile! Check it out at
: Robert Irwin
Our lemurs are celebrating their birthday on Bindi’s Island this Saturday and you’re invited to the party! At 2.30pm, join our troop of ten handsome boys for fruit cake, presents and to move it move it to the music See you there
Happy International Day of Forests! Today we’re celebrating the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve and its incredibly unique flora and fauna! The 330,000 acres of untouched Australian wilderness is home to a wealth of wildlife and plant species with 35 ecosystems thriving within it. We’re proud to say that the Wildlife Reserve has been legally protected since 2013 and is the site for several...
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Happy #InternationalDayofHappiness! We hope you’re all wearing a smile this big today! Join us over the Easter school holidays to see this cutie’s infectious grin for yourself!
Join us for Easter Holiday Fun at Australia Zoo! For more details: [ Link ]
Kick back, it’s Sunday! The weekend’s are meant for relaxing and if you need any tips on how to unwind, just visit our 10 lemurs on Bindi’s Island – they have it covered!
On St. Patrick’s Day, Ashley and Richard who travelled all the way from America won an impressive amount of liquid gold in our wife-carrying race! They also won some new friends who came in second place and in the name of good sportsmanship, have decided to catch up before continuing on their travels. Have a drink on us tonight guys and thanks for all your efforts!
Check this out! When a crocodile means business he can launch himself out of the water from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, and Mossman’s powerful strike is clearly something you don’t want to mess with! The water is the croc’s territory, so to stay safe all you need to do is stay out of the water and away from the water’s edge!
This Friday have a go at our annual wife-carrying race for St. Patrick’s Day! Team up with a mate to see if you have what it takes to win your partner's weight in pots of liquid gold (beer) and register today!
Sleepy Jaya is one of two binturongs that call Australia Zoo home! Although these mammals are nocturnal in the wild, they love nothing more than waking up to some fresh fruit offered by our guests. Their inquisitive little noses and soft padded paws make it an incredibly interactive wildlife experience as they climb all over you and sniff out where you’re hiding their treats!
This Friday the 17th of March grab a mate and join us for our annual St. Patrick’s Day wife-carrying race! Wedding bands aren’t required, so it doesn’t matter if you’re just hitching a ride for the day, you could still win your partner’s weight in liquid gold (beer) just by competing! This water dragon and bearded dragon have decided to team up for the day and have already been having practise...
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Sunday breakfast has never looked healthier! Ravi the red panda enjoys the simpler things in life, like waking up and enjoying a selection of fruits prepared for him daily. What do you enjoy for Sunday breakfast?
We’re seeing triple! 'rabble_rabblerabble' from Instagram captured this amazing moment on our African Savannah that truly shows off the mesmerising size of Africa’s tallest mammal! Baby giraffes are usually almost 2m in height when they’re born and you can see the size comparison between an adult, juvenile and baby here!
Happy birthday little Rove! Turning one is always an important milestone, even if you still have tons of growing to do and cuddles to dish out! For his special day Rove was gifted a tasty bouquet of eucalyptus leaves and spent the afternoon hanging with his favourite keepers who gave him plenty of love and affection!
Happy International Women's Day! You wouldn’t mess with a saltwater crocodile and you shouldn’t mess with women either! Here at Australia Zoo we work with incredible women who give their all to conservation and making the world a better place. They feed crocs, fly birds, cuddle koalas and love our guests (among many other things) - they are inspirational in every way!
If you're one of the lucky ones who have hung out with our Roos, you'll know they're pretty chilled out. Spending most of their days making new friends in our Roo Heavens, these legends like nothing more than food, friends and lovely visitors! Classic Aussies! Thanks for the pic 'wildlifewarrior247' from Instagram!
There’s nothing quite like getting hand fed your favourite snacks on a relaxing afternoon! Almost as if they’re royalty, our lucky giraffe get a variety of their favourite treats on offer throughout the day, with carrots being the front runner - clearly!