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Check out Angelo the Burmese python going for a quick swim! Did you know that all snakes have the ability to swim by using their muscles to propel them through the water? As a bit of fun and form of enrichment for them, we treat our snakes to swim sessions during summer where they enjoy feeling different textures on their bodies and have their mind stimulated by different sensations!
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Did you know that ring-tailed lemurs use their scent glands as a communication tool? Sometimes, male lemurs will rub the inside of their hands against their tail before displaying it to their rivals! Living in such large troops, it’s important that lemurs can communicate so that they live together in harmony. You can visit our own troop of 10 lemurs at Bindi’s Island and watch for yourself how...
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Our Wildlife Warriors show is full of wildlife action! Look to the skies and you’ll find our impressive free flight birds soaring through the Crocoseum! Then the experts on crocodiles will show you the impressive power of the saltwater crocodile and why it’s in our best interest to avoid them in the wild! Who's joining us tomorrow?! Awesome picture by 'asbcreative_pro_photo' from Instagram!
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Our baby giraffe has a name! Gigi the giraffe calf has kindly been given her name by Toys"R"Us Australia, whose mascot is a giraffe named Geoffrey! Gigi calls Australia Zoo’s African Savannah home and has started joining the rest of our herd during the days, getting up to mischief and playing with her family!
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Every day is this happy when you’re on school holidays! Archie here is an alpine dingo, and he loves the school holidays because it means that he gets to meet and see new people every day! Who’s joining us and visiting Archie before they go back to school for the year?! Thanks for the cute pic '101dutchie' from Instagram!
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“Excuse me, can I check your pockets for some more snacks?” Our kangaroos absolutely love getting visitors into Roo Heaven and will often come over to investigate if you remembered to bring in their favourite treats! You can buy a bag of Roo Food at our information desk and gift shops before heading out to see our gorgeous native kangaroos, they’ll be patiently waiting! : 'nitaaajaynee' from...
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Exciting news! Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors have announced that the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner is coming back to Los Angeles this May! Check out this highlights video of our Brisbane Steve Irwin Gala Dinner as a preview to this amazing event!
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Hello Pip! As one of our two resident binturongs, there’s nothing that gets Pip down from her canopy of trees to say g’day faster than her favourite fruits! These super elusive animals have a scent gland that many keepers and guests liken to the smell of popcorn! Join us for our you-beaut binturong encounters and you can be the judge of that! Click here to book: [ Link ]
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Woo-hoo! Congratulations to the winner of our first car the RAV4! Simply by visiting the Zoo these school holidays, the Hatchman family went into the draw to win one of three cars, two of which are still up for grabs! Come to the Zoo before the 22nd of January and you could be leaving with a new set of wheels too! Purchase your tickets here: [ Link ]
How gorgeous are Tasmanian devils?! Although these gorgeous native Australian marsupials are incredibly cute to look at, it's best to view them from a distance in the wild. They have three times the jaw pressure of a pit bull and are the largest living carnivorous marsupial! Thanks Meg Doyle (adventuremeggie/IG) for sharing this wonderful picture!
Who’s joining us in the Crocoseum today?! Be sure to grab a good seat, because from 11.30am we’ll be bringing you all the action! Bindi and the Jungle Girls will be performing their new Island Time show and then the Irwin family will be joining you for our croc demo! Be amazed at the power of the saltwater crocodile and watch the ultimate Wildlife Warriors in their element!
Our two gorgeous lemurs have their adorable names! Now known as Matilda from ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and Blossom from ‘Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’, these two cuties with their new Aussie names have already started meeting guests for their very first encounters! To meet Matilda and Blossom, click here: [ Link ]
Check out the beautiful Reggie! At almost one year old Reggie is our youngest Sumatran tiger cub here at Australia Zoo and is a great ambassador for his endangered cousins in the wild! Every day, he teaches all our guests and his visitors about the plight of the remaining 400 tigers in Indonesia and how we can help conserve this amazing species. Thanks for sharing such a stunning picture,...
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Woo-hoo! Check out Robert feeding Monty, one of our most famous crocodiles here at the Zoo! Up until the 14th of January, you can catch the whole Irwin family in our 12pm Wildlife Warrior show feeding these spectacular modern day dinosaurs, and you’ll also learn all there is to know about staying safe in crocodile territory!
Oops... She did it again!
Today a visitor at Australia Zoo didn't see a small, non-venomous green tree snake on the pathway and received a bite to the leg after accidentally stepping on it. Following protocol, the guest is now being checked over at the hospital.
Ps. Snake is fine too!
Check out the gorgeous colours on our water python! Found mostly in creeks, lagoons and rivers, these beauties are absolutely stunning when the light catches their scales! You can see a variety of our snakes and other animals being roved through the Zoo every day and they are always happy to stop for a quick photo! Instagram pic: @tamara_emily
“And the little one said move over!”
How cute are baby giraffe?! Although they may look a lot smaller in comparison to the adults around them, when born baby giraffe are almost 2m in height, which is taller than the average human! Pic from Instagram: ethancole_photography
Check out our kangaroo striking a pose for the camera! Kangaroos are one of Australia’s most iconic animals and ours must think they’re models with how much attention they get from our guests! Visit these guys in our Roo Heavens and be mesmerized at how well they work the camera! Pic: Jenny_laine
Join us for Summer Down Under! Starting this week up until the 22nd of January we’ll be giving away one car each week and just by coming to the Zoo, you’ll go in the draw to win! We also have a giant waterslide that’s over 55ft tall for the kids to cool off in the summer heat, its stacks of fun! Click here for more info:
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