ATTN: Egg lovers! React and tell us how you prefer to eat your eggs!
"How fresh do your eggs need to be to poach them? And eggs-actly how long can you keep them before throwing them out?" - all your questions answered straight from the ABC News producers mouth!

Crack the clues of the perfect egg
Eggs are great at any time of day - breakfast, lunch or dinner! Try out these delicious recipes from @Gourmet Traveller [ Link ] #GourmetTraveller #AustralianEggs #eggs #protein
Dietician Chloe McCLeod from body+soul reiterates in myth number 4 that eggs do not affect cholestrol levels. Be sure to to know that eggs are ok to eat every day! [ Link ] #eggs #OKED
Eggs are essential to include in your weekly meal plans as they are full of protein helping you make it through the working week! Get some inspiration from's article [ Link ] #AustralianEggs #eggs #protein
"This is how we roll on Monday mornings. Line your muffin tray, crack an egg, add your favourite breakfast fillings and bake until cooked. Ready in 5 minutes! Fab when running late for school, uni or work!
We love eating our Australian Eggs and have them everyday"
– Dani Stevens - Fitness Food Motivator
Egg lovers rejoice! Experts have had their say – the Australian Dietary Guidelines say that it's OK to eat eggs every day!
New research shows that higher egg consumption is associated with having a better quality diet. EGG-cellent news!
Today is World Egg Day and what better way to celebrate than by knowing that you can enjoy eggs EVERY day of the week.
Aussie kids have the highest rate of food allergy in the world! Cue eggs – new research published today in the Journal of American Medical Association shows the early introduction of eggs (4-6 months) is linked to lower rates of egg allergies: [ Link ]

Introduce eggs and peanuts early in infants' diets to reduce the risk of allergies
Our friend Jody at Stay at Home Mum recently discovered that you can feed your dogs eggs with #Eggs4Pups… and her four legged friends are absolutely stoked! Head over to read the blog post for recipes and to see how much Sookie the 'Wonder Dog' enjoyed eating her eggs!

What? You Can Give Eggs To Dogs?
Eggs are certainly a breakfast for champions. BMX athlete, Caroline Buchanan, reveals poached eggs are one of her favourite healthy breakfast foods to fuel her during gruelling training schedules. What’s your winning brekkie? #AustralianEggs

BMX Olympian Caroline Buchanan on power food and her favourite green juice recipe
Feeling eggstraordinary like a MasterChef? Why not try making Heston Blumenthal’s β€˜Verjus in Egg’ final recipe, including nearly 100 elements and 92 different steps, it truly is eggspiring! #AustralianEggs #MasterChef [ Link ]

How to make Heston's egg ... in 92 easy steps | The New Daily
We always love seeing new, creative ways to enjoy eggs. This chef says salt-cured eggs will impress your foodie friends. Would you give this a try at home? [ Link ]

Make These Salt-Cured Egg Yolks and Impress the Pants Off Your Foodie Friends
Looks like Eggs Benedict isn’t just our weekend favourite – TV Chef, Adam Liaw, also loves this classic and has shared his very own recipe on Good Food. Why not try it out for yourself this weekend? [ Link ]

Poached eggs, three ways
Egg waffles are having a moment right now with Good Food naming them one of the hottest food trends [ Link ]. The snack is a favourite in Hong Kong with its crispy outside and fluffy, sweet middle. Delicious! What toppings would you put on yours? #AustralianEggs #EggWaffles
Nikki Corbishley from NZ got lucky after realising that she had purchased an entire carton of double-yolk eggs. On average just one in a thousand eggs has a double yolk occur so this is eggs-traordinary news! [ Link ] Daily Mail
PUG LIFE: "Eggs done our favourite way! Omelette for me and scrambled for Dally" - Tofu and Dally the pugs. Who's tried cooking a little extra eggs for their pooch?
Congratulations to Jodie M on winning our #GoodEgg Father's Day Competition with her cracking entry!