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Tesla begins mass production in its quest to electrify transportation. Huge milestone!

Tesla Flips the Switch on the Gigafactory

Remember Tilikum? This Orca in Seaworld was made famous through the Blackfish doco, which revealed the terrible stress that whales experience in captivity. He died last week after spending 33 years inside a tank. RIP Tili.
"While intelligence speaks, wisdom listens...wisdom knows that every action has an equal and opposite reaction." #mondaymotivation

His Epic Message Will Make You Want to Save the World

"The Sustainable Development Goals are a catalyst not only for more responsible business-as-usual but also for the business-unusual, which is needed to reform a system that is failing too many people and which through its unsustainability, threatens to fail us all." - Dr Stuart Palmer, Head of Ethics Research at Australian Ethical.
The amazing world that lives beneath the ocean floor.
On the day of his final address, we bid farewell to a U.S. President who has worked to drive climate action within his own country and beyond. You will be sorely missed Mr. President.

In Final Address, Obama Urges U.S. to Deal with Climate Change

What a small community, living in one of the most urbane cities, can achieve by going back to basics.
Can there be an alternative to animal testing?
Some interesting insights into the possibilities.

Could animal testing ever be banned completely?

A new project in Perth is changing lives for people with disabilities in an unexpected way.

Scuba class sees students swap wheelchairs for water

Only 153 cm tall - Kbora Ali was the smallest soldier her superiors had ever seen. And the only Afghan-born refugee to join the Australian army.
This is a teenage girl's incredible journey of determination.

First of her kind: Afghan refugee, Australian soldier

Many of us chose to celebrate a minimalist holiday this year: we avoided the sales temptations for things we don’t need, gave experiences or time rather than goods as presents.
As we enter 2017, Ella and Stuart from our Ethics team, talk about the ethics of consumerism in our current world and how marketers, businesses and individuals can change the culture of non-stop new.
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Lunchtime Ethics

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A bit of 'light', sci-fi read for your Friday arvo.

Should we stop worrying and learn to love the killer robot?

"...so the next generation can have a better relationship with nature."
5 indicators that speak louder than GDP.

Five better indicators than GDP

Zuckerberg endorses 23 must-reads from around the world.

23 books Mark Zuckerberg thinks you should read