This endangered species of whale sharks are the largest in the ocean.
This is a beautiful example of re-purposing : )
A technology that helps refugees deal with trauma...

Fresh STARTTS: Helping refugees overcome trauma and embrace safety
Congrats to Ben O for giving a crap and winning a year's supply of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper on us!

As part of National Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne we asked entrants to go in the running for a year's supply. Thanks to those who came along and gave it a shot. What a wonderful weekend it was. Enjoy, Ben!
#SLFAus #SustainableLiving
Our government is talking about spending more taxpayers’ money on technologies of the last century. The doublespeak of 'clean coal' won’t hide the fact that the proposed new coal plants are only marginally less polluting – and still spell climate destruction.

New coal plants wouldn't be clean, and would cost billions in taxpayer subsidies
Hello Melbourne!
It's a beautiful day out here as we celebrate at the Sustainable Living Fest in Federation Square.

Come find us in Booth 31 and enter for your chance to win a year's supply of toilet paper from the amazing feel-good, do-good Who Gives A Crap.
#SLFAus #SustainableLiving
"Meat is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transport sector, " says Peter Singer at the National Sustainable Living Festival Friday night debate.
#SLFAus #SustainableLiving
Your choices can make a big impact on the world - from small everyday choices like the type of toilet paper you use, through to important decisions on where you invest your money.

Come and visit Australian Ethical at THE BIG WEEKEND, part of Melbourne's Sustainable Living Festival. We'll be at booth 31 in Federation Square. And you can enter for your chance to win a year's supply of toilet...
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Happy news like this is hard to come by. #happyfriday indeed!

The Rare African Park Where Elephants Are Thriving
Come visit us at the FESTIVAL BIG WEEKEND where we join hundreds of organisations that 'walk the talk' in their sustainability practices.
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