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Help get your kids interested in science by undertaking some of the great DIY experiments on the CSIRO website

What’s your favourite science experiment?

Do-it-yourself science experiments for kids
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Don’t throw like a girl. Man up. Boys don’t cry.

In this article, a US mum talks about raising boys, disrespect and the impact of continuing the idea that toughness is what it means to be a man. #stopitatthestart #respect

This mum's post about the way we raise our boys is a must-read
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“Knowing what's healthy is made harder by dishonesty in marketing – the front of pack wording that makes foods sound more nutritious than they really are”

How do you know that the food you give to your children is actually healthy when marketing blurs the lines?

School lunchboxes: why kids deserve better
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Australians spend billions of dollars on vitamins and supplements that have little or no scientific evidence to prove that they work. They are often used in order to ward off potential sickness or as “insurance against a bad diet” – however the benefits of many of these products are highly contested.

Find out more by watching ABCs four corners episode - ‘Swallowing It’.

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Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity for everyone who calls Australia home.

Join us on 21 March and celebrate the cultures that have made our country a great place to live. #harmonyday

Harmony Day 2017

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Ageing is an inevitable part of life. But many of us have certain pre-conceived ideas about what happens as we get older – particularly regarding our mental health.

This article from The Conversation busts a few ageing myths.

Five common myths about the ageing brain and body
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If you have a family member who sneaks their phone into the bathroom, then it might be time to show them this article from SBS Australia

It will really make you think about where you take your phone…

Why you should stop using your phone on the loo
Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins shares how we can all make small changes in an effort to break the cycle of violence against women.

#stopitatthestart #respect

Read Kate Jenkins' blog post
Ratatouille is a tasty way to get the family eating their veggies. It can be served as a side or eaten as a main with bread, rice or pasta.

What’s your favourite vegetarian recipe? #vegetables #ratatouille

Classic ratatouille | Vegetable recipes | Jamie Oliver
According to Australian Physical activity guidelines 80% of 5-7 year olds aren’t active enough.

Inactive kids are more likely to become inactive adults, so it’s up to us as parents or carers to be good role models.

Make physical activity a priority in your family and something that you do together for fun!

Learn more about what activity kids need from Heart Foundation


Active families
Some dating apps can ask you to share a lot of personal informantion.

Check out what you’re really sharing online. #valentinesday #privacy

Swiping right and privacy rights| Office of the Australian Information Commissioner - OAIC
Did you learn a language at school?

Listen to ABC News's Laura Tchilinguirian speak to two teachers about the benefits of learning a language at a young age.


Did you learn a second language at school?
Making your own popsicles can be a great way to pass time on a hot day and give you a cold treat to look forward to.

Let these recipes inspire you!

Icy treat recipes : SBS Food
This weekend is going to be very hot. Exposure to high temperatures can lead to illness and even death, especially for young children and the elderly.

Check out these tips for surviving the heat from Better Health Channel and stay safe this weekend.

Survive the heat
Have you had a conversation with your children about respect?

Aboriginal father and cultural mentor, Jeremy Donovan, shares his advice on how to get it started #stopitatthestart #respect

The ABC’s Life Matters show will be broadcasting live from the Parliament House Theatre at 9.30am this morning. Tune in to listen to what's happening at this week's Heywire Summit.

#Heywire #lifematters #abc
Do you respect others and only post what you’d say to someone’s face? Do you get consent before sharing an image or video of another person?

Today is safer internet day –a great opportunity to think about how we can unite for a better, safer online community.

Check out these resources from the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner #SID2017

Safer Internet Day 2017
Now that the kids are back at school you might be wondering how you can best support them while they learn.

Learning Potential is an educational app containing useful info to help parents including articles, tips and ideas relevant to your child’s age. #learningpotential #backtoschool

How do you support your child’s learning?

Supporting Your Child
In a busy world, we’re all looking for things that can make our lives simpler and less stressful. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to improve our health and wellbeing.

#Mindfully recognises that the new school year is a particularly stressful time for families. The following guided mindfulness meditations have been tailored for parents, kids, teenagers, uni students and teachers.
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How mindfulness can ease the transition from holiday to classroom