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Once thought to be extinct, the pygmy bluetongue is today rarely seen except by experts with fishing rods...

Fishing for Australia's 'laziest' lizards
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Our latest AG Reader Photo of the Week was taken at Bass Point near Shellharbour, NSW.

AG Reader Photo of the Week: Into the blue
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Some good news from this week - researchers have discovered a second population of one of Australia's rarest marsupials, the northern bettong: [ Link ]
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To this day, the bombing of Darwin remains the largest foreign attack mounted on Australia - and though there were fewer casualties, more bombs were dropped than in the similar surprise attack on Pearl Harbour 10 weeks earlier.

On this day: Darwin under attack
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"In come the dollars and in come the cents / to replace the pounds and the shillings and the pence. / Be prepared folks when the coins begin to mix / on the 14th of February 1966."

On this day: Australia switches from pounds to dollars
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They could kill a human in 15 minutes, but your chickens will happily gobble them up. How much do you know about the world's deadliest spider? [ Link ]
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After premiering in Sydney last night, our new Kenya documentary is now available to watch in full online.

Documentary: Australian Geographic Explores Kenya
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"The situation just got slightly less dire."

Northern bettongs rediscovered in 'eureka' moment
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"In almost 20 years of writing for Australian Geographic, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a place like it in the middle of the country – a place so little travelled, but relatively easily reached, where the inland breathes life back into you."

Discover the Davenport Ranges
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Tasmania is renowned for its incredible nature and wildlife, so it’s no surprise the island state's capital city is a birdwatchers’ paradise.

Urban bird watchers' guide to Hobart - Australian Geographic
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These talks are on in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne over the coming weeks - they're free, but spaces are limited.

Free Kimberley Cruising talks with Mike Cusack
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Think ‘Tropical North Queensland’ and invariably the Great Barrier Reef comes to mind, but venture into the mountains and you’ll soon see this part of Australia has so much more to offer.

Heading for the hills in Tropical North Queensland
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In his latest blog post, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki ponders one of life's big questions.

Could cows produce strawberry-flavoured milk?
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Over 16,000 firefighters, including park and forest fire-fighters and CFA volunteers, 1000 police, 500 defence force personnel and many local residents were involved in the '83 fires.

On this day: Ash Wednesday bushfires
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Venom comes in many forms. Some types attack the brain and nervous system, while others attack your cell's molecular structure, the cardiovascular system, or muscle tissue; they can also break down tissue.

Top 10 most venomous animals in Australia