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Our thoughts are with our friends in north Queensland over the coming days. Please stay safe and heed all official advice and warnings.

How will Cyclone Debbie compare to Australia's worst cyclones in history?
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The first volunteer to receive the new vaccine was one of the lead researchers, Professor Michael Good, who has spent decades researching a cure for malaria.

Australian-developed malaria vaccine passes first human trials
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Dance off! This week's winning AG Reader Photo by Dean Jewell is absolutely fabulous. Read more about this stunning capture here: [ Link ]
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Dance off! This week's winning AG Reader Photo by Dean Jewell is fabulous.

AG Reader Photo of the Week
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New research has shed light on the function of the distinctive 'saw' on sawfish – and how it enables the unusual species to sneak up on prey.

Sawfish are the ultimate stealth hunters, study finds
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The researchers will set up more than 50 high-tech camera traps baited with lures to survey the two sites, which will remain confidential.

Scientists to search for Tassie tigers in Queensland
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Ever watched someone laugh and felt an uncontrollable urge to join in?

Kea playfulness is contagious, study finds
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Creating just 1mm of soil coverage can take anything from a few years to an entire millennium.

How healthy soils make for a healthy life
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In case you missed it, four lucky bird watchers have made the sighting of a lifetime - spotting the first critically endangered night parrot in WA for over 100 years! Read more: [ Link ]
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Amazing news! Thought to be extinct until 2013, night parrots haven't been seen in WA for over 100 years.

Sighting of a lifetime: night parrots found in WA
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Oxybenzone can be toxic to baby coral at levels equivalent to one drop in six and a half Olympic swimming pools.

Popular sunscreen chemical can kill baby corals
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All 122 people on board were lost, including 49 passengers and 73 crew, as well as Moonshine – a racehorse destined to run in the Townsville Cup – a red Lincoln bull, and some 617 tonnes of cargo.

On this day: One of Australia’s worst maritime disasters
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"Do not put things in your mouth unless you know what they are, because there are a lot of toxic plants out there." Sage advice.

Australia's most poisonous plants
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Hanley's river snail was once plentiful in the Murray River - but we may need to consider renaming the endangered species 'Hanley's pipe snail'.

How an endangered species is clogging our pipes
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From food festivals to the 2017 Rugby World Cup, here's our pick of some of the best events the region has to offer this year.

Top 10 events in Tropical North Queensland
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You can now watch our latest international travel documentary in full online.

Documentary: Australian Geographic Explores Kenya
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“Australia is the lucky country because of the forests we have. But you can’t live on luck alone – you’ve got to look after it too.”

Did you know Australia has 3% of the world's forests? Happy International Day of Forests.

Getting to know Australia's stunning and diverse forests
"A plan was hatched to enlist Aussie civilians not considered fit enough to fight in the war effort and refit old and disused ships. They called it Mission X, but locals quickly dubbed it 'The Ragtag Fleet'."

On this day: The Ragtag Fleet is born
"Few animals divide opinions quite like the dingo. Loved as a mysterious outback icon, or loathed as a marauding killer – it depends on which side of the fence you sit."

Outcast: the plight of the dingo
Pluto's status as a “dwarf planet” is stirring debate again. But for many astronomers, the 'demotion' of Pluto wasn’t a gesture of destruction - it signalled a major leap forward.

OPINION: Should Pluto be reclassified as a planet?