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[Throw Back Thursday] Institute graduate and NEW trainer on The Biggest Loser Australia, Libby Babet has achieved SO MUCH since competing her Master Trainer Programβ„’ at The Institute. This article was when we caught up with this 'Enter-Trainer' a couple of years ago - where she was SLAYING in the fitness industry then too! Check out Libby' top 8 reasons why she LOVES being a Fitness...
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Libby Babet Shares What Life Is Like As A Personal Trainer
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What NOT To Include On Your Personal Training RΓ©sumΓ©
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Our Top 5 Finisher Workouts
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A MASSIVE congratulations to 3 x Olympian Libby Trickett who is officially a Master Trainer Would you be up for a PT session with this athlete?
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Top 10 Marketing Tips For Massage Therapists
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see what our fitness and massage students got up to this week on Instagram!
WOW! Institute graduate Lacy Blackman shares her AMAZING transformation and WHY she chose to become a PT Go Girl

Lean Like Lacey reveals how she became a personal trainer
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A Guide For Gym Managers On Interviewing New Employees
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In a competitive industry you'd be surprised how far a a great character reference can take you! So, if you are applying for a new position in the fitness industry, make sure you check out this article FIRST ↓

How To Get A Good Character Reference Or Testimonial From Your Clients
see what our fitness and massage students got up to this week on Instagram!
Australian Institute of Fitness graduate, Nathan Scicluna shares his journey from professional Ballet Dancer, to Fitness Professional Check out his story here ↓

Graduate, Nathan Scicluna Shares His Journey To Becoming a PT and His Tips For Getting Into The Fitness Industry
To all of the women who train hard and lift heavy, today is for you Happy International Women's Day