The Centrelink robo-debt debacle will dwarf that of the bungled census, for which the Prime Minister declared that heads would roll.

Centrelink's robo-debacle is a litany of inhuman errors
Thank you to all those working today, giving up time with family and friends - especially our emergency services personnel. You deserve your penalty rates
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all from everyone at the Australian Labor Party!
The proclamation of the Northern Territory Aboriginal Land Rights Act on this day 40 years ago was this nation’s highpoint in bipartisan commitment to Indigenous justice and the recognition of the rights of traditional owners to their lands.

I acknowledge the courage and leadership of the NT Land Councils which is fundamentally the reason the Northern Territory Aboriginal Land Rights Act...
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Malcolm Turnbull's dental cuts will mean 3 million children will lose up to $300 in essential dental care and around 330,000 vulnerable Australians will loose access to dental services.
Still waiting for very fast broadband? You're not the only one...
Turnbull and Morrison talk about jobs and growth, but new figures today reveal our economy has shrunk by 0.5 per cent in the September quarter. That’s on the back of 90,000 full-time jobs being lost since the start of the year and debt and deficit blowing out on this Government’s watch. No wonder our AAA credit rating is at risk.
Public hospitals, social housing and palliative care services are ripe for reforms to inject greater competition and private sector involvement, a Productivity Commission report has found.

Hospitals, housing and dental services ripe for privatisation, says Productivity Commission report
I see a stronger Medicare building a better future for Australians. That’s why I decided to build my “Save Medicare” website. The government should not be able to stop me from doing that

I'm being sued by the government for opposing its Medicare policy. What next? | Mark Rogers
The Turnbull Government is considering weakening protections against race hate speech. Will you take the pledge against racist hate speech?

Stand for Respect
This is a must watch. Thank you for telling your story Emma Husar MP.
Right now, survivors of domestic violence are too often made to endure cross-examination in family courts from their violent ex-partners. That should never happen. Labor will change the law to make sure this practice ceases. As Prime Minister, I will require judges to consider what should be done to protect vulnerable witnesses when family violence is alleged. And I'll equip Legal Aid with the...
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Three facts Morrison failed to mention in Question Time. With a record like this, is it any wonder Australia’s AAA credit rating is at risk on his watch?