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Watch LIVE as Tony Burke MP, Mark Dreyfus and Graham Perrett MP talk about Turnbull's planned changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Stand with us against racist hate speech at [ Link ]
The government is destroying protections against racist hate speech on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Stand with Labor and say no to racist hate speech.
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Is it any wonder people despair about the government's economic credentials?

Paul Keating: Only the most reckless government would raid super for housing
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Turnbull's Priorities:
• A new $50 per fortnight cut to pensioners.
• A $50 billion handout to big business.

Hopelessly out of touch.
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It’s official: Malcolm Turnbull supports cutting penalty rates from up to 700,000 Australian workers
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You have to watch this. South Australian Labor Premier Jay Weatherill calls out the Liberals over their energy policy.
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700,000 workers are facing a sudden pay cut but many don’t even know it. SHARE this video and help spread the word.
With 30 seats decided in our favour, WA Labor WILL form the next Government of Western Australia and Mark McGowan MP will be our Premier.

Thank you Western Australia. You can rely on Mark McGowan and WA Labor to always put WA Jobs First.
Good luck to all the WA Labor supporters, volunteers and candidates in tomorrow's state election!
Kate Ellis announced today that she won’t re-contest the next election, to spend more time with her young family.

Kate has achieved so much. She helped put in place child care reforms that mean hundreds of thousands of Australian kids get a better start. She was the youngest ever woman elected to Parliament, and the youngest ever minister. She’ll be greatly missed around this place.
Angry reacts only.
Happy International Women's Day!

Proud to have so many smart, passionate, hardworking women in the Labor caucus.