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Check out this beautiful video from Taiwan.
Love and acceptance: It really is that simple.

Coming from Port Pirie to Tennant Creek, our campaign has been powered by small community donations averaging $50. THANK YOU!

Can you chip in to help make equality a reality?
From ARIAs stage to the Equality Shop! With Christmas right around the corner, we've come up with a fun way to support the #EqualityCampaign — grab some merchandise for the family and help fund the fight for #MarriageEquality: [ Equalitycampaign.org.au Link ]

In Sydney? Drop by our pop-up: 122 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. Thursday to Sunday, 12 to 6.
"We are living in a society where we should let them be themselves – as parents, all we want is to see our children happy,” Bà says — SBS Sexuality

Australia’s cutest Vietnamese grandma stars in latest marriage equality ad

Show you're proud to support #MarriageEquality! Add this frame to your profile picture to demonstrate you believe every Australian couple should be able to get married.

Ask your friends to join with us:
Is this Australia’s cutest Vietnamese grandma? William's Bà talks about her number one grandson: “Boyfriend or girlfriend is the same kind of love, there is no difference.”

Every Australian should be able to get married. Do you agree? Sign here:
GREAT WORK Indigo Council! Last night Councilors voted to officially support #MarriageEquality and lead the community in fighting for a fair go for all residents.

Read more: [ Bordermail.com.au Link ]
Like most towns across Australia, Albury is very supportive of #MarriageEquality. Hear why these members of the community believe all Australians should be treated equally.
Labor and the crossbench Senators have called an inquiry. We now have a Government Bill for #MarriageEquality, a Senate Inquiry to progress it, and most importantly the support of the Australian people.

Let's use this as an opportunity to get equality across the line in 2017! We will let you know how you can help when we find out more details about the Inquiry.

Here's what we know so far: [...
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Ben: We've been together for nearly 10 years, and I proposed nearly 6 years ago. The first time I put on my engagement ring, I felt a stronger bond. Of course, we were always connected — we've been through a lot together. But making the commitment, saying our vows to each other, we felt more connected to each other than we ever thought possible.

Stephane: We had our wedding in the Swiss Alps...
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Direct from the ARIAs stage... Check out our new Equali-tees! You can now buy your very own #EqualityCampaign shirt, with all proceeds going to fund the fight for #MarriageEquality: [ Equalitycampaign.org.au Link ]

Are you in Sydney? Join us at our little shop at 122 Oxford St, Darlinghurst tomorrow from midday! Come and chat with our volunteers and meet fellow supporters.
Thanks for supporting #MarriageEquality Angie Greene! Here she tells us the real reason why she agreed to accept the #ARIAs award for Sia Music on behalf of Australian Marriage Equality — and how she felt speaking out on a stage in front of MILLIONS!!! #EqualityCampaign
AMAZING! Did you see it? Our wonderful #EqualityCampaign supporter Angie Greene accepted an #ARIAs award for Sia on behalf of #MarriageEquality. The crowd's reaction...
Show you're proud to support #MarriageEquality! Add this frame to your profile picture to demonstrate you believe every Australian couple should be able to get married.

Ask your friends to join with us:
Angie supports equality for her brother: "I detest the fact that I am one of three, but only two of us can get married. No one’s lives or who they love should be up for debate."

"#MarriageEquality is sending a clear message that we are no longer being defined by our sexuality or gender. It’s sending a message that we are people – that we are equal. We are one."
Ben was raised by two mums – and the only thing he'd change is for his family to be equal under the law.

“We’ve got to keep the pressure on our politicians, we’ve got to keep the conversation going in our communities, and we’ve got to make sure we get marriage equality passed!" Join now:
The #EqualityCampaign has hit Tasmania! We were at Out in the Park in Ulverstone, Tasmania this weekend. ‍ — with Connect4Life - LGBTI North West Tasmania Family,Friends & Allies
It's time to do the right thing! Parliament: Vote for #MarriageEquality now.

A Private Members' Bill for #MarriageEquality was discussed in Parliament today. Here's what Cathy McGowan for Indi had to say about rural Australians in her electorate...
4 weeks ago we launched the #EqualityCampaign — and in that short time over 87,000 Australians have signed up!

We're stronger than ever before. Our numbers are growing every day. Will you join with us?