Yes! Derryn Hinch It's time for our politicians to do their job and vote on marriage equality.

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"Dear Warren Snowdon MP,
I'm a born and bred Territory girl. I grew up in the bush, a true country girl. I met the love of my life 18 months ago..."
Sometimes it takes a mum to tell it how it is.
"Dear Gai Brodtmann, I urge you to push for a free Parliamentary vote on same sex marriage this year..."
We've been using some of your powerful messages for Marriage Equality in meetings with Australian Senators today!

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"Dear Andrew Wilkie - Independent for Denison..."
BREAKING: Almost 40% of voters in Coalition-held electorates will NOT vote for the Coalition if they continue to block Marriage Equality.


66% believe it's important the Government resolve the issue of same-sex marriage by a vote in the parliament this year.

Conservative majority in 12 Coalition seats back same-sex marriage vote in 2017
Congratulations to Chris and Wade on their engagement! Come on Parliament, it's time.

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Making headlines today: Supportive MPs are pushing for the Coalition to hold a parliamentary vote on marriage equality! The only way our politicians will make this happen is if we are impossible to ignore.

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"We dispute the size of the 'silent majority' being used as a reason for not going ahead with this free vote. The polling has shown for years that the majority of the Australian population would stand behind equality. In the words of my old dad..." — to Trent Zimmerman MP, North Sydney.

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Happy birthday to the brilliant, remarkable, the Hon. Michael Kirby!
"Please let me attend the wedding of both my children — not just the one the government deems worthy." — to Sarah Henderson MP Corangamite.

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Meet Noel and Stephen: "I was looking for books, and Noel was working in the shop. Texts were exchanged and that turned into an invitation to brunch. From then, we’ve only spent a few weeks apart, all together. That was 5.5 years ago.

"Our relationship is long-standing, loyal, and based on love. But even with our history of commitment, two heterosexual strangers can go get married without any...
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"Everyone I talk to is for it. People of my parents' generation ask, why isn't it in yet? What's taking so long?" Call for a parliamentary vote today at:
"If he and his partner were both good enough to serve their country in war zones then they should have the support of the government to live their lives as they see fit." — to Ted O'Brien - LNP Federal Member for Fairfax. Send your message to our politicians:
Praise Priscilla, it's Hugo Weaving! And he's giving us the low down on marriage equality...
"I am a Priest in the Anglican Church. This is not "gay marriage"... it is about affirming that all citizens have the equal right to be married." — to Steve Georganas - Hindmarsh MP. Send your message to our politicians:
We organised a little get together at Parliament House for politicians to share their support for marriage equality. Now let's make sure they take action:
"Be brave, be bold, stand up!" — Vanessa to Melissa Price - Durack MP. Send your message to our politicians:
Meet Sar and Olivia, who got engaged on 25th February. (Congratulations!) Here is an excerpt of Olivia's speech at their engagement party...

"Marriage in our country is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life. We are all well versed in what constitutes marriage in our country and I can be pretty sure that all of us here unequivocally...
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