GREAT NEWS: Last night, Bayswater and Fremantle Council's voted to support marriage equality!

They join the growing number of councils who believe their constituents deserve to be treated equally and fairly.
GREAT NEWS Last night Bayswater and Fremantle Councils voted to support marriage
Joe McLoughlin
Marg Randle
Tracey Prout
Working together, we can achieve marriage equality: .

To add the equality frame to your profile pic, head to:
Working together we can achieve marriage equality: wwwequalitycampaignorgau
Patricia Apps
Julie Johnston
Rogerio Cruz
BREAKING: Surf Coast Shire Council voted last night to fly the rainbow flag until we have #MarriageEquality.

Read more: [ Link ]
BREAKING Surf Coast Shire Council voted last night to fly the rainbow
David Francis
Gnine Williams
Helen Rowe
Kristina Keneally, as always, telling it exactly as it is. Here's what marriage equality means to her...
Daniel Harcourt
Matt Thomas
Max Fleming
"We are a pretty average family and we believe in marriage equality.

"I also believe that we are not in the minority. It's time for parliamentarians to listen to their constituents and hold a parliamentary vote for marriage equality. Australians have always valued freedom, equality and fairness.

"Please don't disappoint us; my generation, the younger generation, we expect equality for all....
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"We are a pretty average family and we believe in marriage equality
James Patrick Henry
Aaron Cosier
Daniel Harcourt
"We met in Sweden, one of us is Swedish, in 2012 and immediately fell in love. (We) married in MalmΓΆ, Sweden on 29 June, 2013. We currently live in Australia but are considering moving back to Sweden. Marriage Equality (or lack thereof) in Australia is not the reason we may decide to live in Sweden, but it is a contributing consideration.

"We are regularly confronted by the notion that we...
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We met in Sweden one of us is Swedish in 2012 and
Graeme Strickland
John Walker
Stephen Charles DuVal
This is Leila and her son Lachlan from Victoria. If only mums ran the country...
Linda Clift
Christine Lacey
Leanne Campbell
Why do you support Marriage equality?

We would love to hear from you! Write why you support marriage equality, snap a photo and send it to us at!

Start by downloading your Equality Sign here: [ Link ].
Why do you support Marriage equality We would love to hear from
Amanda Voysey
Gillian Jamieson
Rick Williams
Nayan, a PhD Candidate working towards a more effective vaccine for tuberculosis, shares why #MarriageEquality is so important to him.

Call for a parliamentary vote today:
Helen Gilmour
Margaret Wallace
Kate Willock
Happy Birthday Miranda Kerr!
Happy Birthday Miranda Kerr
Jeanette Cole
Melanie Burnet
Karen Kelly
This is Paul and Michael from Victoria, putting marriage equality in its simplest terms...
Tania Broom
David William
Janne Light
"Like many other Australians, my fiancΓ© Georgie, and I travelled to New Zealand, so we could be married legally because we were sick of waiting for the Australian Govt to do what they're paid to do, and legislate Marriage Equality.

"Being a married gay woman myself, I am entitled to my own very personal opinion, just like our local MP Barnaby Joyce is. However, he was elected to represent...
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Like many other Australians my fiancΓ© Georgie and I travelled to New
Sherrie Staite-Atley
Jo McKenzie
Kirsty Howarth
We came across this fabulous film of a great couple and just had to share it. Congratulations to Bobby and Hanna!

Share your story with us at .

Thank you for filming this day Little Story - Films & Photos - Kell Stoner.
We came across this fabulous film of a great couple and just

Bobby and Hanna - a Love Story & a Wedding
Little Story - Films & Photos - Kell Stoner
Odette Downey-Boogaard
Julie Tully
One of Australia's finest voices has taken time out from singing to speak up for Marriage Equality. Take it away, Abbe May!
Dwayne Andrew
Gnine Williams
Thomas Coyne
"It's really upsetting to myself, to Matt, to our girls to think that my brother and his husband's love can't be recognised the same as ours. It's exactly the same."

Tell our MPs it's time to do their jobs:
Lorraine Belletty
Max Graz
Frances Kitt
Great article! "Not liking something doesn't make one a victim. Neither does another gaining equality with you."

Peter Catt, Dean of St John's Anglican Cathedral and equality supporter, on recent claims that marriage equality messages are a form of bullying.
Great article Not liking something doesnt make one a victim Neither does

Christians are not the victims in the marriage equality debate
Darryl Healey
David Radford
Marcellus Mario Calleja
"It's about showing the world that we're together" - Gogglebox Australia's favourites Wayne and Tom share why #MarriageEquality is important to them.

Share your story at
Gayle Horne
Tracey Fountaine
Diny Ter Keurs
Geoff is a retired plumber, a Vietnam veteran, a dad of two and grandfather of four. He's a proud supporter of marriage equality β€” so much so he gave his ute an equality makeover!

Follow Geoff and the #EqualityUte at:
Geoff is a retired plumber a Vietnam veteran a dad of two

This Dad Covered His Ute In Marriage Equality Signs To Support His Gay Son
Kathleen Rush Bennett
Lee Day
Bernard Bollen
"They don't realise how hurt you feel as a parent, not to have full equality for all your children."

"You don't get places without fighting for it, so I won't give up."

Your story has the power to move our politicians to action. Share it with your MP today:
Noni Daniell
Merryn Henry
Deborah Bird Newell
Meet Robyn and Russell. They were delighted to attend the wedding of their friend this past weekend, but want to see the day when all Aussies can marry the person they love.

Robyn recently shared the below message with her local MP, Ian Goodenough. You can contact your politician too:


Dear Mr Goodenough,

I have emailed you at your electoral office on a number of occasions about this...
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Meet Robyn and Russell They were delighted to attend the wedding of
Robyn Cooper
Nina Calogero
Sharon Bryant