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Try this at 100% effort and you'll be exhausted. Then rest for 2 minutes, and repeat.
How will you make 2017 your best year ever?
Ed Jenkins - Captain of the Aus Rugby 7s, and an absolute beast!
Looking for a new fitness regime for 2017?
3 boards, 2 legs, 1 amazing kick.
A Unique Sport indeed... Imagine the injuries!
Working out with a mate or partner can help keep you motivated, accountable and train that much harder. Plus you'll always a spotter.
The Weekend Workout. No equipment needed.
Break's over. Get back to it!
"It's so important that you work your butt off. Don't look for shortcuts". Make 2017 your year.
Introducing the Dynamic Pyramid Workout to kick start your 2017 Fitness Resolutions.
Time to set out on those new fitness goals!
Arnie at 19.
Best of luck for 2017 from the team here at MF