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Australian Museum
yesterday at 21:30. Facebook
Ever since we announced our Christmas Beetle Naming Competition people have been asking "but where have they all gone??"

Go down in bug history - name your beetles here>>>>>[ Australianmuseum.net.au Link ]

Where have all the Christmas beetles gone?

Australian Museum
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"They would normally view dogs and dingoes as predators and usually flee from them."

Australian Museum Expert explains why kangaroo had dog in headlock

Australian Museum
12/08/2016 at 06:40. Facebook
Moving a giant whale skeleton is serious business at the AM. Here the team carefully transports a Sei Whale skeleton from the ceiling of our iconic Long Gallery ahead of renovations. If you're lucky enough to be visiting the AM on 15 December, you can watch our experts meticulously reconstruct this skeleton in its new home in our Surviving Australia exhibition!

Read more about the...
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Australian Museum
12/07/2016 at 06:24. Facebook
We LOVE the enthusiasm of 13-year-olds Riley Vaughan and Isaac Chafei, who managed to capture this incredible moment - a Jacky Lizard laying her eggs in the Royal National Park! They said the lizard laid eight eggs in total, then covered them up with dirt and patted it down afterwards. AM's Interpretive Officer (and Riley's mum) Mel Murray said the location is known for Jacky Lizard fauna, but...
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Australian Museum
12/06/2016 at 05:53. Facebook
What an incredible story! Fourteen year old Jade follows in the icy footsteps of trailblazers like Linda Beilharz - the first Australian woman to ski both the North and South poles. We wonder if Jade follows Linda’s motto: “Don’t panic till you really need to." australianmuseum.net.au/linda-beilharz-oam

Catch Jade's Polar Dream tonight, 7.30pm AEDT on Nat Geo People.
Australian Museum
12/05/2016 at 06:30. Facebook
"I have two fears: heights and spiders. I was either going to book the Bridge Climb or the Spiders exhibition, and I chose the exhibition. And I still feel like they are crawling up my back, but I do feel somewhat cured."

“Of your fear of spiders?”


A delightful (and encouraging!) exchange between Suki Fuller (pictured) and our Spiders - Alive and Deadly Exhibition Producer Catherine...
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Australian Museum
12/03/2016 at 21:00. Facebook
Just announced: our January School Holidays program!

Spin out this summer with all kinds of kids’ activities about spiders, bugs and butterflies.

Check out what's on offer by clicking the images below.

Australian Museum

barrabuwari muru means ‘future path’ in Sydney’s Indigenous language.
It is also the name of the Australian Museum’s Master Plan, a vision for the future of Australia’s first museum. See the full video, learn more and have your say: [ Australianmuseum.net.au Link ]
"Pelisson, during his confinement in the Bastille, Paris, had a pet spider in his cell; it would come to him to be fed when a fellow prisoner played on the bagpipes."

Do Spiders like music?

Make your mark on beetle history!

Nine of the 12 species of Christmas Beetle in NSW are currently buzzing around without a common name. It doesn’t seem right! So we’re inviting you to come up with names that stick.

The winning entries will be judged by our CEO & Director Kim McKay AO, entomologist Dr Chris Reid and host of ABC’s Gardening Australia, Costa Georgiadis.

Winners will also...
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Christmas Beetle Naming Competition

It's perhaps thousands of years old and inspired our old logo, but the echidna engraving represents a part of the rich heritage of the people of the Guringai language group, who lived in the area now known the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park for more than 25,000 years.

Indigenous rock engraving of an echidna

Give the ultimate gift for a family (2 adults & 2 kids) for just $108:

- 12 months of unlimited free general admission
- Australian Museum 190th birthday Scott Sisters 2017 calendar
- Free tickets to our blockbuster exhibition Spiders – Alive & Deadly
- 2 complimentary guest admission passes to bring a friend
- Members-only discounts and express queues for special exhibitions
- Reciprocal...
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Family Christmas Gift Membership deal

Beautiful hand-made Australian Christmas gifts and decorations now at the AM Store.

Check out the range in person from 9.30am to 5pm, online at australianmuseum.net.au/am-store or on Instagram: @australianmuseumstore.

If you see something you like you can even order over the phone and our lovely staff will arrange postage: (02) 9320 6150.

All proceeds help fund our science, education and...
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Wherever you are right now, you're not far from a spider.

Spiders are everywhere

Can't look away...

This weekend, see spiders creating webs, feeding, being milked for venom and more in Spiders – Alive & Deadly! ---> australianmuseum.net.au/landing/spiders-alive-and-deadly/
Today (Friday) from 11am to 1pm, join us as we welcome Kwaio artists from the Solomon Islands for a demonstration of their art-making and a chat about their lives and work.

The Kwainaa’isi Kwaio Cultural Centre is partnering with the Australian Museum to document both traditional and scientific knowledge about rainforest plants and animals. This environmental knowledge will be used to improve...
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Meet members of the Kwaio community, Solomon Islands

Zugubal, a linocut print created by Alick Tipoti in 2006, is an extraordinarily rich picture, full of symbols of Torres Strait Islander tradition. More than 2m long, the print shows human-like figures in a canoe with the night sky above them.

The figures are Zugubal – not humans, but spiritual beings who occupied the islands scattered over the sea in western Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait). The...
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New podcast!

Catherine Timbrell discusses her career as an exhibition producer and the creation of Spiders – Alive & Deadly.

AMplify ep 22: Catherine Timbrell, Exhibition Producer of Spiders – Alive & Deadly

"We wanted to develop a resource to enable the identification of this unique and diverse fauna; one to assist with education, conservation and management, biosecurity screening, baseline ecological monitoring and a wide range of other applications.

This project is now complete and freely available for everyone to use! Australian Freshwater Molluscs is now available!"

Now you can identify Australian Freshwater Molluscs

"Since targeted funnel-web antivenom programs began in the 1980s, there have been no recorded deaths from the Sydney spider. That’s despite its powerful fangs – larger than a brown snake’s and able to pierce through a human toenail – and its ability to survive underwater for up to 30 hours (never, ever scoop one out of the pool with your bare hands).

Redbacks, meanwhile, are responsible for...
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'I'm going to be sick': an afternoon with an arachnophobe and 400 kinds of spiders