Massive effort by volunteers in remote areas of central Italy, who have been working through the night on skis and snow mobiles to get life-saving relief supplies to people cut off after several earthquakes. Many are missing following an avalanche which buried a hotel.
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If you have loved ones in the Melbourne CBD Bourke Street area, we’ve activated Register.Find.Reunite to help people get in touch if separated. Register here: [ Link ]

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Our trained emergency services volunteers are on hand to support people following the incident in the Melbourne CBD this afternoon. If you feel upset or would like some tips on looking after yourself and others, read our information here: [ Link ] (Pic Twitter/@jessy_louu)
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Congrats to our very own young humanitarian Khayshie Tilak Ramesh – Bendigo’s Young Citizen of the Year. Want to join her in the young humanitarian movement? [ Link ]

Standing up for the young
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When it seems like the world’s overflowing with suffering and injustice, never forget countless acts of kindness and compassion are happening every day. Here our tribute to everyone who helps make the world a better place.

Our 20 best photos of 2016: The power of good
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Gawin Tipiloura says the Tiwi Island Skin Group drives him to work hard for his people. What’s the Tiwi Skin Group and what does it do? Read why we’re supporting it to make a positive difference in this remote community. [ Link ]
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One of our staff members has quite the candle collection after receiving all of these for Christmas! If your home is beginning to look like a museum, don’t ditch the stuff you don’t need – re-gift it to Red Cross shops. [ Link ]
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Six of our Nigerian Red Cross Society colleagues were killed and 13 wounded yesterday in Rann. They were among dozens of casualties from an airstrike that occurred while they were providing food to 25,000 people fleeing violence in Nigeria’s north-east. Our deepest sympathies go to their families and loved ones. [ Link ]

We say again: every effort must be made to protect civilians...
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Congratulations to our volunteer Laura who was named young person of the year at the ACT multicultural awards for tutoring young asylum seekers and helping them settle into Australian life. Through her volunteering Laura learned that “asylum seekers and refugees are an incredibly resilient, hardworking and generous group of people.” Are you keen to learn something new? Volunteer with us [...
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When disasters strike overseas, should you donate goods? Here are some good questions to ask first: [ Link ]
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91 year old Peter Lawrence first learned of Red Cross during WWII when he was in the Navy docked at New York. Volunteers brought the sailors coffee and doughnuts. 45 years later he became a member. “Now it’s under my skin,” says Peter. Learn more about our #fundamentalprinciples and become a member today: [ Link ]
We’re still working with recovering communities in WA, three years on from the Parkerville, Stoneville, Mt Helena bushfires. The month-long blaze razed 57 homes. The resilience of the Mundaring community is echoed in this new growth in the bush today. Are you prepared? [ Link ]
“All the things we had talked about, the dreams and plans were lost in one night. I remember the sense of futility that such an event could happen to people trying to give medical aid. It made no sense then, and it makes no sense now.”

My good friend was killed for saving lives in a war
Looks like a prickly situation! If Santa found a gift so good he gave it twice, why not share the love with your nearest Red Cross shop? [ Link ]
Confident you’d see the warning signs and know what to do before it’s too late?
The dollar cost of natural disasters can top $9 billion in a year. But 97% of disaster spending goes on recovery, rather than preparedness. Here’s why we think the funding mix needs to change to prevent the heartache: [ Link ]
Journalist Clare Hollingworth was woken by the roar of Nazi aircraft outside her window in Poland, and broke the story that World War II had started. Before that, she worked with Red Cross to help refugees fleeing the war. She passed away this week. Here’s her remarkable story. [ Link ]

'Magnificent' journalist who reported WWII outbreak Clare Hollingworth dies aged 105
As temperatures rise, you need to keep a cool head. Know what steps to take for heat-stroke and other first aid emergencies. The Red Cross First Aid App has step-by-step instructions. Download it now from iTunes or Google Play. [ Link ]
Did you know a third of Australians want to change jobs this year? If your dream job is humanitarian aid work, it’s important to look before you leap. Speak with aid workers, know the realities and find out where you can fit in, with one of our short courses. Registrations are open in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. [ Link ]

Training courses | Australian Red Cross
Every week asylum seekers and other migrants seeking safety drop into our Sydney office to collect a food package of bread, fruit and vegetables. Thanks to OzHarvest and Gift Of Bread for the donations and our friendly volunteers who put the parcels together. Find out more about our work: [ Link ]