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The impact of bushfires can be felt long after the flames have gone. We’re helping people affected by the recent NSW bushfires to stay strong and support each other.
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Every minute of every day, great things are happening around Australia and overseas. Want to be a part of our life-changing work? Answer the call this March:
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You're a uni student? Interested in humanitarian issues, disaster relief and aid work? Keep an eye out for Red Cross during this O-Week. You're not a uni student? Don’t worry, being a Young Humanitarian is for anyone under 30. Check it out: [ Link ]
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Our thoughts are with everyone affected by yesterday’s fatal plane crash at Melbourne’s Essendon airport. We’re visiting people who live near the site of the tragedy to help reach out to those who may need support. Our tips on looking after yourself: [ Link ]
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A leg strain can’t stop him! Like a true champion, John Mergler is back in the saddle and cycling… and swimming… and running… again… and again. He’s attempting to break the world record for most triathlons on consecutive days, all in support of our work in emergencies. Give him a big cheer: [ Link ]
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“It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to live through a category-five tropical cyclone: the noise, the force of the winds, the fear. It’s even harder to imagine the resilience and strength needed to begin to recover.” It's a year since Cyclone Winston hit, the most powerful cyclone in Fiji’s history. We’ve seen the resilience firsthand as Fijians continue to put their lives back together.

Fiji, we stand by your side
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"As the cyclone got stronger, my grandchildren put me under the house. I felt so alone under there. When morning came I crawled out and saw that there was no house.” That was Sam Nobrokia after Cyclone Winston hit Fiji one year ago. Today he’s in a safer, cyclone-proof home. One year on, we stand with the people of Fiji and you can too: [ Link ]
Hope you’re safe people! Across Australia we’re lending a hand after floods, storms and fires. From an evacuation centre at Queanbeyan to an apartment block roof collapse, helping those hit by fires in NSW and floods in WA. Red Cross is there.
Fundraising in your community, hosting an event, taking on a challenge or simply donating: you decide how you will support Red Cross Calling this March. But you still need to register before it's too late. [ Link ]
If your car, bus, train or friend is not available, how would you get to the doctor? Since skateboarding is not an option, these volunteers in Gippsland, Victoria, drive patients to and from their medical appointments. Sometimes they drive as far as Melbourne and back. Let’s hear it for this awesome crew!
How about finding out what you can do to help? [ Link ]

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Strong in mind and body and determined to stay at school. Thanks to their hard work, these teenagers are feeling happier and healthier and ready to learn. More about the "Deadly Munga's. [ Link ]
When your workplace is a war zone love isn’t always easy. Three aid workers give the lowdown on juggling love, romance and family. “What goes on mission stays on mission and the reality is relationships become very intense because you're suffering stuff together and you're working closely together.”

Happy Valentine's Day, wherever you are.

Love in the hot zone
Thousands of people in Myanmar have lost their legs to landmines. Australian Therese Powell just opened a new clinic to help them walk again. Here’s her story. [ Link ]
Stand with us in solidarity with our colleagues around the world. Eight staff members and volunteers died in two separate attacks in Afghanistan and Syria late last week. Please take your own photo using this sign ([ Link ] or your own and share it on social media. Aid workers are #NotATarget.
Have you considered shopping at a Red Cross op shop for your Valentine? You never know what you’ll find…

Locate your nearest store: [ Link ]
While Aussie kids go back to school, children caught in the refugee crisis in Europe hope for a normal life. They only wish for a safe home and a future. Like Nessuan, who can’t wait to start school again so he can fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. Read more: [ Link ]

Back to school has a different meaning for children caught in the refugee crisis
Need help keeping cool? Have a look inside our Adelaide call centre where we’re checking in on older people who are especially at risk in the extreme heat right now.
It’s hot out. Look after each other; check on your neighbours, friends and the vulnerable who may need extra assistance. Make sure you know the signs and symptoms of #heatstroke and what you can do to help [ Link ]

Heatstroke signs, symptoms and treatment | Australian Red Cross
At least 7 Red Cross Red Crescent people have been killed in Afghanistan and Syria. We mourn their deaths. We condemn these attacks. This must stop. [ Link ]