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Cyclone Debbie is due to cross the north Queensland coast south of Townsville as a severe category four system on Tuesday morning. Here's our advice to those in the affected areas: [ Link ]. Forecast path: [ Link ]
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It’s World Water Day … and nowhere is water more precious than Somalia right now. We’re trucking water into remote villages where wells and streams dried up long ago, and people are suffering thirst and starvation. Please help with a donation to our East Africa appeal: [ Link ]
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"None of us want to be a burden. We all have a goal." Arash fled for his life, is now studying to be an engineer and MCed our migration forum today. More: [ Link ]
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These guys learnt to punt, pass, bowl, kick and shoot hoops when sport brought everyone together this #HarmonyDay
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This is still happening today: drought and impending famine are threatening millions of people in East Africa. Help us bring food, water, seeds and hope: [ Link ]
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Let's be honest, we need to better organise our website. If you’ve got 10-15 minutes spare, now is the time to help us work out how to organise the information in our website. Just follow this link [ Link ] and tell us what you think.

Tell us what you think of our website
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Keep calm and negotiate! Aid workers do it all the time. Knowing how to talk your way out of a tight spot can save the day. That’s why we’re so excited about a new course that prepares humanitarian responders to be sharp negotiators. Registrations are open for June 2017. [ Link ]
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This is happening today. We need to act. Now.

Here's where you can donate: [ Link ]
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His home destroyed, Mohamed fled the Gaza Strip. This scarf is the only thing he has left. The 20-year-old boarded an overcrowded boat hoping to head for Europe, but within hours the passengers were out of food and terrified. They were rescued by a cargo ship and transferred to a Red Cross and the Migrant Office Aid Station vessel. Find out how you can support people in Mohammed’s situation: [...
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Our prison population has risen by 36% over five years and yet we don’t feel safer. Here’s a better way: [ Link ]
With a bit of magic and a lot of effort, these school students were very popular while collecting in Melbourne for our Red Cross Calling appeal. A big thank you to them and all our fundraisers.

Want to participate? It’s not too late! [ Link ]
Many of us spend the weekend chilling on the couch and watching movies – but not these guys. Today Debi is completing her 50th triathlon in 50 days alongside her partner, John. Thankfully you can support their efforts from the couch! [ Link ]
Trapped in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya for four years, Khaled Naanaa was forced to use YouTube videos to teach himself how to perform surgery on wounded and sick people. [ Link ]

This nurse’s story will convince you no crisis is too big to make a...
Strong culture is the foundation for healthy communities. Teddy is one of our deadly Tiwi staff working to #CloseTheGap.
After six years, do you think the Syria crisis is too big to make a difference? Here’s something to make you think again. Donate now: [ Link ]
Time is running out to take the Australia Answers Challenge during March and live out of a backpack for a week or more. You’ll be raising vital funds for Red Cross and taking a small step in the shoes of people like Dr Munjed Al Muderis, who fled Iraq with little but his last anatomy book and the clothes on his back. Sign up now: [ Link ]
Life can be tough. That’s why Dylan Lewis wants two people in every sports club to be trained to support their mates in crisis. For more information on Mental Health First Aid [ Link ]
Together we can dramatically boost the power of good. Start with these 5 things...[ Link ] #powerofgood
“Neither my ancestors nor I, ever saw or heard of a dry season like this one,” says 43-year-old Mohamud Salat of the drought and food crisis in Somalia. Millions are facing threats of famine across East Africa. You can help. [ Link ]