Keeping your iron stores healthy isn't just about steak and oysters! Here are some great vegan options to boost your blood between donations.
These pint-sized people are part of Team Brendan, who recently visited our Brisbane Processing Centre. Pictured here are Brendan's kids who joined in the tour. The Team Brendan Red25 group has helped to save more than 720 lives, making them the largest Red25 group in their home town of Rockhampton. If you'd like to save a life like Harry's and Brendan's, make an appointment today [...
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Are you a blood donor with ink? Show us what you've got in the comments below!
Rosy-cheeked Sadie is keen to appeal to new blood donors and thank those who have helped her to battle leukaemia. The seven-year-old from SA says it even better than we can with this note. Change a life like Sadie’s and donate today [ Link ]
Kevin recently became one of only 15 Australians to reach 700 blood donations – helping to save an extraordinary 2000 lives!

His 50 years of generosity has spanned states and continents, with his A-positive blood given in London, Sydney, Melbourne and Wollongong.

His words of wisdom to those thinking about donating blood?

“It doesn’t hurt.” Take his word for it (he would know!), make an...
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In recognition of International Day of Women and Girls in Science today, we’d like to introduce you to three scientists from our team. From L-R, Celine’s work involves finding innovative uses for expired platelets, Denese leads a research team whose members focus on improving blood component quality and safety and Amanda has most recently worked on new educational tools to help donors prevent...
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Donors and staff at our Regent Donor Centre were serenaded by the Metropolitan Male Choir of South Australia recently, adding yet another unique experience to saving three lives in one hour through blood donation. The choir has just joined our life-saving Red25 team and wanted to sing out the praises of blood donors with a free performance. You never know what you might see in your local Donor...
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We love seeing familiar faces in our Donor Centres, and this is certainly a highlight! Tanner was diagnosed with leukemia in 2002 when he was 7 months old. He had to undergo a bone marrow transplant to survive, and his big sister Josie, was his donor (she was 4 at the time).

Josie just donated blood on her 16th birthday, what a great way to celebrate! If you'd like to celebrate your next...
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Thanks to the generosity of our Red25 groups, Red25 met our 2016 goal, contributing to more than 25% of our overall blood supply. Thank you for uniting to save lives through Red25! Start your own group today [ Link ]
These two gents represent both ends of the spectrum at our Edgewater Donor Centre: Allan is Edgewater’s oldest blood donor at 80 years (he's given 522 donations!), and Seb is one of Edgewater’s youngest platelet donors at the age of 20 years (Seb gave his 8th blood donation this week). Help us to fill everything in-between, make an appointment to donate blood [ Link ]
Zac is only 19 years old and has already made 41 donations! Having started at 16, if he keeps going at this rate he will make more than 1500 donations by the time he retires at 81. Zac is pictured here with Treacy, one of our Goulburn nurses, who is celebrating 30 years with The Australian Red Cross Blood Service. What a couple of Wunderkind! Let us celebrate you, make an appointment today [...
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Thank you Australian Federal Police, for saving lives all over the country.
How was your first time? We have partnered with the University of New South Wales and the University of Queensland to understand what motivates new blood donors. Over the coming months, some donors will receive an email from us with a link to an online survey. If you receive an email, we'd love to hear from you!
The school holidays are over, so it's time for parents all over the country to put your feet up, relax, and enjoy an hour to yourself. Sit back to give back! [ Link ]
Discover the wonders of plasma and help save someone’s life. Ask about plasma at your next donation, book an appointment here [ Link ]
Adam and his daughter Zoe know well the need for blood. Adam lost 40 per cent of his blood volume last year through an undiagnosed stomach ulcer. “It was scary to see him so weak,” says Zoe. Adam – a regular blood donor – has recovered well but is unable to increase his life-saving blood donation tally of 55 due to a surgical stent. Instead 17 year-old Zoe has vowed to continue her father’s...
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Southport Blood Donor Centre recently welcomed the crew from local Gold Coast radio station, 102.9fm Hot Tomato! First time donors Carla (in the pink top) and Kate (striped top), were very excited to learn they saved 6 lives on the day, whilst their team mate Reg (wearing Hot Tomato t shirt) cheered them on! Donate blood with your workmates [ Link ]
With Australia Day falling on a Thursday, many people are taking extra days off to celebrate, which means we need donors to step in, give blood and save lives. Book to donate between Thursday 26 and Saturday 28 January [ Link ]
Bob saved 1800 lives to get this piece of cake! Bob recently made his 600th donation at our Ringwood Blood Donor Centre. He's here with donor centre manager Libby and his impressive collection of donor pins. Saving lives can be a piece of cake, get started today [ Link ]
With Australia Day falling on a Thursday, many people are taking extra days off to celebrate, which means we need donors to step in, give blood and save lives. Book to donate between Thursday 26 and Saturday 28 January [ Link ]