After blood transfusions helped him recover from a motor cycle accident, Bruce was intent on giving back. Having just hit his 450th donation, we think it's safe to say Bruce has paid his dues! Chip away at your milestone, even if it's just for the celebratory cake! [ Link ]
Today is the International Day of Happiness and we think these two know just how to celebrate. “We donate blood together,” says Doriana. Doriana and Tony have first-hand experience of the critical need for blood. Doriana’s parents and Tony’s father passed away from cancer within a short time of each other. “After witnessing cancer take hold of my parents-in-law and my own father, it reinforced...
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Are you blood type O? Patients need your help this week. Call 13 14 95 or visit [ Link ] to make an appointment.
More evidence of how community-minded all our blood donors are! Adelaide donor centre regular Paul was recently awarded the Order of Australia Medal for community service. Paul has racked up almost 400 mostly-plasma donations over the past 40 years and has saved more than 1150 lives. For Paul, principal of an Adelaide accounting firm and honorary treasurer of the Royal Flying Doctor Service,...
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Proving that a little healthy competition goes a long way, Robyn recently made her 300th donation. She began donating with work colleagues many years ago, and after marrying fellow donor Rod, the two began a donating challenge. After being neck and neck for some time, Robyn was the clear leader with Rod close behind at 285 donations.
(L-R Donor Centre manager Leanne, volunteer George, Robyn,...
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Have you ever thought about how fast blood might be rushing around your body right now? In the aorta (the biggest artery that leaves the heart to distribute blood around the body), peak velocity is 66 cm/sec, which is roughly the speed of a fast-running river! (The average is 11 cm/sec)
To celebrate International Women's Day, we'd like to introduce you to Sydney blood donor Christina, one of Australia’s most prolific blood donors, rolling up her sleeves to make donation number 591 this week. Christina is humble about her achievement, saying “I don’t tell people about it much. It’s something easy to do, and I know it’s benefiting people out there.”

Make your appointment here...
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Blood donors saved Jessica's life after her first pregnancy, and now she's Mum to three healthy young boys. Read Jessica's heartfelt story here [ Link ]. Make an appointment today [ Link ]
You could feel the love in the air when the Tweed Valley Rollers donated on Valentine's Day! If you'd like to donate as a group, find out more here [ Link ]
The Droughtmaster Bleeders Group formed last year as an arm of our prolific Team Adem community, based on the Sunshine Coast, and they’re encouraging all members of the Droughtmaster Society to roll up their sleeves and donate blood. Anyone can join their lifesaving team, make an appointment today [ Link ]
Why do you donate blood? Adelaide donor Ted first donated three years ago. A serious motorcycle accident led Ted to create a bucket list. At the top of his list was a commitment to start donating blood. “I don’t think I was living a beneficial life,” says Ted, an enrolled nurse. If you'd like to make a difference, make an appointment [ Link ]
How many of these apply to you? If you said none, make an appointment quick-smart! [ Link ]
If you've ever wondered how long it might take a vampire to relieve you of your blood supply, wonder no more!

How long would it take a vampire to drain you of blood?
Joel has a rare condition that causes a deadly reaction if he touches anything cold. Your blood donations saved Joel's life last year when an antibody attacked his system, destroying his red blood cells, and now his family are giving back by donating blood and helping us raise awareness of the lives your donation can save. Make an appointment today [ Link ]
Keeping your iron stores healthy isn't just about steak and oysters! Here are some great vegan options to boost your blood between donations.
These pint-sized people are part of Team Brendan, who recently visited our Brisbane Processing Centre. Pictured here are Brendan's kids who joined in the tour. The Team Brendan Red25 group has helped to save more than 720 lives, making them the largest Red25 group in their home town of Rockhampton. If you'd like to save a life like Harry's and Brendan's, make an appointment today [...
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Are you a blood donor with ink? Show us what you've got in the comments below!
Rosy-cheeked Sadie is keen to appeal to new blood donors and thank those who have helped her to battle leukaemia. The seven-year-old from SA says it even better than we can with this note. Change a life like Sadie’s and donate today [ Link ]
Kevin recently became one of only 15 Australians to reach 700 blood donations – helping to save an extraordinary 2000 lives!

His 50 years of generosity has spanned states and continents, with his A-positive blood given in London, Sydney, Melbourne and Wollongong.

His words of wisdom to those thinking about donating blood?

“It doesn’t hurt.” Take his word for it (he would know!), make an...
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In recognition of International Day of Women and Girls in Science today, we’d like to introduce you to three scientists from our team. From L-R, Celine’s work involves finding innovative uses for expired platelets, Denese leads a research team whose members focus on improving blood component quality and safety and Amanda has most recently worked on new educational tools to help donors prevent...
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