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John knew exactly what to give us for Christmas this year: his 500th donation! The retired Human Resources Manager says he made his first donation during the Vietnam War when he was working at the Keswick Army Barracks during the early 1970s. It was then that he was made aware of the need for blood for servicemen injured overseas and in Australia. "I felt motivated to help," he said. The...
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Seven-year-old Perth recipient Eva needs plasma products every week to fight an immune deficiency. She joined our CEO Shelly Park last month to celebrate the opening of our new Cannington Blood Donor Centre. Eva took the opportunity to share her heart-warming thanks to all our donors for their lifesaving gift. You can see her speech in the comments below. Save lives like Eva's [ Don8blood.com...
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On her 81st birthday, Janice retired from from donating blood, marking the occasion with donation number 200 (seen here with the Sydney Town Hall team).

Knowing she was a precious O-Neg donor, Janice has rarely missed an appointment over her lifetime to give some of the universal stuff. If you can help us fill Janice's spot on the donor chair, make an appointment here [ Don8blood.com Link ]
So far we've received 5,965 donations on the way to the Defence Challenge goal of 7,000 donations from September to December. Thank you to all those involved in saving up to 17,895 lives so far. As a recipient, APS Defence Blood Challenge Ambassador Adam Friederich, speaks about the importance of blood donation in this video [[ Bit.ly Link ] created by the Defence digital team. Track the...
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In the time it takes to withdraw cash from a NAB ATM, 3 blood donations will be needed in Australia. That’s one every 24 seconds, or 25,000 every week. This image, from our #MissingType campaign, highlights some of the missing blood types we need to help us meet that demand. Help us to fill the gaps, make an appointment [ Don8blood.com Link ]
By now you may have seen our new TV spot featuring Charlotte, who has received many blood product transfusions from generous donors. Now we invite you behind the scenes to learn more about Charlotte's story. (see the tv spot here [ Don8blood.com Link ]
555 blood donations makes for a very impressive bandage collection! Toowoomba donor Rob made this milestone donation last month and brought along his impressive collection of bandages we've used on his arm so far. Keen to get rolling? Make an appointment here [ Don8blood.com Link ]
Do you know there are exercises you can do in the donor chair to improve your flow rate? Find out more here [ Don8blood.com Link ]
These smiling members of the Gold Coast Suns team joined us recently at Robina Donor Centre to donate blood. Although most athletes cannot donate during the season, we love it when they make the time to visit us between seasons! If you're keen to kick goals off the field, make an appointment to donate blood and save three lives [ Don8blood.com Link ]

Left to right: Steph, James, Emily and Suzie
Today is DonateLife Thank You Day, honouring the living and deceased organ and tissue donors and their families that provide a new chance of life for those on the transplant waiting list. You can say thanks by registering to be a donor at donatelife.gov.au and post a selfie with the hashtag #thankyouday with your own message of thanks.

DonateLife Thank You Day

DonateLife Thank You Day (20 November 2016) is a day to honour all living and deceased organ donors and their families. Share your #ThankYouDay on social med...

Marion Donor Centre staff did a double take when Peter and Vivienne made their 100th donation on the same day, one hour apart. Together these two bloody legends have saved up to 600 lives. Make your own record and donate blood [ Don8blood.com Link ]
With 400 donations under her belt, Cecily is the highest milestone donor at her local Bunbury donor centre, a milestone she has accomplished by donating her O-Neg blood every fortnight. Cecily has worked in every state in Australia and always found a way to donate, despite often being in a remote area. Think you can take a run at 400 donations? Get started today [ Don8blood.com Link ]
Southern Cross University, Gold Coast Campus are a recent addition to our Red25 family, kicking off with such an impressive donation rate on the first day of our visit that we may extend the next visit to two days!

Thank you to all involved for making it such a successful visit, including Katie, Marlene and Tom, pictured here. Find out more about starting a Red25 group [ Don8blood.com Link ]
Heather is a welcome regular face at Ringwood Donor Centre, where she recently reached 300 donations! Heather is certainly in the good books of our Ringwood team, who say she "Has an infectious laugh and makes our job very enjoyable with her company and lovely plasma!" Make friends with the team at your local donor centre, make an appointment today [ Don8blood.com Link ]
Matthew is happy because he's just made his first whole blood donation! Of finding the inspiration to donate, he says, "I was introduced to the team at Robina and it was quite evident to see how good they were at the job of saving lives through blood donation. I felt guilty I hadn't thought of donating before and in an effort to hinder my conscience I signed up immediately! I will continue to...
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Over 56 years, Beryl has made 200 blood donations - all whole blood, which can only be given up to four times a year. Times have changed greatly since Beryl made her first donation in 1958, Beryl’s early donations went into glass bottles, held by nurse aids – β€œpoor souls, used to sit holding the glass bottle beside you the whole time!” Donating blood is a more streamlined process nowadays,...
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Deb began donating blood 15 years ago, lured by the jam pikelet offered at the Townsville Donor Centre at the time. "I managed five donations in total (yes, the pikelets were that good) before pregnancy and breastfeeding rendered me ineligible for a few years. I was planning to start donating again after my third baby, but a diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 33 put my plans on hold....
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Every month, Hayley's life is saved with a plasma transfusion that counteracts her immune deficiency condition. She would like to say thank you: "A plasma donation doesn't just save lives, it changes them. Because of my disorder, I was told my chosen career path was not an option for me, and I couldn't work with people. Because my system is boosted now, I am able to do what I have always...
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Studying to be a paramedic, Georgia (r) knows the value of a blood donation. So she gathered her friends, including Tayla (l) to donate blood and save even more lives. Donate with a friend, or create a Red25 group here [ Don8blood.com Link ]
It’s Friday funday! We've put together a little word puzzle for our donors. We have a theory that the first words that spring out at you are the biggest reasons you donate. What do you see first?