Bob saved 1800 lives to get this piece of cake! Bob recently made his 600th donation at our Ringwood Blood Donor Centre. He's here with donor centre manager Libby and his impressive collection of donor pins. Saving lives can be a piece of cake, get started today [ Link ]
With Australia Day falling on a Thursday, many people are taking extra days off to celebrate, which means we need donors to step in, give blood and save lives. Book to donate between Thursday 26 and Saturday 28 January [ Link ]
5 year-old Ellie had her her first blood transfusion in-utero and last month had her 80th transfusion. She needs them monthly to treat her Thalassemia. If you'd like to help someone like Ellie, make an appointment to donate blood [ Link ]
Next time you wonder if our team know what it's like on both sides of the donation needle, think of Tiahne, one of our Port Macquarie nurses who recently completed her 50th donation.

"I started donating when I was 16 as the high school I went to was a part of the Vampire Shield. This meant we got to compete against other schools. I continued donating as often as I could as I loved doing it,...
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Saving lives must be in Brenton's DNA. Not only is he a member of the South Australian SES, he also recently made his 20th blood donation at Adelaide’s Regent Arcade Blood Donor Centre. That’s 60 lives saved! To register your Red 25 group, visit [ Link ]
We are so grateful for all our volunteers across Australia. This group in Wangaratta includes Betty, who has been volunteering for the Blood Service for 50 years, and Glenda, who started volunteering after seeing how the hundreds of blood products her husband received as treatment for his lymphoma enhanced the quality of his life. If you'd like to volunteer, find out more here [ Link ]
Though the Defence Challenge is over for another year, the Army crew at Leeuwin Barracks are committted to saving lives through blood donations all-year-round. Thank you to everyone involved in the 2016 Defence Challenge, which saved more than 20,000 lives. See the final tallies here [ Link ]
All our donors are superheroes, but we're especially thrilled when someone shows up looking the part! Captain Accountability was joined by his workmates Jack and Dan from, from Vision Training on the Gold Coast. If you've got what it takes to be a superhero, make an appointment today [ Link ]
What's your type? Do you know there's more to blood types than O, A & B? [ Link ]

Blood types: the not so bleeding obvious
Adelaide tattoo artist Lampin is asking his clients to swap one needle for another and donate blood before they get inked. He wants tattoo studios across the country to adopt a similar approach to help us meet the weekly demand for 25,000 blood donations. Get ahead of the 4-month deferral and make an appointment to donate blood before your next tatt [ Link ]
Thank you to everyone who visited a donor centre to save 3 lives in 2016. We are looking forward to saving even more lives with you this year! Make your first appointment of the year [ Link ]
Get an early start on your resolutions so you can relax on Sunday, make an appointment to save lives [ Link ]
Eddy has been on both sides of our blood bags; as a donor and a patient after a severe motor cross accident in 2004 left him in a coma with a 20 per cent chance of survival.

With more than 332 lives lost on NSW roads this year, Eddy and his workmates at Roads and Maritime Services are donating blood this December to mark the holiday season with lives saved.

Help us save lives, make an...
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It's been a hectic few days! It's time for you to put your feet up and enjoy some healthy snacks on us. Around Christmas and New Year many regular blood donors are away, so seriously ill Aussies need you to give blood. We're hanging out to see you if you have an appointment, and if you don't you can make one here [ Link ]
Thank you for your support this year, we wish you and your families a safe and happy festive season!
Our donor centres have been very festive recently! Many of our regular blood donors are now away on holidays, yet the need for blood never stops. Help us fill the 5,000 appointments still needed between 24 December and 2 January, book here [ Link ]
Congratulations to Murray, who made his 700th donation today! Murray is just the second Victorian to ever reach this milestone. Match Murray's milestone: make an appointment here [ Link ]
Michael and Andrew are the famous β€˜Beard Brothers’ at our Springwood Blood Donor Centre – they donate platelets and plasma every fortnight and have reached a combined total of 100 donations. They set time aside this festive season to give back to the community. If you can help us meet demand this festive season, book an appointment here [ Link ]
Since Christmas Day last year our amazing donors have given Aussie patients 1,194,318 gifts of lifesaving blood. Be part of our lifesaving team, make an appointment to donate blood [ Link ]
When Robina regular Jess asked us how she could donate with her work colleagues, we helped her set up a Red25 Group for Fitness First Robina and Mermaid Waters. The team were big fans of our biscuits! If you'd like to save lives with your colleagues, join a Red25 Group [ Link ]