New to owning a rental property? Exciting times! It’s important to get your tax right from the start, and we’re here to help.

Check out our series of easy-to-follow videos to better understand the tax implications of buying, owning and selling a rental property. Watch the introduction below and view more at [ Link ]
Your taxes make Australia a great place to live. People who do the right thing help provide valuable services to the community and support those in need – see what you can do to support Australia’s economy. Go to [ Link ] for more information.
BAS tip: Check twice to make sure you only have to lodge once!

Avoid common BAS errors by checking all invoices are correct, claiming for the current tax period, and confirming the amount calculated on your BAS is what you expect.

We have lots of handy tips to help you get your activity statement refund on time! Visit [ Link ]
Friends don’t let friends leave their money behind. If you know someone living and working in Australia temporarily, remind them to pack their superannuation when they leave!

Temporary residents can save time and money by claiming their super using our online system once they’ve left the country.

To learn more, go to [ Link ] or find details in multiple languages at [
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EMAIL SCAM ALERT! If you receive an email asking you to download your next activity statement, do not click on the links. Delete the email.
If you’re getting work through a website or app to transport passengers for a fare, you’re providing a ride-sourcing service.

Make sure you know your GST obligations. Find out at [ Link ]
Do you have a union membership or subscribe to a trade, business or professional association for work purposes? You may be able to claim a tax deduction for these costs!

If you paid for the membership or subscription yourself and weren’t reimbursed, hang onto your receipts for tax time.

It pays to learn what you can claim, so find out more at [ Link ]
It’s hard enough keeping track of your day-to-day expenses, let alone your super!

We're here to help. Check out our super tools at [ Link ]
Have a Higher Education or Trade Support Loan (HELP/TSL) and plan to move overseas?

The Australian Government has introduced changes – you’re now required to repay your loan the same as you would if you were living in Australia.

Find out about your loan obligations today at [ Link ]
Keep your eyes peeled for this phishing scam doing the rounds

Delete any emails that claim to be from myGov and have the subject line of ‘Australian Government and myGov must verify your identity!’

Beware of fake myGov email
Small businesses: Don’t forget your next quarterly BAS is due in two weeks, on 28 February.

So you can focus on the other dates in your life, visit [ Link ] to set up lodgment reminders tailored to your business.

Just click ‘Add to my calendar’ for the due dates that suit you!
We’re going back to school! Have you heard that financial literacy is now part of the Australian Curriculum?

If you’re a teacher, parent or student, we have resources and support available to help make learning about tax and super easier.

Find out about our webinars, videos and training materials at [ Link ]

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Enrolled to do some study that will give your career a boost?

If the course you’re undertaking leads to a formal qualification and is directly related to your current job, your self-education expenses may be deductible!

Find out if you’re eligible and what you can claim at [ Link ]
Legal practitioners: Let’s talk!

We’re looking at different ways to share information with you, hear your ideas, and identify tax and super issues that impact your profession. Register for our 15 February webinar to have your say and learn about our new legal practitioners community.

Find out more and book your place at [ Link ]
Commissioner Chris Jordan has issued a statement addressing claims that Tax Time 2017 is under threat due to our recent system outages.

‘We are absolutely confident that taxpayers will be able to lodge their returns and receive refunds on time from 1 July,’ the Commissioner said.

Read the full statement at [ Link ]
The departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) system and Australian Business Register (ABR) are now back up and running.

Our portals, online services via myGov, and Standard Business Reporting (SBR) remain operational and are working well.

Thanks again for your patience while we restored our key services. We understand the frustration that system outages cause, and will be working...
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Most of our systems are back up and running, with core services including the Tax Agent, Business and BAS Agent Portals, ATO Online services, and Standard Business Reporting (SBR) services now available.

Superannuation online services will come online over the course of this morning.

We're in the final stages of restoration of the Australian Business Register (ABR) and expect it to be...
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Thank you for your patience during today’s system outages. We don’t anticipate that our services will be back online today.

We’ll be working through the night to try to restore services as soon as possible. We understand the frustration caused by these issues, and we apologise for the ongoing inconvenience.

We’ll post another update here on Facebook and at [ Link ] tomorrow...
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Our online services including portals are currently offline. We are investigating as a priority.

Our website is online for you to access tax and super information but you may find you're unable to access certain tools, calculators and our online services.

We will provide updates here on Facebook. We apologise for the inconvenience.
Businesses: Fuel tax credit rates increase today, 1 February.

If you use fuel in heavy vehicles or machinery for your business, check the rates at [ Link ]