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Texas A&M Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach Darby Rich shares his story about his son with autism--and how the guys on the team have embraced him...
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USA Today writes: The proverb "every dog has its day" came true at the Supreme Court on Wednesday for the family of a 13-year-old girl with cerebral palsy...

Supreme Court sides with student in fight over service dog in school
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"And for many of us with ASD, our potential is often beyond our wildest dreams."

How technology can help people with autism succeed in the workplace
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We're discussing improving healthcare for people with autism.

Ask your questions in the comments and we'll answer them LIVE!
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"Know that any time you can make for yourself you are doing it for you, but you are doing it for them too." <3

Why We Let Ourselves Go and Why We Can't
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BLOG SUBMISSIONS WANTED: Did you know we have a weekly blog series called "In Our Own Words" where people on the autism spectrum can tell the world about their stories? Email us a blog at and you may be featured on our website at!

The one thing we shouldn't tell children with autism
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Did you hear Ford Motor Company started a program to hire people with autism? How great is that! :) NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
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Join us Wednesday, Feb. 22th at 1p.m. ET for a Facebook LIVE chat about how our Autism Treatment Network is improving healthcare in individuals with autism!
Comment with questions about autism treatments in the comments and we might ask them live!
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Who do you advocate for? <3 Autism Votes
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"Tate is different than his siblings but different is not always bad or wrong. Different is just different."

Illustrations from an autism mom: "Mom went to give a baby a shower"
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"My parents were very supportive of me and had no doubt that I would do something with my life; my lifelong goal was to prove the naysayers wrong..."

For me it's always been about ability instead of disability
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"Then it came to me. The two simple and perfect words you can say..." <3 #UnderstandingAutism

The two words you should say to someone facing an autism diagnosis
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Has your child been recently diagnosed with autism? Join us on Feb 27th for a free online program on next steps to take following a diagnosis. Sign up at [ Link ]
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"Last, in that perfectly captured final moment, he is actually nuzzling his younger sibling, eyes closed, apparently reveling in their closeness."

Helping my son understand his brother's autism
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Many children with ASD have problems with sleep. Improving sleep habits helps many children, including those with ASD, get better sleep. But for some children with ASD, sleep problems happen even with good sleep habits.

Melatonin and Sleep Problems: A Guide for Parents
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"As more people with autism and ADHD begin to advocate for themselves at work, some employers are changing their workplaces." The Spectrum Careers Fast Company

Working With Autism And ADHD
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Researchers say they can predict whether an infant will go on to develop autism based on changes seen in MRI brain scans beginning during the first year of life.

Autism predicted by infant brain changes, study says
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This company is helping people with autism find meaningful employment and success in their local communities. <3
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What, for you, is the hardest part about autism?

6 People Share the Hardest Part of Autism