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Renowned clinical psychologist and autism researcher to lead science program focused on life-enhancing research with real-world benefits.

Thomas Frazier to join Autism Speaks as Chief Science Officer
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Did you know Autism Speaks has a comprehensive library of hundreds of books? Browse our books for parents, professionals and children, including siblings and peers! #Autism

Books to learn more about autism
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"It took me 38 years to learn that; it took him 10..." #Autism

The Odd Thing About This Picture Taught Me a Lesson We All Need to Learn
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Looking for local resources like doctors, after school programs or therapy providers? Search by your zip code for over 70,000 resources in our online Resource Guide!

Resource Guide
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"To the people that stare at him because he hums, join in with his little singsong, because in his eyes he is singing the best song in the world." <3

Mom calls for acceptance of son with autism in open letter
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The 2017 Bike to the Beach season is off and pedaling in the Florida Keys! Register for one of the 2017 rides benefiting Autism Speaks at [ Link ]
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Jeremy is 23 and quite the artist. :) #Autism #Incredible
"Take a look at the latest activities and research thanks to brain tissue from people with autism."

It takes brains to solve autism.
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"I said my first words when I was 4 years old right after listening to a Fleetwood Mac song. I told my mom 'play again.' I later learned to play the guitar and piano..." <3 #Autism

Autism & how listening to music helped me learn how to talk
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Do you or your loved one on the spectrum have trouble keeping track of time?

Autism and difficulty gauging time: Strategies for a common challenge
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Yup. :) #Autism
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10. "Positive Reinforcement will be helpful but punishments will not."

12 Things I’d Like Teachers to Understand about Autism
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David has autism and he wrote a speech to educate his classmates about people on the spectrum like him. A must watch. <3
Advice from renowned autism self-advocate, Temple Grandin.
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"I love seeing what he thinks is important, interesting, valuable and worthy of a picture."

I Let My 4-Year-Old With Autism Use My Camera. Here's How He Sees the World.
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"Whatever stage you find yourself in your life... Just wait. It's going to be hard, and scary and make you question if you are enough."

Waiting for the day your child will finally speak for the first time
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