Anime fans, enjoy this #GhostInTheShell tribute by our Berlin based Student Ambassador, Julius Bahr. It was 100% made in Autodesk Fusion 360, our favorite tool for making, well, just about anything! :D
LIVE from Autodesk Panorama 2017 at Feng Chia University: student designers from 7 countries are showcasing their innovative designs using Autodesk Fusion 360. #DesignNow
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Buildings use energy, materials, water, and land to create the right environment for its occupants. All of these things cost money – and all of them have an environmental impact.

Resource Use & Buildings | Sustainability Workshop
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Come and #MakeAnything at an Autodesk Gallery Workshop! Schedule using this link [ Link ]

Autodesk Gallery Workshop | Autodesk
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Drumsticks in Autodesk Fusion 360, inspired by a Star Wars lightsaber.
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Earbuds are great for on-the-go #music, but we need style. Take the Audio Challenge & create an inventive 3D model with Autodesk Fusion 360. Deadline: April 20 #designforaudiocontest [ Link ]
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We're on the cusp of Panorama 2017, so let's take a look at this wrap up of day 1 at Panorama 2016!
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You’ve tried Dynamo Studio, right? The programming environment that lets you create visual logic to explore parametric conceptual designs? See for yourself what students are raving about.

Dynamo Studio Free Download
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There is an ever-growing demand for #prosthetic limbs to support amputees over the course of their lifetimes. This course explores the design of an economically viable prosthetic socket for above-the-knee amputees.

Product Design: Prosthetic Design
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Ever thought of designing your own #guitar? Student Politechnika Wroclawska did and are were pretty impressed.

electric guitar
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Want to design modular on-ear headphones? Check out the course on Design Academy and learn about form and ergonomics while creating a beautiful product.

Product Design: Form and Ergonomics
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Only 1 day left to Panorama 2017! Are you excited to see what designs this year’s finalists will come up with? Autodesk ASEAN Panorama is an intensive 3 day student bootcamp and designathon challenge for aspiring students across Asia-Pacific. These students, each winners of their national design competitions, were carefully selected to join Panorama 2017.

Learn more about the winning designs...
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Flexibility to move around with your wireless headset and beautiful design to enjoy it visually is exactly how Andrew Spencer, Student Ambassador from UK sees the most comfortable way to enjoy your favourite tracks "on the go" :D. Are you a headset or hearables fan?

No matter the answer, join the Design for Audio Technology competition: [ Link ].
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How can you design a more sustainable world? If sustainability is the goal, where do you begin? What skills are needed for sustainability design?

Save the planet
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Want to explore the future of our past with technology? Join Tatjana Dzambazova, Autodesk ASEAN's Technology Whisperer as she tells her journey – from digitizing coral reefs, scanning the Apollo 11, studying and 3D printing ancient baroque topologies. [ Link ]
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Are you aware of the struggles of a caregiver? Check out this wheelchair attachment, Wheelpower, designed by one of our Panorama 2017 finalists, Team Pawsitivity! As caregivers are often at risk of injuries in the long term when assisting wheelchair users on upslopes and over long distances, Wheelpower helps by connecting a hoverboard to a wheelchair. This hence converts a manual wheelchair...
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Afraid of your laptop overheating? Allay your worries with this Slide Cooler designed by one of our Panorama 2017 finalists, Lee WanKi. Unlike existing notebook coolers, Slide Cooler not only provides a cooling function for your heated laptop but also allows the angle of your laptop to be adjusted to suit your needs. Autodesk Panorama is an intensive 3 day student bootcamp and designathon...
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Here’s where Autodesk Fusion 360 Simulation reveals the difference between design tool & engineering tool.

3 Features That Make Fusion 360 a Powerful Engineering Tool - SolidSmack -
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The Nintendo Switch has a problem - its alternative to docking is a bit... sparse. So owners have busted out 3D printers and Tinkercad to solve it.

Nintendo Switch Owners are Making Their Own Stands