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Autodesk Students
12/03/2016 at 18:00. Facebook
Cities planning for their futures has become an integral part of the fight against climate change. [ Autode.sk Link ]
Autodesk Students
12/03/2016 at 04:50. Facebook
We know you have great ideas. We know you can provide helpful feedback. We know you love to chat with other like-minded peers. So why haven’t you joined a group on Design Academy yet? Find a group that fits your interest and join the party today. autode.sk/2gQ24Lv
Autodesk Students
yesterday at 21:13. Facebook
Meet Mimus, a robot who senses the presence of humans around her and explores her surroundings at the Design Museum. [ Autode.sk Link ]
Autodesk Students
yesterday at 18:17. Facebook
What do you get when you combine architecture, energy technology, and robotics? Perfectly optimized indoor climate. The A/S Research Team from ETH Zürich has developed an adaptive solar facade perfectly suited for all surfaces for which regular solar panel is too heavy.

Learn more about the project: [ Autode.sk Link ].

Adaptive Solar Facade @ House of Natural Resources

Autodesk Students
12/01/2016 at 21:39. Facebook
We’ve got a challenge for you! Design an innovative futuristic race car that has cool features to increase its aerodynamics and driver safety for a chance to win cash, prizes, and 1:1 mentoring from industry professionals. Learn more: autode.sk/2eNdEme #designforautomotive
Feeling the need to try his hand at something more organic, Michael Provost used Fusion 360 to makes these colorful Jelly Bean Ride On toys. That plastic is great! [ Autode.sk Link ]
Autodesk Students
12/01/2016 at 17:40. Facebook
Rev up your engines and get ready for holiday travel. This month Design Academy will feature Transportation. Learn how students all over the world are designing vehicles that will change the way we get from one place to the next. Join in the conversation and show us your ideas. [ Autode.sk Link ]
Autodesk Students
12/01/2016 at 00:01. Facebook
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Come learn how to make your own personalized 3D printed Christmas ornament. You'll be surprised at how easy it is! Sign up here: [ Autode.sk Link ]
Autodesk Students
11/30/2016 at 21:18. Facebook
1 day left! Submissions for Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge are due tomorrow! Don't miss out on this final chance to win up to $6k! Winners will be announced in January 2017. Submit your entry now: [ Autode.sk Link ]
Autodesk Students
11/30/2016 at 18:45. Facebook
"The streamlined body of the seal is suitable for adapting to flow of water and is easy to overcome resistance. I have devised forms of jet ski design through such morphological motives. In addition, I wanted to give it a soft, comfortable, different from the sleekness of the existing jet ski.”

Congratulations to Siwon Kim, an industrial design student at Kookmin University in South Korea on...
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Autodesk Students
11/29/2016 at 23:03. Facebook
Join the Autodesk Education Hub group on Design Academy and see what we’re sharing. Join the conversation, ask questions, and be part of a community that loves to learn: autode.sk/2gDAjG4
Autodesk Students
11/29/2016 at 18:20. Facebook
Ever thought about a career in character design or animation? Learn how an Autodesk Student Expert built his skills and now works on major motion pictures. [ Autode.sk Link ]
Autodesk Students
11/28/2016 at 21:35. Facebook
What is the secret to developing a great character? Learn how this blockbuster animator and filmmaker teaches students to observe the world around them. [ Autode.sk Link ]

The art of digital storytelling: Carlos Baena

Autodesk Students
11/28/2016 at 16:28. Facebook
Learn tips and tricks to make your designs easy to take apart and recycle. [ Autode.sk Link ]
Autodesk Students
11/27/2016 at 22:18. Facebook
Through architecture, Lenovo and Autodesk Foundation grantee MASS Design Lab address some of the world’s largest social challenges.
Autodesk Students
11/27/2016 at 18:33. Facebook
Spend the holidays learning 3D printing! We have a full-length 3D printing class on Instructables available to you. You’ll also have access to 16 lessons anytime anywhere. [ Itbl.es Link ]

3D Printing Class

Autodesk Students
11/26/2016 at 21:58. Facebook
Orange County Chopper's all-electric Fusion 360 bike has a 15 hp motor so you can jump on it and fly.
Autodesk Students
11/26/2016 at 20:06. Facebook
Think you're up for designing a futuristic race car? Can you set your car apart with aerodynamics, design, manufacturability, branding, graphics, or a fully integrated power system? Enter the Autodesk Design for Automotive Challenge and start designing the Race Car of the Future! Sign up here: [ Autode.sk Link ]
Ready to try designing a character in Fusion 360? Take this course to quickly learn the basics. [ Autode.sk Link ]
Feeling the need to try his hand at something more organic, Michael Provost used Fusion 360 to makes these colorful Jelly Bean Ride On toys. That plastic is great! [ Autode.sk Link ]