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5 Ways to Design Solar Architecture Beautifully—Not as an Ugly Afterthought [ Link ]

5 Ways to Design Solar Architecture Beautifully-Not as an Ugly Afterthought
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End #EngineersWeek with a little fun. Let's play a round of AutoCAD Jeopardy with AU expert Jeanne Aarhus @jaarhus [ Link ]

AutoCAD Jeopardy
“Computers will be able to design things so much more efficiently than humans.” AU speaker Bill Allen on the future of #BIM [ Link ]

3 Keys That Will Unlock the Future of BIM in Buildings
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It's #Oscars season! DYK all 5 nominees for the Best
#VFX were created with @AdskMaya @Adsk3dsMax Arnold & Shotgun? [ Link ]

Virtual Production for 'Jungle Book' Detailed During HPA Tech Retreat
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"These technologies superpowers." Jeff Kowalski on #AU2016 hot topic #generativedesign [ Link ]

Generative design software will give designers "superpowers"
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We’re watching 16-year-old Anna Nixon’s #AU2016 keynote for “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” #engineeringweek
[ Link ]

Autodesk University Opening Keynote
Why it's a big deal that commercial #UAV's flew around the Atlanta airport [ Link ] @autodeskrecap

Why it's a big deal that commercial drones flew around the Atlanta airport
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Watch how integrated concurrent engineering makes your #infrastructure dreams come true #AIAapproved #EngineersWeek
[ Link ]

Model-Based Bidding and Integrated Concurrent Engineering: A Dream Come True
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Treat yourself to a high-tech structural engineering class with AU all-star @marcellosgamb for #EngineersWeek:
[ Link ]

High-Tech Structural Engineering: Using New Technologies to Enhance Your Workflows
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It’s time to start planning AU Las Vegas 2017, and we need your help. Take a moment to tell us your thoughts: [ Link ]

What do you want to learn at AU 2017? | Autodesk University
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Go green with Green Stormwater Infrastructure and @infraworks360. Learn how to meet local and #LEED requirements: [ Link ]

Green Stormwater Infrastructure-Living on Rooftops
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Share and save data in the cloud using @AutoCAD, @adskA360 and @AdskInventor in Bud Schroeder’s #AIA approved class [ Link ]

AutoCAD Collaboration Using Share Design View, Desktop Sync, and A360 Drive
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Happy #EngineersWeek! Want to better manage your 3D engineering data? Right this way [ Link ]

Communicating and Managing 3D Engineering Data Using 3D PDF
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Did you know George Washington is considered the nation’s first #engineer? Yup, he’s one of us. #PresidentsDay
[ Link ]

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"We left AU Vegas 2016 saying that anyone will be able to become a designer." José Oliveira's expert review of #AU2016 [ Link ]
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How Not to Screw Up Spending $1 Trillion on US #Infrastructure [ Link ]
On the convergence of the film and games industries and how #VR and #AR fit in: [ Link ]
Gain inspiration and insight into using technology for a higher purpose in this #AU2016 case study on Nia Technologies, a nonprofit organization using @Fusion360 and other custom applications to scan, design, and 3D print high-quality, affordable prosthetics in developing countries
[ Link ]

Technology for a Higher Purpose: 3D Printing Prosthetics with Fusion 360 and Meshmixer