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WOW!! The Women's March on Washington is beautiful and HUUUUGE. Hundreds of thousands in the streets all over America and around the world. Watch some of the inspiring speeches in D.C. including Alicia Keys !
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Orangutans are AMAZING! Let's make sure we protect their home along with 50% of the planet. Join now: [ Ava.az Link ]
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As Europe’s far-right politicians gather in Germany for a conference, Avaaz staff installed giant images of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and other fascist leaders -- making the statement that we won’t let old, dangerous, fascist ideas and tactics that brought Europe to war come back.
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The world is overheating but we still have a chance to avoid catastrophic climate change - even if President Trump doesn't want to. Act now --> [ Ava.az Link ]
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This sounds like a horror movie, but it's very real. Pregnant horses are hooked up to machines to have their blood drained for profit. This Monday, EU leaders could take a stand against this torture. Urge them to do just that--sign & share: ava.az/endbloodtrade
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The Guardian is running a 24 hour extravaganza today on the defining issue of our time.

Global warning: everything you wanted to know about climate change – live

01/18/2017 at 21:56. Facebook
No one knows what will happen to climate policy under the next US administration so city mayors are meeting in DC this week and taking the lead in the fight against climate change. #GlobalCovenantofMayors

Calling on Fellow Mayors to Act on Climate Change

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Today our 1.5 million-strong call to stop the horrific pregnant horse blood trade was delivered to the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, with the help of the Party for the Animals!

Minister van Dam said he'll endeavour to create an import ban on products produced through animal cruelty, ahead of a crucial meeting of EU Minsters next Monday. Let's reach 2 million! [ Ava.az Link ]
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Let's show these little guys some love and fight for the protection of their home - along with 50% of the planet! Join now:
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Obama has the power to prevent Trump launching reckless nuclear war. He only has 3 days to do it -- but he might if he gets massive pressure from the whole world fast. Sign now and share!

Nuclear war in 2017?!

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Take a moment to listen to the famous speech. #MLKDay

'I Have A Dream' Speech, In Its Entirety

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This is on fire -- in days over 1.5 million of us have joined!! Add your name and share with everyone. Let's reach 2 million before it’s delivered to ministers.

The secret to factory farming no one is talking about?

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The gap between rich and poor is "far greater than feared".

Eight billionaires 'as rich as world's poorest half' - BBC News

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Who's going to the Women's March on Washington in D.C or another city around the world?

The Women's March on Washington Just Released Their Official Platform

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European countries must do more to help refugees right now!
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This is the cutest!! Let's stop the ice from melting by keeping the Paris Climate Agreement alive! Sign now: [ Ava.az Link ]

Thanks to Nelly, daughter of polar guide Huw Lewis-Jones at Polarworld for the beautiful "Facts about Polar Bears"!
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Desperate times, call for desperate measures! Find out how we can bypass Trump and save the climate: [ Ava.az Link ]

This Is Our Last Chance To Save Polar Bears From Extinction

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When you stop laughing your ass off -- check out the REAL plan to save wildlife here -->

World Wildlife Fund Urges Americans To Just Grab Whatever Animal They See And Try To Keep It Alive