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Modern bank robbers quietly infiltrate a bank's internal systems instead of using guns. But they still make a killing.

Read about the business of shadowy bank fraud groups. #security #cybersecurity

New ATM fraud makes robbing a bank easier

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Tired of trolls, alternative facts, and bullies on the Internet?

It doesn't have to be this way. Political activist, Garry Kasparov, thinks we can do better. Read his thought-provoking essay and let us know your thoughts, [ Bit.ly Link ]

A human upgrade for the digital age

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Ever been tempted to click on one of those ads promising, "You can earn £2,000 a month by working from home just 4 hours a day!”? You can... through the business of malware. [ Bit.ly Link ]

The malware business: Today’s top get-rich-quick scheme, funded by YOU

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Not an entomologist to be found...

Bug hunters earn £22,400 finding flaws in browsers, operating systems, and other software at hacking contest #Pwn2Own, [ Bit.ly Link ]

As bug bounties proliferate, hacking contests maintain a strong pull - The Parallax

Java, Flash, WinZip. What do these all have in common?
They are among the Top 10 most out-of-date programs.

Find out what the others are, plus the applications that are most up-to-date, and more. Click here [ Bit.ly Link ]

Your PC applications are (probably) out-of-date

Remember Banshee from X-Men: First Class? These researchers have a way to go before they can attack a submarine with their sound waves - but it's still pretty cool, don't you think?

These researchers can hack your phone with sound waves - CNET

How prepared is your company for a cyberattack? Turns out, that most UK business are woefully unprepared, [ Bit.ly Link ] #SMB #security

UK companies failing to educate their employees about cyber security

Do you have the tools and training (or time!) to manage cybersecurity in your business? Many small and medium business don't. Here's why you need a partnership with a #MSP: [ Bit.ly Link ] #ITpartners #ITservices #SmallBusinessSaturday

Partner or perish: Why SMBs need MSPs

"...at least we have something in common..."

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Do we need a "Ministry of the Internet of Things"? [ Bit.ly Link ] If the market doesn't start regulating themselves, it may come to that. #IoT #security

Time for a Department of the Internet of Things? - The Parallax

Mac users: Avast has a new #Ransomware Decryption Tool to help you recover encrypted files. [ Bit.ly Link ]

We have 16 ransomware removal tools available now. Don't pay ransom! Check out our toolset first!

Mac FindZip ransomware decryption tool unzips your encrypted files

"...our way of life could be challenged," due to the lack of cyber security experts coupled with the increased threat to UK businesses from hackers, in particular from ransomware.

Skills shortage exposes UK companies to cyber crime

Are you afraid that your microwave is spying on you? Make sure your home network is secure. Avast Wi-Fi Inspector lets you know if there are any vulnerabilities and helps you fix them. [ Bit.ly Link ] #security #internetofthings #IoT

Find out if your home network is vulnerable with Wi-Fi Inspector

The WikiLeaks’ CIA #Vault7 dump could put consumers at risk [ Bit.ly Link ] #leaks #security #privacy

WikiLeaks’ CIA 'Vault7' dump could put consumers at risk - The Parallax

"The Cloud" is accessible by everyone, at any time, from any place - but it's exactly that convenience that has cybersecurity professionals predicting stormy weather ahead. Our new post, [ Bit.ly Link ], explains the concerns.

Is your business secure? Find insights and suggestions in the Avast blog. #smallbusinesssaturday #SMB

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Russian hacking and information warfare dominates mainstream news. Why is it hard for many people to imagine the outsize role hacking would play in politics? [ Bit.ly Link ]

Hacking our way through the new Cold War (Q&A) - The Parallax

Hackers need only one weak spot to gain access to an entire web of devices and personal information. Avast Wi-Fi Finder already helps you find fast, safe hotspots - but coming this summer - it will also show you connected devices and vulnerabilities, too. Read more from the #AvastBlog, [ Bit.ly Link ]

Secure Wi-Fi is important. But secure IoT is vital.

For International Women’s Day on March 8th, we asked our female colleagues a few questions to find out why they like working for Avast. :) Happy International Women’s Day from us to you!

Happy International Women’s Day from the Avast ladies!