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Vulnerabilities found in smart home devices such as Dropcam, Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera, Nest Cam and more could give unwanted visitors access in to your home! on.mash.to/2mwIBDn

Security hole lets burglars knock out your smart home camera

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The top 5 most popular mobile apps that users lock to protect their privacy. Did yours make the list? [ Avgread.me Link ]

What data do you protect on your phone?

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Hackers found an easy vulnerability in T-Mobile cell networks to steal privacy, even AFTER DC Senators’ constant warnings to Department of Homeland Security. [ Bzfd.it Link ]

A Security Expert Warned Congress That T-Mobile's DC Cell Network Has Been Hacked

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The CIA won't break into your house to hack your Samsung TV but they will when you order it through Amazon.com. [ On.mash.to Link ]

Edward Snowden explains exactly how the CIA would hack your Samsung TV

They may tug at your heart strings, but before you hit the 'like' button or respond, think twice about some of those Facebook posts that show up in your news feed. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Don't type "Amen" on this viral Facebook post - It's a scam! | Komando.com

The CIA's "sweet trick" for a malicious hack is no match for AVG's top security. [ Yhoo.it Link ]

What the CIA thinks of your anti-virus program

Millions of women around the globe are uniting together today to honor the inspiring contributions made by the sisterhood. How will you show your support for #InternationalWomensDay? [ Bit.ly Link ]

Strike or not, 11 ways to honor International Women's Day with lasting impact

According to a Wikileaks report, the CIA can "bypass the encryption of messenger apps such as WhatsApp, #Signal, Telegram and many more". [ On.mash.to Link ]

WikiLeaks document dump alleges the CIA can hack almost everything

Setting up a two factor authentication is one of the easiest ways to protect your app data. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Simple ways to protect your app data - The Parallax

Wow, more than 800,000 Cloud Pets personal messages between parents and children were made public by a recent hacker attack! Read more [ On.mash.to Link ]

These adorable teddy bears were reportedly hacked to expose 2 million messages

This new browser makes it easier for companies to track your online fingerprint that much easier! [ On.mash.to Link ]

Creepy new browser-tracking technique means there's nowhere left for you to hide

Did you know that your WiFi router could be susceptible to an IoT attack? Learn why it's important to secure all of your connected devices in your home. [ Avgread.me Link ]

Exploring the boundaries of routers – securing the connected home

Scammers love a crisis, so before you hand over your money for a good cause, use these 4 tips when donating online. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Give smart: 4 tips to avoid charity scams - The Parallax

Your kids may be ready to start snapping and tweeting, but have you had the social media "talk" with them yet? Use these great tips via The Parallax [ Bit.ly Link ]

5 ways to prepare your kid for social media - The Parallax

Update your Windows apps with the easy automation of AVG TuneUp Software Updater [ Avgread.me Link ]

How To update your Windows applications with TuneUp

Is your mobile data use always high? Some of your favorite Android apps could be the culprit. Learn more [ Tek.io Link ]

How to view and control Wi-Fi data usage on Android - TechRepublic