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We told you that more than half of all PC software programs are currently out of date. Some of the most commonly used apps top the list as the worst outdated programs.

Read more on how you can update your PC to the newest versions. [ Avgread.me Link ]

Top 10 most out of date PC programs

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Is it or is it not an entryway into your privacy? The man who discovered the loophole shares why it's important to understand the vulnerability risk that could allow the government access to your personal conversations [ Bit.ly Link ]

WhatsApp vulnerability explained: by the man who discovered it | Tobias Boelter | Technology | The Guardian

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#InaugurationDay is only 3 days away as reports continue to spread about the "fake news" stories of close ties between Putin and President-elect Donald Trump. Yet, as more of these stories surface, how can you be sure you are getting accurate information now and in the future?

Read more about the potential harmful impact that "fake news" can have on your ability to make informed decisions. [...
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Trump, Putin, and the dangers of fake news - The Parallax

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You asked for it and we delivered! New Automatic Software Updater will protect your PC and laptop software from bugs and vulnerabilities through program updates with AVG TuneUp! Learn more [ Avgread.me Link ]

Brand-new AVG PC TuneUp speeds up, cleans up and now updates critical software

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More than 52% of the commonly used PC programs are at risk for bugs and vulnerabilities because they have easy to ignore software updaters.

Read more about why it's important to keep your programs updated and protected. [ Avgread.me Link ]

52% of all PC software is outdated

We've rebuilt our software to bring you a simple and modern design that's easy to use. Read more about what you can expect from the new AVG products. [ Avgread.me Link ]

AVG Evolved: The Future of Antivirus

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Top Safest and Most Dangerous US States for PCs

Voice automation, Iot, and more battle out as the top key trends this year for CES [ Cnet.co Link ]

CES 2017: These are the 7 big trends everyone will be talking about - CNET

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Spot the Scam!

Let's make 2017 an even bigger year for security—Happy New Year!
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We want to hear from you! Beta test the new AVG 2017 for FREE and share your feedback with us! [ Avgread.me Link ]

Beta Test the New AVG 2017!

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The Parallax's Garry Kaparanov talks the influence of power in today's technology increases dangers that are more threatening than those in previous generations
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7 tips for safer online shopping

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5 things to do right now if your Yahoo account was hacked

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