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We just love these fantastic creations for the Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture.

‘Plastic Fantastic’ is made with recycled Avonmore Milk jugs, while ‘The Dairy Queen’ is made from recycled Avonmore Super Milk and Mooju cartons.

If you’d like to vote for your favourite entry just click here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Avonmore Milk
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Our weather’s not Super, but that’s OK, we just call it a soft day. Only in Ireland! At Avonmore, we’d like to treat you to the ultimate soft day, with a €300 Ireland's Blue Book voucher! Breakfast of soft poached eggs. Spend the day being softly massaged in a spa. And end the day with dinner and a night in a soft bed in an Ireland's Blue Book house or hotel. To enter simply tell us the name...
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The vitamin that's making a splash. Vitamin D is everywhere at the moment. So much talk about how good it is for you. But of course, in Ireland, we simply don’t get enough Vitamin D because we don’t get enough sunshine. One glass of Avonmore Super Milk gives you all the daily sunshine Vitamin D you need, in just one glass.
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Curl up with a book? Do a bit of baking? Or just go splash in a puddle? Tell us how you make a rainy day super. ☔
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Here at Avonmore, we know that Vitamin D is important for helping our bodies absorb calcium to maintain healthy bones and teeth. That’s why one glass of Avonmore Super Milk contains all the daily sunshine Vitamin D you need.

Now a new study has shown that Vitamin D also protects against colds, flu and other infections. Let’s raise a glass of Avonmore Super Milk to that!

'First definitive evidence' that taking extra Vitamin D can prevent the flu

Happy Valentine’s Day from Avonmore
A great way to brighten any day is to turn up the music. What’s your favourite sunshine song? Tell us below. And remember, every glass of Avonmore Super Milk contains all your daily sunshine vitamin D. That’s worth singing about!
We recently teamed up with nutritionist Martin McDonald to promote the importance of iron in the diet. Check out this great piece which appeared in the Irish Examiner, including 6 nutritious and tasty recipes made using Avonmore Slimline Milk.

Recipes: Include enough iron in your diet for peak health

A grand day for the Vitamin D. Even if the sun doesn’t shine, you can get your daily allowance of sunshine Vitamin D from just one glass of Avonmore Super Milk. Tell the neighbours about it.
We’re making quite a splash with our new campaign. It’s all about how in Ireland we just don’t get enough sunshine, which is why we need Avonmore Super Milk, to get our recommended daily allowance of sunshine Vitamin D, in just one glass.
Keeping bones healthy – that’s the goal. When it’s rainy, ice cream men need to find something to do. And the rest of us need to find somewhere else to get extra calcium and our daily sunshine Vitamin D. That’s where Avonmore Super Milk comes in…
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