Playing on the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour is more than just a career for Janelle and Billy Allen; it’s where they created their family. Meet Janelle and Billy’s #AVPFamily. #AVPStrong

#CapturedByGoPro with A-Game Photography. GoPro
The beautiful sport of beach volleyball is growing and the #AVP is fostering an environment to help it thrive! We are excited to announce AVPNext will be working with the California Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA), one of the best amateur beach volleyball youth/adult leagues in the nation. This season, select CBVA tournaments will be a part of the #AVPNext schedule, in the Pacific...
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The summer's hottest event is back! Get all the tournament details you need to join us on the eight stops of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. And as always, General Admission is FREE! Tournament details:

What tournament will we see you at?
Who says you have to be tall to win the joust? Kerri Walsh Jennings uses her length to make an incredible dig but young star Sara Hughes wins the point through a dominate last push on the joust. #AVPStrong
It's anything but your average day at the beach…

We are the #AVP.
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What does it take to perform at the highest level? Train at the highest level.

GoPro shows there are no off-days for #AVP Pro Tri Bourne.

Tri Bourne is #AVPStrong. #CapturedByGoPro with A-Game Photography.
#AVP stars, they're just like us. Jake Gibb perfects his back swing and enjoys a leisurely Saturday on the golf course. #AVPStrong
The 2017 #AVP tournament info and access to purchase VIP tickets are now available! We're making our tournaments bigger and better than ever, with a brand new VIP experience and new activations. Get all the info you need, book your flights, secure your hotels, and we will see you in the sand.

Tourney info & ticket sales:
360 degrees of #AVPStrong at #AVPMediaDay 2017.
#AVP Announcer Mark Schuermann has taken over for an exclusive Facebook Live at #AVPMediaDay 2017. Tune in to go behind-the-scenes with Mark as he meets with your favorite athletes.
Don't let Jake Gibb fool you. He may be blushing in front of the camera but he is a dominating force at the net. #AVPMediaDay
Ladies, a special someone wants to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.
Diving into the work week like #AVPStrong
Brittany Hochevar: Fopma, DO NOT release the news early...
Jennifer Fopma: I can't contain myself, I'm too excited!

We share your excitement, Fopma. This week, the #AVP will release all eight event details and open ticket sales for this season's brand new VIP experience. Stay tuned on social this week to be the first to know!
Sneaky, sneaky! David Daud Mckienzie shows his opponent the lane and then reaches in to clamp on the ball.

Monster block or did the ball sneak through? You decide!
Lauren Fendrick has her eyes locked in on #AVP Huntington Beach in May. Do you?

Let us know if we will see you in the sand!
First mistake- Thinking a short shot would drop on April Ross.
Second mistake- Pulling off the net when April Ross is swinging.
Brittany Tiegs Pro Beach embraces being labeled 'the unknown.' #AVPStrong
There’s always time for family! #AVP Pros Whitney Pavlik and Amanda Dowdy say in between sets. #AVPStrong