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Avril Mathie
yesterday at 20:18. Facebook
Learning from the best!! Thankyou @mrdavidhaye and @steviebboxing for everything you guys taught me the past couple of weeks!!
Avril Mathie
yesterday at 13:52. Facebook
Looking at Monday like I'm gonna smash it @cgmmodels
Avril Mathie
01/15/2017 at 16:43. Facebook
Didn't get a fight yesterday Ate a croissant, pancakes and a lot of chocolate to overcome my disappointment Now to get my ass back in gear so I'm not more disappointed on Monday when I go back to @5thstgym fat, slow and sluggish
Avril Mathie
01/13/2017 at 20:43. Facebook
When the hard work in the gym is done and all that's left to do before weigh ins tomorrow is relax, sweat and soak the muscles Fingers crossed I get to fight tomorrow! ???? (Turn on my post notifications for updates and details of the live stream)
Avril Mathie
01/12/2017 at 20:18. Facebook
Got some exciting trips coming up in the next few months! Can't wait to be back here with the girls after a busy February of fights @jennbockwilliams @sieracapesius
Avril Mathie
01/12/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
If you're not competing you're not getting better. You always need to have some kind of some kind of competition or pressure to improve. Bring on the weekend
Avril Mathie
01/11/2017 at 00:32. Facebook
What do you get when you cross a boxer with 2 synronised swimming twins? Synchronised boxing Had the pleasure of meeting the hottest olympic athletes today @biaebrancaferes
Who's coming to train with me and my mate Muhammad this week at the @5thstgym ?
9:15am mon - sat
1:15am mon - sat
6:15pm mon - thurs

All (or none) experience levels welcome

Rainy Saturdays As much as I'd love to be laying on the beach right now it's kinda nice to finish a big week of training and be forced to relax indoors
She's my inspiration, motivation and laugh factory every day @veronikalarisova ❤ Having a fit physique is more than just about a nice body. It shows someone works hard; no money can buy that. It shows dedication, discipline, self respect, dignity and passion. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle. And no one is a better example of that than @veronikalarisova Literally my fave person in...
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Work so hard, be so real and smile so often it makes everyone around you want to lift their game
Loving being back to work Solid 6 rounds sparring done, now to castings, meetings and back to the gym Nothing makes me happier / feel better than being back on the grind
This video by @raoulbeltrame for @jlewbags kinda sums it up haha
"You've got to start somewhere to make it anywhere." One of My Biggest Lessons of 2016 Read about them all in my latest blog post on avrilmathie.com now and avoid that motivation slump 2 weeks into 2017
Great start to the year, getting all the important stuff done ☀
Always a good time when you give the 6 year old "champagne" Great night with the Miami fam ❤????
New blog post up avrilmathie.com about "My Biggest Lessons of 2016" that resulted in a f*cking flourishing year gone past, and the reason I'm so pumped for a kickass 2017! Happy new year!!

Pic: @gregwoodson
It’s the second last day of the year today (or the last, depending on where you are in the world), and my Instagram feed is full of posts celebrating achievements. And I LOVE reading this stuff… hearing about what people have managed to pull off is super motivating for me now. The possibilities of things you can do excites my mind. But I didn’t always see it this way. There was a time where...
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Baked, not fried. ☀
I really don't understand how the whole of USA doesn't live in Miami ????☀ #endlesssummer
"Good things come to those who wait, greater things come to those who work for it!" SO happy with the foot recovery this week, thank you to all who have been asking! The months of taking it "easy" are finally seeming worth it haha. Even happier with the fact that I didn't just give up on training and have actually managed to progress. Thinking late Feb for my next fight