After the recent articles about this event in Atlanta, AMN reached out to me for comment on the controversy. I think I hit the nail on the head.

What say you?


Sec. Mattis "Make Killing Great Again" Poster Goes Viral; V.A. Employees Frightened
Ft. Benning, Oct. 1993. We weren't allowed to eat any sweets, desserts, etc. during basic training and as a fat kid I missed it. So when I was on KP duty for the day I found some ice cream sandwiches in the huge walk-in freezer. I figured it was a safe spot to hide and eat some ice cream because I was out of sight (out of mind).

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Basic Training Story #4625 - American Grit
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Customer asked me to write something horrible and offensive in their personalized signed ASMDSS book. Here is what I came up with.

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I have met and had drinks with Zero, and despite being an Italian Ninja he is a humble and chill dude.


Watch What Happens When World Famous Instructor Zero Takes On A Carnival Game
We know all you crotch stains have some outstanding deployment stories, and we all want to read them.

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Fan photo of their Selector Switch phone case.

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The snowflake militia.
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Fucking Privates never listen...
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I laughed harder than I should have. Thanks to ThemGrunts for the pic.

Fan submitted photo of their King of Battle flag hung proudly.

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ASMDSS Nation. I present to you this piece on our MKGA poster and the offense it has caused.

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Workers horrified at 'Make Killing Great Again' poster
Our Make Killing Great Again poster is now making National News. Because of course, someone is offended and horrified.

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Workers horrified at 'Make Killing Great Again' poster
This happened towards the end of basic. I think we had 3 weeks left at this point so we had just finished FTX 3. My company was pretty shitty, the only platoon that was squared away, for the most part, was 2nd platoon and it was mostly because of their PG Pvt K. Now pretty much every guy in our company wanted to get with Pvt K. She was attractive squared away and a general all around bad ass...
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Basic Training Story #4624 - American Grit