Perfect phone case for Inauguration Day

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This story isn't necessarily funny, but it really shows how much you have to watch out for the Blue Falcons in your platoon. We had a private, lets call him Pvt M. Pvt M and had become a favorite of the DS's to single out. So fast forward to our FTX and DS L teams me and Pvt M for a roving patrol. About half way through our patrol, I had to use the latrine so we walk over to the porto...
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Basic Training Story #4576 - American Grit
It was late fall 2001, and like many days it was equal parts cold and rainy. By this time in our training, our original two drill sergeants had started to fall back as two new ones took over. There was DS D (a man devoid of all personality) and a man I’ll call DS Boston (due to his thick Boston accent). As far as I could tell, to him being a DS was more a job to do than a personality type to...
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Basic Training Story #4574 - American Grit
Need to get that perfect range for that next shot? Might want to add these to your bag.

How Does Your Golf Game Measure Up? Laser vs GPS - American Grit
All hail SECWAR Mad Dog Mattis aka Chaos Actual. Make Killing Great Again!

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Make Killing Great Again Collection (Shopify for MailChimp)

Mattis: Make Killing Great Again!
~DS Rock
During President Obama's final White House press conference on Wednesday, he said that Chelsea Manning has "served a tough a prison sentence" and defended his decision to commute Manning's prison sentence. Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley Manning, was sentenced to 35 years in

BREAKING: Obama Says Chelsea Manning "Served A Tough Prison Sentence" & "Justice Has Been Served"
DS S was a scary SOB. Must have been 6’8″ our only Infantry DS and built like a sh*t brickhouse. DS S had one rule. “If I told you, you can do it, then you can do it.” As stupid privates do, we decided to test this theory during the FTX in Blue phase.

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Basic Training Story #2766 - American Grit
New poster of SECWAR Mad Dog Mattis aka Chaos Actual. Make Killing Great Again!

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Get an on board 360 look at some Special Forces training.

Watch Green Berets Train in Crazy 360 VR Video
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Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence, Pardons Gen. Cartwright
Never forget the great meme war of 2016
~DS Rock
Trump is in the turret manning Ma deuce raining hell down upon the media. We had to capture the essence of that.

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