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I did my AIT at Ft. Lee, VA. My primary MOS was motor parts clerk. I know, not the most glamorous job, but still at that time in 1987 it was necessary since we did not quite have internet yet so they needed people like me to get the mechanics parts. We had one PFC "Private Ski" Had a long Polish name.

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Basic Training Story #4673 - American Grit
On Wednesday, following the incident involving a knife-wielding man and a car mowing down pedestrians in the area surrounding the British Parliament, the M

BREAKING: London Police: Treating U.K. Parliament Attack "As A Terrorist Incident Until We Know Otherwise" - American Military News
According to the Daily Mail, police shot a knife-wielding man. Witnesses say a vehicle mowed down five pedestrians before crashing into the gates outside Portcullis House.

BREAKING: Reports Of Shots Fired, Vehicle Attack Outside British Parliament, Parliament Locked Down - American Military News


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Now 4th plt. They have a few stories but there is only one that i think that's worth mentioning. Ds L from 4th plt hated being a Drill more than any other drill and he made sure we knew. During the road marches he would walk up behind the privates he sees talking and say in the most sarcastic tone ever "hey guys what are we talking about? I love convos during road marches. So tactical. Oh yeah...
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Basic Training Story #4661 Part Four - American Grit
2nd plt Ds R: oldschool country soldier from South Carolina like 17 yrs of service at the time. This is how he counted down when he gave us a task to do in 10 sec " 10, 9, f*****g 8, 7, 6, mother f*****g 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Stop moving pri's stop f*****g movin."

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Basic Training Story #4661 Part Three - American Grit
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