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Their struggle for freedom continues every day - especially on this Kashmiri Women's Resistance Day.

Join the struggle - find out how to Tweet for Kashmiri Women's Resistance

Kashmiri women’s struggle for freedom
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Mama Cash explores the quality and quantity of funding for women's rights work.

How funding women and girls translates (or doesn’t) into money for feminist movements
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« Décoloniser le monde, les système sociaux, les cultures et les mouvements de justice sociale est un travail long mais surtout exigeant. Notre responsabilité en tant que mouvement est de défier la normalisation de l’accumulation du pouvoir et des richesses, qu’elles soient quantifiables économiquement ou culturellement. En somme, comment décoloniser la langue que l’on parle ? »

Habiter la langue, comme on habite la marge
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These creations by artists Lucie Kinchin and Desalineada capture some of the key demands of our movements…

Share and download this artwork to use in your movement-building work.

– From our #MovementsMatters art series: [ Link ]
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"For every one of us, there’s another disabled activist leading the charge toward a more inclusive movement.

Here are six of those activists, leaders, and advocates on how we can all move forward, whether on our feet, on wheels, or online — plus a resource list you need to read and use."

Be the change: six disabled activists on why the resistance must be accessible
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As feminist activists prepare for the 61st Commission on the Status of Women (#CSW61), we're offering this free webinar together with the Gender and Development Network as a space to think collectively about the kinds of transformations we need in order to make gender, economic and ecological justice a reality.

Register → [ Link ]
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English: [ Link ]

Fat activism is a political field that has existed for more than 50 years in the US and other English-speaking countries. It has links to the civil rights movements as well as to some feminist and radical lesbian expressions, amongst others. In recent years, it has started to exist in some Latin American countries. Read our interview with bodily diversity activist...
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Activismo gordo sudaca, latino, punk y desviado
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"Campaigners say it is possible to support their aims by questioning brands on social media by asking #WhoMadeMyClothes and whether the brand uses any of the factories that have sacked workers.

From high-street to high-end, brands and shoppers are all linked to Bangladesh. Our clothes carry not only the scars of Rana Plaza but the ongoing struggle for more than just poverty wages."

In Bangladesh, the people who make your clothes are striking for their rights
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Stunning artwork by artivists Lucie Kinchin, Bria Cherise Miller and Pia Love captures the solidarity that we practice in our movements.

Share and download this artwork to use in your important movement-building work.

– From our #MovementsMatters art series: [ Link ]
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« Los Estados deben adoptar medidas para garantizar la seguridad de defensores y defensoras, además de investigar estos crímenes y sancionar a sus responsables. Lee más: [ Link ] »
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"I wanted fellow activists and the world to understand that the difficulty with ending #FGM is that it has as many narratives as survivors and victims. The only common element to our stories is the fact that this is an unjustifiable horrendous practice which violates everything we stand for as humans, wherever we find ourselves, whatever our culture or religion." – Diakhoumba Gassama | #endFGM

I'm an activist and survivor: now we must scale up efforts to end female genital mutilation
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MADRE's resonating call to stand our ground at next month's #CSW61:

➜ "Denounce the Trump #MuslimBan that threaten democratic participation and human rights.

➜ Speak out for those who would be denied access.

➜ Support mass demonstrations and organizing by women’s and human rights movements.

➜ Show solidarity with all of us who are under siege."

Standing our ground at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
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Our collaborating artists from Fly, ACD Media Studios, and @iamnattee (Instagram) illustrate the sparks that ignite our movements.

Share and download this artwork to use in your important movement-building work!

– From our #MovementsMatters art series: [ Link ]
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Two weeks ago today, our co-Executive Director Cindy Clark marched alongside 500,000 people at the historic #WomensMarchOnWashington. She shares her thoughts about why now more than ever, our #movementsmatter.

Movements Matter. Period.
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Though times are challenging, the feminist movement is more alive than ever. Read these feminist reflections on how the #GlobalGagRule will affect sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Feminist Standpoints on the Global Gag Rule
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Our #MovementsMatter digital visual art series illustrates how movements build collective and compelling political power for human rights, equality and justice. Lose yourself in this feminist art!

‘Movements Matter’: A digital visual art series
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Check out this podcast that takes a look at how feminists are championing women’s rights across the African continent and beyond - featuring our co-Executive Director, Hakima Abbas.

African women form a united front in the battle for equality – podcast
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"Ahora las organizaciones que trabajan para eliminar la malaria, responder al VIH, atender la salud de la niñez, también deberán obedecer a la Ley Mordaza o no podrán recibir los recursos.

'Este cambio hará que la nueva versión de la política sea 15 veces más atroz que la de Reagan. Esta decisión es una manera de coartar las decisiones y autonomía de miles de mujeres, restringiendo el acceso...
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En riesgo, sostenibilidad económica de organizaciones de salud sexual y reproductiva
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For your #FeministFriday, watch the powerful speech delivered by the incomparable Angela Davis at last week's #WomensMarch.

Discurso de Angela Davis en la marcha de las mujeres - ¡video con subtítulos en español!