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Now she is publicly going back to her Christian roots with the release of her new gospel album, “Sing It Now: Songs Of Faith & Hope”. Are you a fan?

Reba Nails It ‘We gotta give this world back to God. You gotta get down on your knees, believe’
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One evening he looked up and he saw something he had never noticed before. Then he made a shocking discovery in his own home...

After Years Of Living Here, He Finally Decides To Move Plywood, Leads To Scary Find [photos]
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What is a dad to do when he is staring down five kids, including triplets, without mom to stand by his side? It's no wonder this is going viral.

Dad Sets Up Video To Show What It’s Like Raising Triplets, Goes Viral Overnight [watch]
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Do you think what she did is funny and innocent or do you think she went too far?

She Thinks Prank She Plays On Boyfriend Is Funny, But People Say She Should Be Arrested
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If there’s ever been a scene of animal outrage and emotion, then this is it. Who knew wild boars could hold grudges?

Farmer Hears Pack Of Boars Making Strange Noise, Hits Record Once He Realizes Why [video]
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This method is easy and uses only two ingredients and can start working immediately – especially since you have those ingredients in your kitchen.

I Had No Idea How Easy It Is To Remove Unwanted Aging Spots From Your Skin At Home [video]
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She mesmerized her audience of commuters, and began to use her words to spread the message of the Gospel…

Unassuming Lady Starts Playing Violin In Subway, Then Her Real Identity Is Revealed [video]
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He was in the backyard with his 18-month old son and their Australian Shepherd, Shiloh, and was taken aback when he saw the friendly dog jump up and pounce in the direction of his son. Then he spotted why...

Out Of Nowhere They Spot Their Beloved Dog Lunge Towards Their Baby. Then They See He Saved His Life
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At first it looked strange, then I realized it was actually an incredible piece of art. Wow!

He Lines Up 66,000 Cups With Water One By One, Then The Camera Slowly Zooms Out [video]
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Although this greasy buildup is practically unavoidable, you can get rid of it a lot easier than you’d think. I'm so glad I know this now!

Video: Nothing I Used Got Grease Off My Cabinets Until She Showed Me Her Simple Method
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After his 6-year-old girl said her sandwich tasted “weird,” dad peeled the grilled cheese open. Inside, smack dab in the center, dad saw the unthinkable...

His Child Starts Vomiting Uncontrollably. Then Dad Sees What The Worker Did To His Kid’s Lunch
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After ignoring the growth for more than a decade, she learned why you should never let a medical problem go unchecked.

She Waited Years To Have Her Foot Checked Out. Doctors Deliver News No One Saw Coming
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Prepare yourself for some irresistibly cute moments that you’re going to want to share with your loved ones!

Video: Dad Doesn’t Think His Wife Will Believe Him So He Starts Filming As Proof
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When Latanja Levine called a roofer out for what she assumed would be a simple repair, she quickly learned she had a much bigger problem on her hands...

She Wakes Up And Spots Sticky Stuff Oozing Down Her Walls, Roofer Quickly Spots Cause [video]
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They invited all of their friends and family. Then the time came to make the announcement. That's when Dinaleigh got the surprise of a lifetime!

They Cut Into Gender Reveal Cake And Find A Small Box. She Quickly Realizes What’s Going On
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Every time I thought I was right, I would spot another. How many do you see?

Households Are Fighting Over How Many Zebras Are In The Photo. What’s Your Guess? [answer]
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What if I told you that those dollar bills in your wallet or drawer could be worth $5,000 or $10,000 or even $15,000? Go check yours now!

People Are Walking Around With $1 Bills That Are Worth Thousands. Here’s What To Look For
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This is such a beautiful and heartwarming moment. I'm so glad they got it on video!

Mom Set Her Infant Baby Next To A Giant Dog, Then Hits Record. Video Goes Viral Overnight
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“They were two very scared little dogs. He never tried to put them off. He spoke to them like they were his own,” said one passenger.

Photo Of Stray Dogs On City Bus Went Viral On Facebook. Here’s The Story Behind It
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A month following Macy's death, Cindy found 25 letters that Macy had written to her on her birthday the year before...

Daughter Dies In Tragic Accident. While Cleaning Up Her Room, Mom Finds Hidden Letter