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They needed a miracle because nothing else could save him…CPR was not enough…

With No More Doctors To Turn To Family Puts Baby’s Life In God’s Hands, Then He Answers Them
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The funniest part about this adorable video is that Lucy the dog has no idea how big she really is. This had me cracking up!

Viral Video Of Tiny Dog Going Shopping Has Everyone Here In Stitches [Watch]
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She thought it was cool to see a bald eagle, so she started recording. Then she noticed what was in its talons...

Bystander Spots Bald Eagle And Hits Record, Quickly Realizes Horrifying Sight [video]
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A 92-year-old World War II veteran and skin cancer survivor has been given less than a month to vacate his apartment or deal with the police. This is ridiculous!

Here’s The Excuse Landlord Has For Kicking Out 92-Year-Old Veteran Who Beat Cancer [video]
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This is by far one of the best family traditions I have ever heard about. So cool!

Once A Year For 15 Years, Family Takes Photo Booth Portrait. Year 9 Makes My Heart Melt [image]
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He saw something great inside that abandoned property and was willing to do the hard work to bring it to life. This is awesome!

He Takes Abandoned Laundromat And Turns It Into The Nicest Home I’ve Ever Seen [9 Photos]
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House Democrats are in another technology scandal. This time shady congressional aides were caught accepting $100,000 from an Iraqi politician, which is being described as a bribe. The public needs to know this!

Media Fails To Report Scandal That Just Shook Democrats, Don’t Let Them Sweep It Under The Rug
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If the whites of your eyes are more yellowish than white, take action immediately...

Luckily Her Friend Read Article, Knew She Had To Rush To The Doctor When She Saw Her Eyes
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Just two hours after taking off, she fell asleep when a sudden, loud explosion woke her. That’s when she realized her face was on fire. Hear her scary warning:

She Fell Asleep On A Long Plane Ride, Wakes Up Because Her Face Is On Fire [video]
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He has decided to share body camera footage with the public so that more people are aware of just how bad the drug epidemic has gotten.

EMT Was Hoping He Never Had To Get It On Film, But Hopes Footage Will Save Other Lives [video]
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This brings a whole new meaning to the famous saying: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

He Decides It Was A Good Idea To Cheat On Her, Quickly Finds Out It Was A Grave Mistake [video]
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There's nothing better than babies and dogs. This is sure to put a smile on your face!

Mom Needs Proof Of Conversation Baby And Dog Are Having, What She Recorded Has Me In Stitches
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“At first, it seemed this cute eight-week-old pup was dancing, but the reality was much worse..."

They Thought It Was Cute Dog Always Looked Like He Was Dancing, But The Truth Is Terrible
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The man, who was struggling to pay his bills, decided to let off some steam and go hunting for treasure with his metal detector. And it was the best decision he could have ever made...

He Had A Feeling In His Gut So He Tried One Last Spot With Metal Detector, Hits Goldmine
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He wants to be a talented artist when he grows up, so he got to work creating something truly extraordinary. When he finished, no one believed he was only a high school student. This is awesome!

It’s Not Until The Camera Zooms In That You Can Truly Understand Why Teen’s Flag Is Famous
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“I was the first one to write it like the women lived it. Probably I was different in writing about things that nobody would even talk about in public," she said. Are you a fan?

Finally, Decades After Staying Silent, Loretta Lynn Shares Intimate Details Of Her Life
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She let her hygiene and personal style go because she was bedridden and in a deep depression. Then, one special trip to the salon changed everything...

Woman In Deep Clinical Depression Walks Into Salon, Stylist Knows She Has To Act Quickly
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If anyone won more than $600 from a lottery ticket, the state refused point-blank to pay it. Is this fair? Yes or no?

Lottery Winners Go To Claim $288M Winnings, State Refuses To Pay. Gives Sickening Reason
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When he noticed a bump on his arm, he didn’t think much about it and chalked it up to being an innocent bug bite. But, his wife Helen thought otherwise and took immediate action...

Husband Has Nagging Wife To Thank For Saving His Life After He Finally Goes To The Doctor
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They stabbed him and robbed the man of $60 cash, his iPhone, and his North Face backpack. Their next move is landing them in jail...

Group Of Criminals Target Elderly Man In The Park, But They Make One Brutal Mistake