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What if taking action for the planet was as simple as switching your lights off for an hour? Take part in the fight against climate change by participating in Earth Hour. For us, it has been an on-going engagement to reduce our environmental footprint.

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Today is World Water Day. On this occasion, let’s celebrate and encourage the sustainable use of freshwater, the most essential resource of our planet.

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Today is the International day of Happiness. Did you know that mental well-being and physical health are closely tied? With the support of AXA Research Fund, Dr. Sarah Pressman made it her mission to investigate the power of positive emotions on stress in order to develop better solutions to protect the body from its effects and improve health.

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Ross Gemmell was born with muscular dystrophy, a disorder that weakened his muscles and gradually made him struggle to deal with simple daily tasks. Unable to find the right aid equipment, he decided to make his own! At 70 years-old, he regained independence and helped others with the same condition thanks to his creation.

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Bobbi Paidel, founded the non-profit "Tribe of Lambs," a jewellery company in which all the products are designed and handcrafted by local Indian artisans. Profits go to compassion projects including educational, literacy efforts, environmental initiatives, & healthcare support, to help HIV positive children in India.

If you think collaboration is a road to improving quality of life, like...
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Passionate about the ocean, its ecosystems, and marine wildlife, Ocean Sole, founded by Julie Church, recycles flipflops found littered on the beaches and coastlines of Kenya. Discover Ocean Sole in action in the video below !

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Are you a social entrepreneur working to improve health & safety? Do you know someone who is? Alongside Impact Hub, we are asking you to share your projects & proposals. Apply here:

AXA and Impact Hub Launch Accelerator To Improve Health and Safety
Discover the story of Kath, a new-Zealander who is training dogs to help dyslexic kids regain self-confidence.
In emerging countries, the emancipation of women is on the rise. In addition to their role as the backbone of a their family, their responsibilities are expanding to new domains. AXA collaborators, Marieme, Hadid, and Monnida speak about their personal experiences in Nigeria, Egypt, and Thailand. #BeBoldForChange

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Dermatologists in association with researchers from Stanford University have created an Artificial Intelligence able to identify skin cancer as precisely as a doctor. Practiced on almost 130,000 images of rashes, moles, and lesions, the program is using a technique called “Deep Learning”. Compared to the diagnoses of 21 doctors, its precision was equivalent to those of the humans.

Would you...
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Inspired by a solidarity restaurant while on a trip in N.Y., a man from Melbourne decided to step up for the homeless in his own city. He decided to open the Soup Shop, a restaurant in which customers can prepay for a meal that will go to person in need. The restaurant has already enough pre-paid meals to feed over 6 000 mouths!
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Socks are among the most requested items by the homeless, however, shelters cannot give away used pairs. After witnessing homeless people develop illnesses from prolonged wear, Randy Goldberg and David Heath founded “Bombas” a company that donates ultra-resistant, comfortable, and anti-microbial socks for every pair purchased. They’ve already provided more than 1.5 million pairs!

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Agrihood is the name given to the project of urban farms created by the city of Detroit in partnership with the local association “Michigan Urban Farming Initiative.” Thanks to this outstanding initiative, an entire disadvantaged neighborhood underwent a transformation into cultivable space. With two hundred fruit trees, the garden works on a voluntary basis where individuals can participate...
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For the visually impaired, detecting fake currency by touch is extremely difficult. After witnessing one of his blind friends struggle, Paul D’Souza decided to create the “Tiffy Template,” a plastic device that can detect fake bank notes in 45 seconds. Paul has already dispatched over 25,000 devices in Bangalore.

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Did you know that 15% of the clothes left at the dry-cleaner are never reclaimed by their owners? To give them a second life, “Action on Addiction,” a charity based in the UK, has launched the "Dry/Clean Initiative" to collect unwanted clothes and offer them to recovering addicts and homeless people.

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Last December, Sweden released hybrid-electric buses recharged by inductive technology to test on actual bus routes. Charging stations have been installed at each bus station so that the vehicle can refill its energy during its route.

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While recovering from leukemia in the hospital, Bridgette Veneris, a ten year-old from Melbourne, noticed that nurses struggled to unwrap bandages, and that their daily use produced a lot of waste. So she decided to design a brand new aid-dispenser: the ‘Faster-Aid’.

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Designed for people living in remote areas of Africa, the Cardiopad is a medical tablet facilitating cardiac exams. Created by Arthur Zang, a Cameroonian inventor, the Cardiopad takes a reading & within a minute, sends it to a cardiologist for examination and eventual diagnosis.

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As today is World Day of Social Justice, discover Bernie's Book Bank, a non-profit collecting and distributing books to underprivileged kids to improve their chances of success.
In the Netherlands, renewable energy isn’t just wishful thinking, at least for the railroad industry. One year early on their commitment, all trains circulating on Dutch territory are now powered by wind energy produced locally.

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