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Last December, Sweden released hybrid-electric buses recharged by inductive technology to test on actual bus routes. Charging stations have been installed at each bus station so that the vehicle can refill its energy during its route.

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While recovering from leukemia in the hospital, Bridgette Veneris, a ten year-old from Melbourne, noticed that nurses struggled to unwrap bandages, and that their daily use produced a lot of waste. So she decided to design a brand new aid-dispenser: the โ€˜Faster-Aidโ€™.

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Designed for people living in remote areas of Africa, the Cardiopad is a medical tablet facilitating cardiac exams. Created by Arthur Zang, a Cameroonian inventor, the Cardiopad takes a reading & within a minute, sends it to a cardiologist for examination and eventual diagnosis.

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As today is World Day of Social Justice, discover Bernie's Book Bank, a non-profit collecting and distributing books to underprivileged kids to improve their chances of success.
In the Netherlands, renewable energy isnโ€™t just wishful thinking, at least for the railroad industry. One year early on their commitment, all trains circulating on Dutch territory are now powered by wind energy produced locally.

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To help the victims of domestic violence and facilitate their departure, "Meathead Movers," a moving service based in California, offers them its services for free. The company also provides sensitivity & confidentiality training to prepare the movers for the unexpected.

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After losing his grandmother because of misdiagnosed pneumonia, Brian Turyabagye, a Ugandan engineering student, designed โ€œMamaopeโ€: a smart jacket capable of diagnosing pneumonia quickly & with certainty.

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In Kansas City, this traditional soup kitchen has been transformed into a restaurant where the less fortunate can enjoy free table service and select their preferred balanced meal from a menu. Find out how it works in the video.
This spring, a very peculiar ship will leave for a 6-year world tour. Its name? The Energy Observer. What makes it so special? It is the very first hydrogen-powered boat. In addition to using clean energy, it is able to recharge autonomously thanks to photovoltaic panels and two wind turbines. During its journey, it will dock in about 50 countries to raise awareness on sustainable development....
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At just 14 years-old, Taylor Rosenthal is already an entrepreneur. While traveling across Alabama for his baseball competitions, he noticed that children who get hurt during games often do not have the appropriate materials to heal their wounds. This realization inspired the creation of "RecMed", a First-Aid Vending Machine. His invention has already seen success, as a large chain of amusement...
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Are you aware of the best practices you can adopt at home to better monitor your energy consumption? Watch the video below and discover some tips on how to go greener at home and respect the environment!
We all know that well-being and good mental health increase the chances of healing. That's why, the โ€œLook Good Feel Betterโ€ program helps women with cancer regain their confidence through makeup lessons.

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Buying fresh produce is sometimes a luxury, especially for people with low incomes. The Canadian Public Health Association has launched the "Mobile Good Food Market," a mobile market selling fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price, to help less fortunate Torontonians eat well. The project simultaneously aims to reduce obesity and chronic disease, as good health also depends on good...
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From your plate to your garden in 24 hours. This is the promise of the "Zera Food Recycler," a trashcan that transforms food waste into fertilizer in record time. Introduced at CES 2017, this innovation received two awards. With a capacity of holding 8.4 liters, the smart trashcan uses a system combining air, moisture, heat, and brewing to transform up to 7 lbs of food waste, the average...
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Driving in the winter season requires heightened vigilance due to specific weather conditions such as snow, early nights, and slippery or icy roads. In addition to regular maintenance, be sure to follow these few safety tips.

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By 2030, diabetes will be the 7th most common cause of death in the world. With the support of AXA Research Fund, Professor Helen Colhoun is exploring how to build predictive models assessing the risk of diabetes and related complications in order to improve treatment and care.

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Founded by Colombian architect Oscar Mendez, โ€œConceptos Plรกsticosโ€ aims at reducing plastic waste by recycling it into raw material to build homes for people in need.

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In Nairobi, getting to the hospital by ambulance for an emergency can be a hassle. In fact, they can take on average two hours to arrive and sometimes get lost on the way. Similar to food delivery or taxi booking mobile apps, Caitlin Dolkart has been working on Flare, an app enabling people or hospitals to call & book an ambulance. Drivers will be guided with directions while users will be in...
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Access to electricity is problematic in most developing countries, causing a number of daily difficulties for their inhabitants. Touched by the condition of people in India, thirteen year-old American, Maanasa Mendu developed a $5 hybrid system capable of harnessing both solar and wind power to deliver clean energy.

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After having a stroke, peopleโ€™s neural pathways are damaged and physical therapy is required. Amelia Day, a middle school American girl, created the "Pressure Soccer Ball": a rehabilitation pressure sensing ball that helps people recover from a stroke using light and sound stimuli. The ball gives the user sensory feedback on kicking accuracy to help them regain mobility and...
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