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AXA People Protectors
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Too many cyclists are still riding without sufficient protection, especially because usual helmets aren’t very convenient. To encourage people to ride more safely, Isis Schiffer, a young graduate in industrial design, created the "EcoHelmet." Designed from recycled paper, this foldable headset is lighter, easier to carry around and more eco-friendly than usual helmets.

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AXA People Protectors
12/06/2016 at 14:52. Facebook
The fast approaching holiday season and sale period often means more shopping for many of us. Here are a few safety tips for those of you who will shop online this year! Don’t forget to share them with your friends and family to make sure end of the year festivities go smoothly for everyone.
AXA People Protectors
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Discover the "Bag Ladies," grandmothers united by the will to help the homeless by knitting mattresses for them.
AXA People Protectors
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The Utah Center for Assistive Technology is all about developing technology that helps people with disabilities improve their quality of life. At their 20th annual open house, representatives displayed the latest technologies designed to assist people with disabilities lead an easier and more accessible life.

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AXA People Protectors
12/01/2016 at 14:30. Facebook
For the past 15 years, AXA Hearts in Action has been supporting fundraising against AIDS by setting up call centers for AXA France and AXA Assistance. In 2016, 178 employees were involved in a weekend for this call to collective generosity. With 4387 pledges collected, totaling 184,566 euros, AXA Hearts In Action volunteers have once again proven the strength of their commitment.

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The sanitary condition in rural areas of Cambodia is highly problematic: difficult access to basic hygiene products such as soap can lead to diseases especially amongst children. In face of this very real issue, Samir Lakhani, a young Pittsburgh graduate (US), created “Eco Soap Bank” an NGO whose vocation is to collect and recycle used soap in hotels all over the country, to eventually...
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The island of Borneo is home to numerous animal and plant species. To fight against its deforestation, a group of local residents and researchers created drones capable of taking aerial pictures of the forest. The photos are then used to ensure its preservation by mapping the changes.

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To develop good habits, road safety rules should be taught from an early age. With this in mind, the community of White Center, a suburb of Seattle, installed a playground specifically designed to help children learn to ride their bike safely.

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Among the species affected by climate change, bees are highly threatened. They were even declared an "endangered species" in the USA last month. Their role is essential to our ecosystem because they allow the reproduction of many plants and flowers through pollination. To better understand bees and raise awareness among the general public, AXA employees are taking care of beehives in France....
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Test your knowledge about waste reduction and discover tips for living a greener life.

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1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer, making it the most frequently diagnosed cancer amongst females.To raise awareness about this disease, the AXA Group has been involved in the information campaign “Pink October” through Europe, Asia, the Gulf region and the U.S.A.

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Virginia Gardiner created “Loowatt,” a waterless and odorless toilet that turns waste into biogas. Seeing how it successfully tackled the current sanitation issue in Madagascar, Loowatt was granted pilot funding to launch its first model in the capital city of Antananarivo. Since its launch, 70 Loowatt toilets have been installed in Madagascar’s capital, to the relief of mothers and children...
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In his free time, Alain Coty, a retired french engineer has created a solar-powered engine that never wears out, a great solution for people living in remote areas.
Deforestation is an environmental issue that affects not only people’s livelihoods but also threatens many animal species and trees. To boost forest regeneration, Thailand came up with an original idea that uses a farming technique called aerial reforestation where seeds are loaded into airplanes and thrown in deforested areas. The government in Thailand launched this project in the...
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Today is World Diabetes Day. Discover Professor Colhoun’s Research project, aimed at improving prediction and prevention of the disease. It is one of the 9 projects supported by AXA Research Fund over the last 8 years, with a commitment of 3.25m€, to help fight Diabetes.

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This Sunday is World Kindness Day. Meet Nasir Sobhani, the 26 year-old Australian barber who knows how it feels to be rejected because of your appearance. So, to help homeless people rebuild their self-esteem, he decided to give them free haircuts on his days off.
A recent study from AXA Prevention, AXA France's nonprofit organization, showed that 1 in 2 French people use a smartphone while driving. And texting while driving multiplies the risk of accident by 23. So for your safety and that of those around you, do not use your phone when you're behind the wheel.
Thanks to a discovery made by a young Australian scientist, screening breast cancer will become simpler and easier to access. Dharmica Mistry found that oils from the blood of breast cancer patients is deposited in their hair and that a simple blood test could screen for the disease.

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To help his uncle regain his independence after being impaired following a stroke, Loren Lim, a young graduate in industrial design, has developed “Oneware.” Once installed on a countertop or over a sink, this modular device facilitates cutting vegetables or washing dishes with only one hand.

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Being green may have gotten easier in off-the-grid areas in rural Africa or Asia. This solar kit is designed to be set up in minutes with no instructions or tools. The durable kit fits inside a plastic bucket and is easily transportable, weighing about 9 kg (20 lbs). The creators have partnered up with the government in South Africa to bring kits to 10,000 homes in villages.

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