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Becoming the first female K-9 handler in Youngstown Police Department', Ohio says a lot about Jessica. Watch out for her on The Amazing Race! #AXNTAR #March31
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Avid lover of remodelling houses, Francesca has both patience and strength. See her compete on The Amazing Race on #March31. #AXNTAR
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"Long hair don't care!"... how far will the carefree spirit of Kevin take him on The Amazing Race? #AXNTAR #March31
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Aspiring hunters, take this quiz and see if you've got what it takes to tag along the Winchesters. #AXNSupernatural

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Hunter On "Supernatural"?
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Adding this on our bucket list - surf down an active volcano in Nicaragua at 30mph! #ThrillsintheWorld
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One of the youngest on the 29th season of The Amazing Race, Floyd is ready to see the world! #AXNTAR #March31
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A touch of nature can enhance any space. Get more home styling tips on The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition TONIGHT!
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Switch off your lights and make a stand against climate change. #EarthHour starts tonight at 8.30pm. For more info, go to
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Chic yet comfy! Take a few style notes from Priyanka Chopra if you're heading out this Saturday evening ;)

Instagram post by Priyanka Chopra • Mar 16, 2017 at 12:02am UTC
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Friday can't get more adorable than this! Fight training starts early in the Jensen Ackles' household! #AXNSupernatural

Instagram post by Jensen Ackles • Mar 17, 2017 at 12:50pm UTC
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For the first time in The Amazing Race history, Racers will pick their partners based on first impressions at the starting line
#AXNTAR #March31
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Who's up for a walk on a glass platform built 450m above the gorge on Mount Langya in Hebei, China? #ThrillsInAsia
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Take your cue from Daniel Dae Kim and treat yourself to a fancy meal tonight after a week's of hard work!

Instagram post by Daniel Dae Kim • Mar 15, 2017 at 6:54am UTC
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Give your pup a big hug cos it's #NationalPuppyDay! Don't miss dog-lover Daniel Henney in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders at 9.45pm SIN | 10pm MAL/HKG | 9pm JKT/BKK tonight!

Instagram post by Daniel Henney (다니엘 헤니) • Feb 25, 2017 at 7:14am UTC
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It's Friday's eve! How about squeezing in 30mins for a workout, American Ninja Warrior-style?
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22 strangers;
US$1million prize money;
and a race of a lifetime.
#AXNTAR flags off for the 29th season on March 31, within 12hrs of U.S.!
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Go, bookmark this page so you can travel worry-free! Get more travel tips on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders TONIGHT! #AXNCMBB

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Can you imagine racing around the world with a total stranger? Well, THEY can. The Amazing Race flags off for the 29th season on March 31!
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Hold on tight! You'll be seeing a whole lot more of this epic move in Team Ninja Warrior!

Mark your calendar for April 3, 9.05pm MAL/HKG | 8.05pm JKT/BKK | April 10, 8.05pm SIN.
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Who are you watching #AXNKilljoys with? Tag a friend and make sure to tune in tonight, 9.45pm SIN, 10pm MAL/HKG | 9pm JKT/BKK!