Well after a gap of 2 yrs, I found myself again in the land of God's own country. In between had few trips here and there but there was always...

Ayurvedic retreat

Panchakarma, or intense cleanses done at Ayurveda spas, leave no toxin (or orifice) un-flushed. A stressed New Yorker shares what happens on her intense 28-day program.

Inside one of the most extreme cleanses on earth

Panchakarma-hoidon sanotaan uudistavan kehoa solutasolla yhtä paljon kuin keho itse tekee seitsemässä vuodessa. Hoito edellyttää mielenlujuutta, sitoutuneisuutta, läsnäoloa ja uskoa omaan puhdistumiseen. Astu sisään matkalle Intian ikiaikaisiin perinteisiin.


Latest News Published On : July 4, 2016 Monsoon Activity at Ayurveda Yoga Villa Monsoon being the right time for Ayurveda therapies we can see the most resorts and hospitals have geared up with special packages for de-stress and other healing practises. Here’s what Ayurveda Yoga Villa at Wayanad has...

Monsoon Activity at Ayurveda Yoga Villa | Ayurveda Magazine

How is life by Helari Marie Christine
Panchakarma is a holistic system of healing that incorporates the mind, body and spirit and the treatments involve every area of the body.

Does Panchakarma Treatment Heal The Mind As Well?