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LIVE: Speaker Paul Ryan addresses the American Heath Care Act.
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Security issues and the Internet of Things.

How safe are smart devices in your home?
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How you can help your kid as AzMERIT testing begins. via All the Moms

Test anxiety: A 5-step plan for parents to help their stressed-out kid
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24-year-old Francisco Valdez had a history of run-ins with the law.

Police ID Phoenix man killed in police shooting
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Cookie monster would be proud! via azcentral Things to Do

How 2 Scottsdale bakeries are keeping up with competition
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They say you can't choose to love one child more than the other, but what if the other child is your dog? via All the Moms

I got a dog. I unexpectedly became a better parent.
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Our local state parks could be heavily impacted by President Trump's budget cuts. Read how:

What does Trump's proposed budget mean for plans at Saguaro, Petrified Forest parks?
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LIVE: Press Secretary Sean Splicer speaks at White House press briefing.
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There’s a lot of reasons Arizonans are obsessed with these tropical trees. #advertiser

Palms up this spring!
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Firefighters said the children had 'minor injuries'

Rollover crash involves van full of children in Goodyear
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Watch LouLou, a 20-year-old white rhino from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, explore her new digs at the Phoenix Zoo. Read more: [ Link ]
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Pool party! Check out these hip pools for parties, drinks and some sun starting in March. via azcentral Things to Do [ Link ]
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The Suns last night were younger than all but one of the teams in the Sweet Sixteen (also, they lost).

Suns make NBA history with youngest starting 5
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Heads up: The road closures and lane restrictions start tonight.

Pecos Road restricted for 2 weekends ahead of South Mountain Freeway construction
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OPINION: This is all about getting back at voters for approving the minimum-wage hike via azcentral opinions

Montini: Ducey and the swamp creatures drain us … of initiative rights
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Some legislators are pushing for a teacher raise that'd be twice what Ducey floated

Lawmakers want bigger raise for Arizona teachers
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The Wildcats just weren’t equipped to handle what the Musketeers threw at them late in the game. That’s on Miller.

Boivin: Arizona's Sean Miller rightly blames himself for loss
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This makes it more difficult, if not impossible, for Arizonans to exercise their constitutional right to make laws via initiative. via azcentral opinions

Roberts: Remember this day, when Ducey stuck it to you, Arizona
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The company also announced it was withdrawing its bankruptcy claim filed after the pipeline was initially blocked

TransCanada's Keystone pipeline receives Trump presidential permit