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Finding time to be with your babies, to watch them, and to have fun together, is the key to stimulating their development. Remember, YOU are your baby’s first and most important play-mate and play-object - Read more here: [ Link ]
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An interesting read... Babies build knowledge about the language they hear even in the first few months of life, research shows. [ Link ]

Babies remember their birth language - scientists - BBC News
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The apron style hooded towel keeps mom’s hands free by fastening around your neck and back. Now you have two hands free to safely take baby out the bath, while keeping yourself dry #lovethis
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My oh My! What do you think about this beautiful mom and baby handbag?
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If not already, mom, you must be getting ready for work. The Ultimate Mom & Baby Handbag is ideal for those busy mom and work moments.
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Sometimes miracles come in pairs - tell us about your twin experiences moms of twins…
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Some wonderful new year inspiration to being a joyful parent - [ Link ]
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Celebrate your unique style with Baby Sense's Mom & Baby handbag and carry it way past babyhood.
The Baby Sense soothing, instrumental lullabies create a special and calming bedtime routine for your little one. Download the Lala MP3's now from the iStore here [ Link ] or from Amazon here [ Link ]
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The magic of pregnancy. The joy of being a mother. Tell us about your baby's first kick moms…
The research so often confirms what we as moms know - babies in the womb respond to mom's touch from a very early age. [ Link ]

Babies In Womb Respond When Mothers Touch Bellies
May the new year bring joy, peace & happiness to you and your family, from all of us at Baby Sense.
Quality time with your family is priceless.