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A Sunday well spent brings a week of contentment… have a lovely relaxing day.
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It may well come as a big surprise to you how much newborns cry and the one skill you will need is how to prevent crying and calm your fussing baby. One sure way to calm your baby in the early days is swaddling. [ Link ]
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The Baby Sense Taglet is the ultimate ‘doodoo blanky’ (also referred to as comfort object or security blanket). The soft chenille and smooth satin tags provide just the right soothing touch experience for your baby.. [ Link ]
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The first time you meet, is a precious state and a wonderful time to engage with your baby. Read more on the first 24 hours with your newborn. [ Link ]

What the first 24 hours hold with your newborn | Baby Sense
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A letter to the new mom: What you are experiencing feels everything but normal, but I promise you that it is. It is normal to feel the way that you feel. It is OK. You just welcomed the most precious gift into the world. You just gave life to a tiny human being. That is amazing, and valuable, and beautiful. Be proud! [ Link ]

Motherhood: A Letter to the New Mom
Happy Human Rights Day Baby Sense friends! We hope this is a time of peace and relaxation with loved ones.
Want to create a special, calming bedtime routine for your little one? We've developed a collection of lullabies to do just that. Download our Lala MP3's now from the iStore here [ Link ] or
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Wear your baby with love and Baby Sense. Do you wear your baby? Tell us all about it… [ Link ]
Our Baby Wrap is made of a light 100% cotton fabric, more suited to warmer climates, with an added extra support layer in the front to ensure a snug fit for your baby. It is fully adjustable ensuring a perfect fit every time. The Baby Wrap will enable you to ‘wear’ your baby without the fuss of clasps or buckles and your baby simply goes with you as you carry on with your day to day...
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Moms are like ninjas around sleeping babies.
Newborn babies are kind of funny and cute.
We love it when industry experts and role players get together to share knowledge, tips and ideas. We teamed up with Johnson’s to offer midwife workshop sessions in Cape Town and Johannesburg on Sleep and the Science of the Senses. Read here for Sr Ann Richardson, co-author of the Baby Sense book, top 10 sleep tips: [ Link ]

sleep and the science of the senses – Baby Sense
This design looks just like a handbag, so the perfect investment for babyhood and beyond! The Ultimate Mom & Baby Handbag!
We are mesmerized by the kind and flattering words of our collection of Baby Sense products shared By Megan Kelly. Thank you for trusting our brand and sharing your experience.
Singing lullabies to your baby helps shift him into a drowsy state, facilitating easier transition to the sleep state. It is also one of the most sincere and wonderful ways to bond with your baby. Download our Lala MP3's now from the iStore here [ Link ] or
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