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Establishing an affectionate parent-infant bond is essential for every newborn’s survival and development. Learn more about parent bonding and developmental care for premature babies on medperts!

medperts special - Bonding with preterm babies
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Jamie Fair Summers is no pushover. She likens herself to a superhero as she playfully runs around her loving family home, where she is known as "Super JF." Her fighting spirit impresses everyone she knows and meets.

March for Babies: Ambassador Family celebrates preemie's success story
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A community came out in full force to support a local family whose daughter was born three months early. Find out more:

After 3 Months In The NICU, This Preemie Got A Special Surprise Homecoming
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Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that preemies in NICUs may be exposed to noise levels higher than those deemed safe by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Conversely, the researchers also found that some preemies may not get enough exposure to beneficial sounds, such as language and music, that can improve early development. Read more:

NICU study highlights need to reduce loud noises, boost beneficial sounds
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Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you all have the chance to be with your loved ones - at home, in the NICU, wherever you may be!
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Researchers in Denmark started giving babies the soft knit lovies to cuddle - when something amazing happened. Find out more!

The Incredible Reason Why a Crocheted Octopus Can Help Keep a Preemie Alive
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Barbara, Angela & Sheena are our Baby Heroes in February 2017!
They were born six weeks early on the 28th of September in 1985. At this time, they were a very rare occurance as completely natural and identical triplets. Read more!

Baby of the Month: Barbara, Angela & Sheena
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"My daughter wasn’t expected to survive at birth, yet here she is, holding her own in preschool. [...] The teacher’s eyes became glassy as we discussed Peyton’s prematurity and what it’s like raising a child who is a survivor. While it may not be visible on the outside, she will face a lifetime of unknowns. But, her preemie power will help her achieve everything she puts her mind to, doing it...
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Why I Was Brought To Tears At My Daughter's Parent-Teacher Conference
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The New England Patriots’ “littlest biggest fans” are ready for Super Bowl Sunday. Check out more adorable pictures:

NICU Babies Ready For The Super Bowl In Special Patriots Outfits
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Forever the mother of Charlie and Oliver, Rebecca Clews knows about the devastation of having your babies too early. Here she bravely shares her story in the hopes that other parents might understand – and those who know feel comfort that they’re not alone.

Not just small: Surviving the agony of prematurity
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A baby hippoptamus born 6 weeks early at the Cincinnati Zoo has been trying to stand on her own, and is growing stronger every day.

Preemie hippo makes progress at Cincinnati Zoo
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“Father holding his son. A week later here we were, enjoying the preciousness of life. And now this father wrestles with and works to keep up with the same little boy who is a non-stop ball of energy and a constant source of joy in our lives.” Learn more about the Moores’ story:

Why These Preemie Parents Are Sharing Their NICU Photos
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When Jessie Holland's son Ziggy was born by emergency C-section at 29 weeks, she did not get to meet him until more than 24 hours later. "Four days later I finally got my first hold doing the skin-to-skin. That was just unbelievable. I'll never forget the feelings."

Skin-to-skin contact safe for premature babies, research shows
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After the deadly diagnosis of their newborns, three moms found strength in each other during long, strenuous stints in the NICU - and in the non-profit they started for other struggling families. Read more:

Three Moms Give ‘Hope, Support and Love’ to Parents of Medically Fragile Newborns
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Lewis and Logan Donnelly weighed just 3lb 2oz when they were born.
And now parents Lynn and Tony have said the unlikely household items were crucial in helping their sons survive the critical first night.

Newborn twins weighing just 3lbs combined saved by bubble wrap
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A steady rise in premature births has made many NICUs busier than ever. About one in 10 babies in the United States is now born prematurely—before 37 weeks of gestation. Because of that, many newborns must spend weeks or months in neonatal units that are sterile and regimented, while parents keep vigil at their side. Learn more about the life in the NICU:

Life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
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This video features Sharde, a cancer survivor, and acquaintance Antoinette, who, according to another friend, "selflessly dedicated nearly a year of her life to helping" Sharde and her husband Jake have a baby via surrogacy. That friend felt that Sharde was missing out on the things most birth parents experience when preparing for baby and she wanted her to be able to bond with the twin girls.
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Sisters Ainsley and Tiffany Ballantyne, both born prematurely, know first-hand the struggles preemies can face. Years later, Ainsley now works in the neonatal unit of Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and Tiffany works with children in the Accident and Emergency unit. Whenever their work brings them both to the NICU, patients immediately recognize that they are sisters.

Giving back: Sisters born prematurely now care for preemie babies
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Discover inspirational stories of premature babies growing up healthy. New preemie heroes will be presented every month. Stay tuned!

Baby of the Month 2017
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"It’s a rough, rough ride, but you do come through it. You are strong for your baby and when you reach the other side you will see how far you have come, and it’s amazing!" Read the whole story of a preemie-mom:

A Micro Preemie: My Story