This is the time of year when an off-season adventure is needed. For Backcountry employee, Peter Nguyen a trip to the desert and standing at the top of Captain Ahab, one of the most iconic trails in the Moab area, is just what the doctor ordered.

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Our Gearheads invited a few of their customers to Brighton Resort today for a sneak peek of Burton Snowboards' new Step On bindings coming to in November.
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When three of our Gearheads went to Ouray, CO to go ice climbing, Ben Rabinowitz brought along his friend Dee Long. This specific climb was her last climb of the trip and it was on a new route. Mixing it up keeps things fresh and the constant challenge and variable terrain of ice climbing is what makes it exciting. Luckily she sent this climb no problem, ended the trip on a high, and drove...
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So much ice, so little time! Backcountry Gearheads Geoffrey Conner, Jared Downs and Ben Rabinowitz recently went to Ouray, CO to go ice climbing. Many a day in Ouray starts in the Schoolroom area. You just walk along the bridge up above the gorge, find some open bolts or a chain and toss your rope over.

Ice Climbing Essentials: [ Link ]
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February in Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River is not a popular place to be and that is exactly why Gearhead Eric Watford decided to go.

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Backcountry athletes The Provo Bros went ski plane camping in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska. Little did they know, they'd be waiting out storms for 15 days. The weather on this trip only allowed them a few short windows to get out and explore, so most of their time was spent reading, eating, and playing hacky sack. Doing this kind of trip is a big gamble - you could be riding the line of...
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The Reno/Tahoe region had record snowfall in the month of January. After the four week storm passed this was a perfect calm day to enjoy a warm winter paddle with breathtaking views around the lake.

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Backcountry customers Patch Doyle and his wife Jules rappelling down the aisle. What an incredible way to get married. Whether it's your first Valentine's Day or your 40th, today is a great day to get outdoors with the one you love.

UPDATE: This is an older photo taken before the roped activities ban on Corona Arch.
Exploring the Washington coast by night under the stars, and letting his headlamp guide the way, is something that Tom Parker won't be forgetting any time soon.

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Teaching your significant other to ski is generally viewed as a really bad idea. But if you must, it is possible to learn to turn without shredding your relationship - just follow these simple rules: [ Link ]

Rules of Engagement: Teaching Your Significant Other to Ski
Andy Cochrane and Elena Pressprich living the easy and simple life during a three day ski weekend at Mt. Hood.

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Backcountry customer Megan Evans is a Ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park and in November she broke her foot, which made it hard for her to get out in the outdoors. The experience made her realize how hard it would be to be a dog in a shelter and not be able to go outside. For her first excursion since the accident she decided to bring a foster dog with her. Little Fluff was thrilled to be...
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Tonight's full moon is known as the Snow Moon since February typically sees the highest snow average. Here's to hoping that tradition holds true this year.

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For us, dawn patrol in the winter typically entails headlamps, skis, and being cold. Fresh powder is usually worth the early morning sacrifice, but Backcountry customer Erik Turner took to this floating dawn patrol, which reaped similar awards with much less effort. He rolled down to Lake Washington, assembled his Oru Kayak and then proceeded to take a nap. It still counts if you're napping,...
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Escape to solitude on winter rivers.
Do you have to be crazy to try ice climbing? Nope, you simply need to be prepared! Gearhead Geoff Conner just got back from Ouray, CO, the perfect destination for anyone interested in trying out the sport. Check out his beta on what you need to climb frozen falls: [ Link ]

Ice Climbing Essentials
For Brennan Cobb and his brother, the five mile trek to Surprise Lake was even more rewarding because of the abundance of fresh snow, great weather and having the whole area all to themselves. Their dog Maya loved it too!

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This is what being a kid is all about and the memories that go with it.

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Winter isn't over yet and our Semiannual Sale is happening now! Stock up on winter clothing, footwear, gear and accessories and dress for the rest of winter: [ Link ]

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Training for a race shouldn't be all work and no play. If you're thinking of a spring road race, now's the time to start training--check out our 14-week plans, with options depending on your experience: [ Link ]