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Check-in with yourself by checking off this list!

Improve Your Singing With An ‘Awareness Checklist’
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Navigating the acting industry can be tough!

7 Things Actors Can Learn From Other Professions
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Actors, don't forget to do your research!

9 Things to Look for When Auditing an Acting Class
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Don't waste time on what's not important to you!

Know What to Give a Damn About
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Dev Patel tells us more about 'Lion' in this exclusive featurette!
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For those just beginning their journey, check out this advice!

5 Things You Should Know Early In Your Acting Career
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Learn to make people laugh at these go-to places from across the country!

Say ‘Yes And’ to These 9 Regional Comedy Scenes
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"We all experience rage, jealousy, and greed in our everyday lives and do our best to stop short of acting upon them."

1 Tip for Playing a Formidable Foe
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"Every single breath you take is a pure dose of unadulterated inspiration."

An Inspiration in Every Breath
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Negativity will never get you far in this business, actors!

How Staying in the Moment Can Create Positive Energy
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"The wisdom is in knowing the difference."

When to Take a Risk and When to Play It Safe
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"Nothing is random and everything is essential."

Why Actors Need Rough Patches
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Now Streaming Live: A conversation with SAG Award nominee Natalie Portman!

Live Stream | SAG-AFTRA Foundation
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Now seeking background talent for upcoming Fox series 'Star' and various roles in 3 other gigs—all roles are paid.

Now Casting: Lee Daniels’ ‘Star’ on Fox and 3 More On-Camera Gigs
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If you’ve watched any of NBCUniversal’s cable offerings, or Universal Cable Productions, then you’ve seen Steven O’Neill’s work.

An NBCUniversal Casting Executive’s Advice to Auditioning Actors
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Now seeking a male actor 18+ to play the titular character in 'Buddy Holly and the Cricketers' in London!

London Now Casting: Nonunion ‘Buddy Holly and the Cricketers’ and More
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The year's top casting teams were recognized at last night's Artios Awards!

‘Hidden Figures,’ ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘Hamilton’ Among 2017 Artios Winners
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Reba's coming back to television, and she has a new pilot in tow for ABC.

ABC Begins Casting on New Reba McEntire–Starring Pilot