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Take care of those pipes!

5 Tips for Vocal Health
02/19/2017 at 15:01. Facebook
So how do working actors overcome rejection?

5 Ways Working Actors Overcome Rejection
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Drill these 4 items into your heads, actors.

4 Things You Must Do to Make It as an Actor
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Sometimes you'll get a bad reader. Here's a tip to overcome!

1 Tip for Auditioning With a ‘Bad’ Reader
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Check out this monologue advice from these experts!

5 Factors to Consider for Your Next Audition Monologue
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Find out how (stage) fighting can strengthen your acting!

5 Ways Stage Combat Enhances Acting
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Is your child ready for hollywood? Find out here!

5 Ways to Tell if Your Child Is Ready for Hollywood
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Seeking actors for romantic short, "Down Through" and other great paid gigs!

Now Casting: Romantic Short “Down Through” and 3 More Paid Gigs
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Speech is an extremely important element to acting. This app is an easy way to train on-the-go!

The App That Acts as a Personal Speech Coach
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Introducing our new weekly feature!

Entertainment News Roundup
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Do you know how often you need new headshots, actors?

Why Teens Need New Headshots Every Year
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Congrats to JAC (Jose Antonio Carrera) for getting cast through Backstage! Check out his story here! Use the hashtag #IGotCast on Twitter and IG, for your chance to be featured!

#IGotCast With Backstage: JAC
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"I suggest that every actor have at least one dramatic and one comedic monologue in your back pocket ready to go at all times."

7 Tips for Creating Monologue Magic
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Have you ever heard a client say, “I’ll know it when I hear it?”

4 Factors That Get Voice Actors Cast
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If you live in the southeast U.S., start thinking local for your child actor!

6 Tips for Child Actors in the Southeast
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ABC's series 'Quantico' and a union production of 'Beauty and the Beast' are both seeking talent! Learn more below.

Now Casting: Background Roles in ABC’s ‘Quantico’ + 3 More Jobs
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Learning the foundation of acting should be fun... and include GIFs!

8 Important Acting Techniques (in Gifs!)
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Pay attention, actors—these Oscar-nominated directors have some wise words for you!

The 2017 Best Director Oscar Nominees’ Advice to Actors
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Now seeking child actors for lead and supporting roles in adventure film 'The Legend of Billy Jones'—gig is paid!

Kids Now Casting: Adventure-Comedy ‘The Legend of Billy Jones’ and More