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Hatching duck eggs is a great way to expand your backyard flock. Lisa Steele at Duck Eggs Daily shares a step-by-step primer for the incubation process and tips for a successful hatch.

Hatching Duck Eggs
Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks is the complete resource on raising, feeding and caring for domestic duck breeds.

The Definitive Guide to Domestic Duck Breeds
"Over the last few years, keeping chickens has become all the rage... But might keeping ducks as pets actually be the better choice?" - Lisa Steele at Duck Eggs Daily

10 Facts About Ducks: Are Ducks the New Chickens?
"My 5-year-old with her Giant Pekin named Breakfast. I think the chickens are jealous." - Luke Weber
A first-hand story of successfully adding ducks to a suburban backyard with helpful tips to keep everyone happy.

A Beginner's Guide to Keeping Ducks in Suburbia
Sex Link Hybrid chickens can take the pressure off whether you have a flock with a rooster or not. But are they really a breed? Find out more about these popular flock additions.

Understanding Sex-Link Hybrid Chickens
Ducks are dandy, and we have the FREE GUIDE to prove it! If you're ready to dive into ducks, download this helpful guide today.

How to Raise Ducks: Best Ducks for Eggs, What Ducks Eat, Duck Diseases and Other Facts About Ducks - Countryside Network
Via Phillips Farm Batavia..."I've been contributing online content for Backyard Poultry Magazine and Countryside for more than a year now but my first article was printed in the actual magazine this month. Check it out, along with lots of other good stories on getting and raising baby chickens. My neighbor Rita Nader-Heikenfeld also shared a delicious recipe for angel food cake in this issue....
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Your end goal is important when you're deciding what duck breeds to raise. Lisa Steele at Duck Eggs Daily shares types of ducks for meat, eggs and pest control.

Types of Ducks For Eggs, Meat and Pest Control
Hide and peep! #FlockFlicksFriday from Cory Paris. Share your videos on our page for a chance to win a Backyard Poultry Magazine t-shirt.
Janet Garman at Timber Creek Farm explains how to properly treat chicken and livestock eye problems.

Treating Livestock and Chicken Eye Problems
Via The Modern Day Settler..."Hey, that flock looks familiar! Check out the Backyard Poultry Magazine April/May edition and have a look at my photo essay! The goats are insisting that they're next and demand their fifteen minutes of fame. Oh, and Farm Girl Found, I'm digging the cover photo!"[ Link ]
"In barns or garages, which may run 60 degrees, chicks need supplementary heat until they are fully feathered at six weeks of age." - Marissa Ames at Ames Family Farm

How Long Do Chicks Need a Heat Lamp?
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Back to Basics Workshop Giveaway
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Proper housing for your livestock is a must. Janet Garman at Timber Creek Farm explores the basic needs for each species from chickens to sheep, cows and pigs.

Best Barns, Chicken Coops and Hutches for Homesteads
From chickens to goats and rabbits, most homesteads have an abundance of poop. Learn why this is a valuable commodity and how to turn it into black gold.

What is the Best Manure for Gardens?
"Crazy chicken lady in training!" - Alisha Rouse