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"A rare picture of father (left) and son (right) for us. Lovely ❤" - Natalie Warriner
"The Black Australorp is one of the heritage chicken breeds we choose to keep. I have found heritage chicken breeds to be heartier than standard breeds." - Rhonda Crank at The Farmer's Lamp

Black Australorp Breed Profile

Learn how to put together a chicken first aid kit using things you have in your kitchen, pantry or bathroom medicine cabinet.
Sorry, we've had a technical glitch. Lisa Steele from Fresh Eggs Daily will be Live on our page in 15 minutes to talk about what every chicken keeper needs on hand for emergencies and first aid. Be sure to join us!
Raising Runner ducks is a valuable hobby due to their incredible active foraging lifestyle and egg production. (Via Kenny Coogan at Kenny Coogan's Critter Companions.)

Tips for Raising Runner Ducks

"Beautiful Missouri Day." - Judy Dodd Tufts
Learn more about the fascinating history of Rhode Island Red chickens.

The History of Rhode Island Red Chickens

More and more people, in both rural and urban areas, are starting to raise chickens. Raising chickens for eggs is a great family project and an easy way to be more self-sustainable.

How to Start Raising Chickens For Eggs

"Had chicks born Christmas day so they get leftover wrapping paper to walk on." - James Woodward III
Goose breeds are separated into three classes: Heavy, Medium and Light. This article will focus on the the heavy goose breeds: African, Toulouse and Embden.

All About Heavy Goose Breeds

Pass the cheese, please! Missy Ames reviews her favorite cheese-making book and explains how it's helped shape her cheese-making adventures.

My Favorite Cheese-Making Book - Countryside Network

Frozen chicken eggs will crack if you don't collect them often enough. Lisa Steele at Fresh Eggs Daily shares some tips to prevent frozen eggs and how to handle them if they do freeze.

Preventing Frozen Chicken Eggs

"Despite the crisp cold winter air, with bearded cheeks and a red eyed stare, Esther will lay me an egg so fair, with a greenish hue placed in the straw with care." - Dalton Farmhouse
Find out 8 tips to make rooster crowing less annoying to your neighbors and allow you to enjoy your roosters. One top tip is to use a no crow collar.

A No Crow Collar Reduces Rooster Crowing Volume

Scrapes, cuts, punctures, blisters and burns are some of the ways a dog paw pad injury can present. Janet Garman from Timber Creek Farm shares dog wound care for the farm dog's paws.

Treating a Dog Paw Pad Injury

Ready to build a coop of your own? Get our free guide to coop design and get going on fabulous new coop in 2017.

Chicken Housing: Everything you need to know about chicken coop designs for the best coops - Countryside Network

"Any idea why this little chick has started sitting like this? Can't walk too well, the foot moves and no pain when I move her leg." - Eddie Still
What do you do when your rooster population explodes but you're not ready to start looking up recipes or placing ads for free roosters? Here are some tips for managing rooster behavior in a bachelor colony.

You Don't Need a Rooster Rescue, Set Up a Bachelor Pad Instead

Got questions about feeding your flock, especially if you have different types of poultry or your keeping roosters and hens? Today's the last day to stop by our chicken chat where you can leave a question and interact directly with our poultry pros for expert tips and best practices.

Ask the Expert: Poultry Feeding Practices for a Mixed Flock

"One of our beautiful light brahma hens, Indigo, searching the straw for some missed pieces of cracked corn." - Dalton Farmhouse