"Seen many crazy things in my life,this one takes the egg!! Excuse the pun." - Belinda J. Mroz
"When deciding to use organic chicken feed for your flock, it's first good to know what chickens need for a healthy diet." - Rhonda Crank at The Farmer's Lamp

Feeding Your Flock Organic Chicken Feed

Chicken diseases can have similar symptoms. Rhonda Crank at The Farmer's Lamp explores 5 common chicken diseases you may experience in your flock and how, or if, you need to treat them.

5 Common Chicken Diseases and Symptoms

"My girls waiting for spring so they can go back outside." - Dave Mercure
When raising backyard chickens, there are periods of abundance and times of scarcity in egg supply. Learn how to preserve eggs so you can use your backyard eggs all yearlong.

How to Make Pickled Eggs and Other Great Ways to Preserve Eggs

Choosing the right feed for your chickens can be a little confusing. Jeremy Chartier at Henclass.com explores available options and what works best for raising a happy, healthy flock.

What to Feed Chickens to Keep Them Healthy

Thinking of adding turkeys to your backyard flock? Find out why they just may be the perfect addition!

A Guide to Raising Turkey Poults

Congrats to Joseph J, the winner of the Henny & Roo subscription box!

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Aerial backyard chicken predators can be some of the hardest to stop. Find out five ways to protect chickens from hawks and other flying predators. Pam's Backyard Chickens

How to Protect Chickens from Hawks

Buying baby chicks is fun and exciting! Here are the top 4 questions to ask and answer before your chicks are in a box on their way home. Sponsored by Purina Poultry.

Buying Baby Chicks: Top 4 Questions to Ask

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Before you begin poultry farming, learn about the different poultry breeds and which types of birds are best for meat, eggs, or exhibition.

Poultry Farming: Select the Right Breed of Poultry for You

"Who doesn't want to raise baby chicks, right? When I heard Janet had released a book on chicken care, "Chickens From Scratch", I couldn't wait to read it." - Rhonda Crank The Farmer's Lamp

Learn How to Raise Baby Chicks From Scratch

During late winter and early spring, colds and flu can still take hold. Learn how to make a fire cider recipe to ease symptoms and help you begin feeling better.

Beat Colds and Flu with this Fire Cider Recipe

"My naughty peacocks doing the 'Drive Home of Shame' after getting misplaced in a storm. Thankfully they were hunkering down on a distant neighbors porch. Riding shotgun." - Cerissa Bell
"Homesteaders take a lot of heat for raising meat animals. Incomplete education brings prejudice. Little backlash comes from vegetarians who research the industry and eschew meat because they have no humane farm-fresh alternatives." - Marissa Ames of Ames Family Farm

Homesteaders Are Not the Enemy

Ducks are delightful! Download your FREE Guide to learn how ducks can make a perfect addition to your backyard flock.

How to Raise Ducks: Best Ducks for Eggs, What Ducks Eat, Duck Diseases and Other Facts About Ducks - Countryside Network

"We have been raising mixed breed chickens for years. Mainly Easter Eggers and Welsummers. I like the color they are producing in the eggs. Almost a true brown egg." - Russell Jones
If you're getting into beekeeping, it's important to know what hives are available. Angi Schneider at Schneiderpeeps discusses the pros and cons of top bar vs. Langstroth beehives.

Top Bar Beehives vs Langstroth Beehives

Flock Flicks Friday! How about these cuties? Instant happiness, wouldn't you say!

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