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Deal of the Week: Cotton Candy Iron X Top! ONLY: $25.50 [ Link ] #BadKittyPride
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VOTE! What's your favorite PoleFit® Short? #BadKittyPride
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Click "Love" for Competition Short
Click "Haha" for Brazil Short
Click "Wow" for Bitsy Bottoms
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Happy Valentine's Day! #BadKittyPride Photo submitted by Jennifer Margiotta from Shore Pole Dance & Fitness. Photography by @Evolution Images.
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Why do you love pole? Share this image along with your love note to pole dancing and tag #BadKittyPoleLove. One note will be chosen to win a Pole Move Box! Ends 2/19
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Virtual Gift Cards
Our deal of the week is sweeter than candy! Red and Hot Pink Brazil Shorts only $18 !!! One Week Only! Ends 2/16. Plus + FREE SHIPPING on PoleFit® within the continental USA. [ Link ] #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear
Pole Picture of the Day: Bad Kitty USA Ambassador Lou Landers wearing Purple Lace PoleFit® [ Link ] #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear #BKPPOD
Pole Show L.A. returns and celebrate's BeSpun's 10 year anniversary! [ Link ] #BadKittyBlog The Pole Story

Pole Show L.A. Celebrates 10 years of BeSpun Studio
Deal of the Week: Neon Yellow and Royal Blue PoleFit® Bitsy Bottoms ONLY $18. One Week Only! Get yours before they sell out!!! [ Link ] #BadKittyPride
Q/A and Tutorial with Margarita Okulova Evans at BeSpun
We are going live with Margarita Evans today at 4:30pm PT right here on Facebook. Tune in to ask her questions and learn her favorite pole moves. Choose the "Following" Drop Down on our page and make sure Facebook Live notifications are on to get notified when we go LIVE! #BadKittyPride #FacebookLive
Thinking of taking a #PoleDance class? Here's what you can expect: [ Link ] #BadKittyBlog Polebook Photo submitted by @Ellen Miller. Photography by Angela Duncan Photography

How It Feels to Be a Pole Newbie
New Additions to Mermaid Bay! [ Link ] #BadKittyPride
Pole Picture of the Day: Jigsaw Split Doubles Move submitted by Karen Gaunt Addictive-Fitness and Laura Leather. #BadKittyPride

Submit your photos here:
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Natasha Wang started Pole Dancing at the age of 29 without a dance or gymnastics background and has since become a World Champion. Read more about her experience and what she is up to next: [ Link ] #BadKittyBlog

Natasha Wang: the Pole Meow-nificient
New Arrivals: Sexy Thigh High Boots! [ Link ] #BadKittyPride
Some snippits of Nadia Sharif's amazing performance at #MNPoleComps. Nadia is wearing the PoleFit® ShowGirl Top: [ Link ] and Jade Trance Empire Shorts: [ Link ]. #BadKittyPride