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Bad Kitty USA
01/15/2017 at 17:30. Facebook
Want to improve your pole dancing this year? Try these 5 challenges to up your game: [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyBlog

5 Ways to Spicy Up Your Dance in the New Year!

Bad Kitty USA
01/13/2017 at 20:41. Facebook
Deal of the Week: PoleFit庐 White Fishnet Crop Top 40% OFF for one week only! Get yours before they sell out! [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear
Bad Kitty USA
01/12/2017 at 17:30. Facebook
Pole Picture of the Day: Submitted by Kelly Reina wearing the PoleFit庐 Bondage Top: [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride #BKPPOD #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear Prowess Pole Fitness
Bad Kitty USA
01/11/2017 at 18:04. Facebook
Bad Kitty USA
01/10/2017 at 17:30. Facebook
Acro Picture of the Day: Bad Kitty USA Ambassador Charlee Wagner wearing the PoleFit庐 Retro Set: [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride #BKPPOD #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear
New Intergalactic Sets available now! Mirrored chrome, fringed vinyl, and sexy studded holsters perfect for a casual stroll down the milky way! [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride
Pole Picture of the Day: Bad Kitty USA Ambassador Amy Hazel wearing her signature PoleFit庐 print: [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear #BKPPOD
Do you ever have dreams where you can achieve the impossible on the pole? You are not alone... [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyBlog Polebook

What Are Your Craziest Pole Dance Dreams?

Pole Picture of the Day: Bad Kitty庐 Ambassador Samantha Star. Want to see more of Sam? Follow us on snapchat (username BadKittyUSA) as Sam takes over our account next week! #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear #BKPPOD
Look who's taking over our #SnapChat this month! Follow us (username: BadKittyUSA) as Sarah Scott takes over this week. #BadKittyPride
Find out which Pole Dance Shoe fits your personality best: [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyBlog #BadKittyPride Fear Of Flight Blog

Quiz: What Kind Of Pole Dancing Shoe Are You?

Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy New Year! #BadKittyPride
Only 48 hours left to save!! 15% Off with code 2016YE15. [ Badkitty.com Link ] #badkittypride
Only a couple days left to enter the December #LegTwirlChallenge for a chance to win $100! Ends 12/31/16 #BadKittyPride [ Badkitty.com Link ] Samantha Star Cuomo Michelle Natoli
Guess who's taking over our SnapChat account in January? No really, guess! Some hints below....

And follow us on SnapChat Username: BadKittyUSA to get in on the action.
Year End Blow Out SALE! 15% OFF Site Wide. Exclusions Apply. Details here: [ Badkitty.com Link ]. Ends 12/31/16 #BadKittyPride
Pole Video of the Day: Bad Kitty庐 Ambassadors Nadia Sharif and Pole by Mina doubles low flow. #badkittypride #polewear #BKPVOD #theoriginalpolewear BeSpun

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Happy Holidays! Photo submitted by Sandy Zeigler. #BadKittyPride Photography by @Geri Elizabeth Gabrielson.
Pole Picture of the Day: Submitted by Karla Hardy wearing Bad Kitty庐 Disco Gold. Photo by The Image Cella. #BKPPOD #BadKittyPride #PoleWear

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