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Bad Kitty USA
today at 17:30. Facebook
A safe simple way to prevent injuries: [ Badkitty.com Link ] Colleen Jolly #BadKittyBlog

Preventing Pole Injuries Through Communication

Bad Kitty USA
yesterday at 22:55. Facebook
PoleFit® High Waist Empire Shorts are as versatile as you are. Fold them over to show some abs or keep them high for full coverage. [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear Lou Landers
Bad Kitty USA
yesterday at 17:30. Facebook
In loving memory of Kirstie Tancock. Our condolences go out to her family and friends. We interviewed Kirstie back in January and we were moved by her warm heart and strong soul. Kristie said: "Give yourself the chance to dance and leave all your problems behind." Rest in Peace Kirstie. [ Badkitty.com Link ]

Bad Kitty Inspiration Series: Kirstie Tancock

Bad Kitty USA
12/01/2016 at 17:30. Facebook
Tis the season to be twirling! It's December and we're celebrating with all the Twiry Legs! Capture your favorite spot to get your Twirl Legs on...watching TV, tanning by the pool, on the pole, in a tree, in a box with a fox while eating lox....get creative and show us what you got. Don't be shy and make sure to wear your best PoleFit® or Bad Kitty® outfits. Follow Bad Kitty® on Instagram,...
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Bad Kitty USA
11/29/2016 at 18:44. Facebook
Bad Kitty USA
11/30/2016 at 17:30. Facebook
Pole Video of the Day: Bad Kitty USA Ambassador Nadia Sharif in a sick combo using every inch of this 16 foot pole! #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear #BadKittyCrissCross

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Bad Kitty USA
11/29/2016 at 18:48. Facebook
"Are there still places where people are genuinely supportive of each other and constantly building stronger bonds? If youÔÇÖre in search of such a refuge, look no further than your very own local pole community." [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride #BadKittyBlog

When Pole Meets Health, Race, Religion, and Courage

Bad Kitty USA
11/29/2016 at 18:44. Facebook
Bad Kitty USA
11/28/2016 at 22:26. Facebook
Last Chance to SAVE BIG on our Cyber Monday specials: [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride #CyberMonday

Bad Kitty USA

Bad Kitty USA
11/28/2016 at 20:02. Facebook
Cyber Monday is Happening Right Meow! Colorful Cat Chaos PoleFit® Exclusives 25% OFF! Last chance to buy this print before it's gone forever! [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride #CyberMonday Carlie Hunter Pole Dance Performer Lou Landers
Bad Kitty USA
11/27/2016 at 18:08. Facebook
Final Days to get PoleFit® at 20% OFF. Sale ends Cyber Monday. [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride #BlackFriday #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear Pole by Mina Nadia Sharif Sergia Louise Anderson
Bad Kitty USA
11/26/2016 at 16:00. Facebook
Our Biggest SALE of the Year!!! Bad Kitty® Nude Collection 20% OFF through Cyber Monday. Shop your favorites before they sell out! [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride
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Bad Kitty® Falls for Fall with a Black Friday Sale!

Don't miss out on our amazing Black Friday Deals! PoleFit® Spiderback top only $22.40 and PoleFit® Sneaky V Shorts only $24. Tons of Mark Downs Site Wide. Ends 11/28. [ Badkitty.com Link ] #badkittypride #blackfriday
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***SURPRISE*** Black Friday has arrived early at Bad Kitty® with massive sales all over the site! 20% off all PoleFit®, 20% off all Bad Kitty® Brazil Shorts, and tons more mark downs. [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride Sale ends 11/28
Pole Dancers, Aerialists, and Acrobats have been tearing up the #MannequinChallenge. Here's one of our favs submitted by Jagged Vertical Dance & Fitness. Filmography by . Music by Straight P. #BadKittyPride #JaggedVDF
Acro Picture of the Day: Contortion Back Bend from Pikun 'Seresa' Wilhelm from Mystique Pole Dance wearing the PoleFit® Helix Leggings [ Badkitty.com Link ] #BadKittyPride

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