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Pole Picture of the Day: The Ladies of Buttercup Pole Dance. Photo by Images By Tamera. #BadKittyPride #BKPPOD #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear

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VOTE: What's your Favorite Pole Move?
Like: Cupid
Love: Allegra
Haha: Rainbow Marchenko
Wow: Handspring
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New PoleFit® Color Combos available for pre-order through your local Authorized PoleFit® Reseller. Find a Studio Reseller near you:

After tons of requests we have added the new color combinations of Red and Carbon to our most popular styles. Including RED Competition Shorts, CARBON Empires, CARBON Bitsy Bottoms and RED/Black Color Block Brazils to name a few!

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Happy St. Patty's Day! Get this Green PoleFit® Iron X top for ONLY $22 for our Deal of the Week! FREE Domestic Shipping on all PoleFit! [ Link ] #BadKittyPride Lindsay Green - Ember
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Happy St. Patrick's Day
Pole Picture of the Day: Triples performed by the girls of Prowess Pole Fitness Lindsay Green - Ember, Kelsey Waite, and Kelly Reina. #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear #BKPPOD

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Pole Picture of the Day: Submitted by Sandy Zeigler wearing the PoleFit® Side Mesh Shorts. Photo by @Geri Elizabeth Gabrielsson. #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear #BKPPOD

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Get ready for St. Patrick's day with our Shamrocks and Sequins. [ Link ] #badkittypride
Pole Video of the Day: Vlada Zhizhchenko poling with an adorable surprise visit. Vlada is wearing the PoleFit® Neon Yellow and Hot Pink Color Block Brazil Shorts currently on sale for ONLY $18 plus FREE shipping to USA: [ Link ] #BadKittyPride Music by Straight-P.
Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassadors Pole by Mina Nadia Sharif Nicole ThePole Sergia Louise Anderson

PoleFit® Trinity Top: [ Link ]

Photos by: Alloy Images

#BadKittyPride #TheOriginalPolewear #BadKittyTrinity
We stand in solidarity and support for women worldwide. Bad Kitty® was created by a woman, for women and we celebrate women. #BeBoldforChange #InternationalWomensDay #BadKittyPride
#InternationalWomensDay #BeBoldforChange #BadKittyPride
Want to immerse yourself in 5 days of training in not only pole but a variety of movement styles like break dancing, tricking and capoeira in a 2 story tricking and pole studio in Seoul, South Korea? Join Insight Movement Seoul Pole Camp 2017 August 11-15, 2017. Only a few spots left. Teachers this year are: Nadia Sharif, Amy Hazel, Phoenix Kazree Pole, Yvonne Smink, Hansabu, Vladimir...
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FLASH SALE! PoleFit® Exclusives 35% OFF! Use CODE: 35PFE2017. This Weekend ONLY! FREE Domestic Shipping on all PoleFit® Orders! [ Link ] #BadKittyPride
Pole Video of the Day: Bad Kitty® Ambassador Nadia Sharif with an amazing combo wearing PoleFit® Bitsy Bottoms and V Front top. #badkittypride #polewear #theoriginalpolewear #BKPVOD #badkittybitsy

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Exotic pole flow is all the rage lately. Here's some tips to letting out your sexy goddess: [ Link ] #BadKittyBlog Poleitical Diaries

Tips for Nailing Your Exotic (Pole) Dreams
Pole Picture of the Day: Submitted by Maree Prebensen Pole Dancer and @Giada Caluzzi from Body Electric Pole Dance Studio. #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear #BKPPOD Photo by Jasmine Monrouxe Photography

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Feel like you are reaching a plateau in your #PoleDance training? Here's some tips to help push past! [ Link ] #BadKittyBlog Totally Stoked Fitness Photo courtesy of Vertical Joes Fitness Atlanta

Climb Off The Pole Plateau
Deal of the Week: PoleFit® Royal Blue and Black Triforce Top: ONLY $29.99. [ Link ] #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear
Pole Video of the Day: Bad Kitty USA Brand Ambassador Amy Hazel making gorgeous shapes and transitions wearing the PoleFit® Princess Top and Empire Shorts. #BadKittyPride #PoleWear #TheOriginalPoleWear #BKPVOD Music by Straight-P (Instagram @petestreetbeats)