Amazing woodworking found at @woodworkcraft Remember Baileigh offers everything needed to make your statement in wood! Email for our free 400 page catalog #baileighradar
Tag a friend that is as wild as this table! By @sdurbantimber
Be a cool Grandpa and make your grandchild the center of attention at the car show this summer! Grab that welder, rifle through the scrap bin and make some memories! @rat_rod_addiction #baileighradar
"I had to get a stroller or build something cool for my
grand daughter. That's her dad's '52 in the back ground." Mars Cousineau
Andy Leach's @calautocreations latest build was shaped and fabricated exclusively with Baileigh machinery! True story #baileigharmy ・・・
Our latest build! Ted and Colleen Hubbard's 1930 Model A named "After Thought". Why push it when you can drive it to its spot! #calautocreations #detroitautorama2017 @advancedplating @recoveryroom @charley_hutton @evod_industries @atomicmachine...
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@jasonenns working the linear stretching die on the MH-19 Power Hammer #baileighpowerhammer ・・・
Awesome visit to @____acr____ today. Snuck into the shop to hammer out a quick sovereign dog bowl while Andrew was locked in the paint booth. @baileigh_industrial #baileigharmy
Think of all of the machinery needed to make a bar like this. Table saws, band saws, roll benders, jointers, planers, sanders ......and guess what....we carry them all! Come get your free 400 page catalog! Simply email #baileigharmy
This is my "makin' money" face, says Michael Brandt from @garageboundllc He has been stacking Benjamins ever since he invested in himself with the R-M55 Roll Bender. The jobs just keep comin #baileigharmy #baileighrollbender
Metal art is extremely profitable. @hardknocksspeedshop is starting to enjoy the extra money
Very thoughtful Valentines gift we made for a very good friend of ours.
Drawn in house, cut out on the @baileigh_industrial @baileigh_uk PT44 CNC Plasma table. Cutter supplied by @oxfordweldingsuppliesltd .
Brushed finish goodness #hardknocks #baileigharmy #baileigh_industrial #baileighplasmatable...
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Mike Wagner from @cornfieldcustoms is mastering the MH-19 Power Hammer! Look at his custom tooling and what it can do #baileigharmy #baileighpowerhammer ------- Made a 3 inch deep brake booster recess for a customers fire wall yesterday. Hammer formed the bottom and the top, the. Cleaned up the radius on the power hammer. Added a filler trip to tie them together. Welded and finished out....
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Another #baileighburnout by @jimmyshineworkshop BAM!
Be a metal shaping Rock Star! Nathan Tanquary @nhrg_arizona from Nate’s Hot Rod Garage surprised the heck out of us with his secret “Ninja like” metal shaping skills. We had no idea he was this good when he picked up the MH-19 Power Hammer a few months back. Now it’s our turn to shine a huge spotlight on his work. Good job brother and keep the content coming #baileigharmy #baieighpowerhammer...
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When @jerryzaiden needed to press 850 1 ½” uni balls for the @camburgracing long travel kits, he chose an electric / hydraulic solution vs. an air / hydraulic solution. The HSP-30M is our newest electric / hydraulic shop press that is more than 3 times faster than any air / hydraulic press on the market today #baileigharmy #baileighpress
Mike Wagner from @cornfieldcustoms planishing with the air hammer attachment on his MH-19 Power Hammer makes for an excellent soundtrack for anyone within earshot #baileigharmy #baileighplanishinghammer ・・・
Starting the planishing process on an aluminum fender. This one is a designated practice piece aka a wall hanger lol. #myhastag #somethinglikeaphenomenon #cornfieldcustoms #cincinnati...
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Big Joe @sodakbigjoe rocking the EW-40 #baileighenglishwheel #baileigharmy ------ #snapfab #southdakotaproud #hotbikesnapfab #hotbike #englishwheel
Roll bending excellence by @garageboundllc on the R-M55 #baileighrollbender #baileigharmy
Amazing metal shaping by @azcustomfab #baileigharmy #baileighmetalshaping
Built with Baileigh! @flyskyrunner fabricates exclusively with our equipment #baileigharmy
She climbs like a homesick angel #offroad #lsa #lightsportaircraft #flyskyrunner #adventure #goanywhere
That look of satisfaction. Our friend @model_a_mike knows what's up #magneticbrake ・・・
Setting up the new magnetic break at Cleveland spray booth from @baileigh_industrial
#Clevelandspraybooth #paintboothlife #northcoastheatingandcooling #baileigharmy
Learn real world, hands on metal shaping by the biggest names in the industry. No classroom setting where you watch an instructor shape panels, no white boards, no watching videos and reading out of a text book, this is hands on, metal shaping instruction by our team of metal shaping heavyweights……”Team Baileigh”

Learn Power Hammer techniques from Kyle Yocum @yocumsrodshop
Learn Shrinking and...
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Love woodworking? Well then you are following the right page! We love woodworking, woodworkers and all of their crazy projects. Thanks for the share @dopedecors #baileighradar
Built with Baileigh! @jerryzaiden from @camburgracing fabricates every @kinetiktrucks in his shop full of Baileigh machinery #baileigharmy #baileighmotorsports