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#Worldwaterday - Let's Practice 'Save Water' today and always.
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If you think that Mutual Fund Investments cannot be used for regular income, then probably you are still not aware of Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP). It is not a dividend plan but a systematic way to stream regular income from your mutual fund investments. To know more read:

Bajaj Capital :: systematic withdrawal plan If you wish to further grow your retirement corpus
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There are many myths surrounding Mutual Fund Investments. Are you also keeping away from the goodness of Mutual Funds investments believing some myth to be the truth? Check out to know. [ Link ]
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This year, if you have witnessed how 'Tax' can eat up your take-home salary, then you know there is a lesson to learn: Next year 'Be an Early Bird' to save your salary and to do a relaxed and wise tax planing. Read more to know how to do tax planing for FY 2017-18.

Bajaj Capital :: tax planning 2017 18 be an early bird
I am just 30, do I need to worry about my retirement now? Of course yes if you aim to keep your Retirement days clean of financial worries? If you have been postponing your retirement thinking there is still time for it, then think again with [ Link ]
Falling FD rates have further glorified Mutual Fund as the preferred investment avenue. But when it comes to mutual fund investment, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is the most recommended route. Read on, to know 'How SIP is a Better Route for Mutual Fund Investment ?'

Bajaj Capital :: how SIP is a better route for mutual fund investment
Bajaj Capital wishes you all a very colourful and happy Holi.
#mutualfundbinainvestmentadhura. Wondering how to manage the goals of life- child's education, dream home, retirement, etc.? The answer for you is SIP. Check out the video to know how SIP will help you create wealth and take care of your life goals.
SIP has many benefits, one of it is that it puts u into the habit of being a regular investor. Read More! [ Link ]
Systematic investment plan (sip) has many benefits, one of it is that it puts u into the habit of being a regular investor. In that way, you can get rid of the need of timing the market. [ Link ]
#mutualfundbinainvestmentadhra Try Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and make any time, a good time to invest.

SIP : Way to Crorepati Dream
Dream big, and achieve all your dreams... Be financially independent to materialize all your dream. This women's day, say yes to 'Investment' and start your journey of financial independence.
Epitomizing perfection in each and every role, you have been the #WONDER WOMAN. You are a 'Born Talented' Financial Planner. This 8th March, we encourage you to bank on your talent and take firm steps towards Financial Independence.
Bajaj Capital joins Mutual Fund Revolution with Reliance Mutual Fund.Mutual Fund Bina Investment Adhura. Mutual Fund Day - 7th of Every Month
Power of Investment is Like Power of Karma. Keep doing, fruits are sure to be yours.
Mutual Fund Bina, Investment Adhura. Let's leverage on 7 Wonders of Mutual Funds. Start your Prosperity Revolution with Mutual Fund. Mutual Fund Day - 7th of Every Month
If you think that you don't have any more time to save tax, then hold on. You still have time to invest till 31st March. Get Free Tax Saving Guide. [ Link ]
The secret of growing rich is simple. Know your needs, Set your financial goal, Make an investment plan, Stick to your investments. Read More [ Link ]