One medium #potato with skin provides 620 milligrams of #Potassium, which is very important in maintaining the normal blood pressure of the body. #EatHealthy
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Why must biryanis be reserved for occasions only? Now, you can enjoy a rich serving of# Biryani made effortlessly in the Bajaj #ElectricCooker which smartly cooks #food to perfection. Visit [ Link ] to #ShopBajaj
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Begin your day with this wholesome glass of Orange Oats Smoothie that is high in fibre and taste! Prepare the smoothie using the Bajaj Hand Blender. Visit [ Link ] to shop now. #CookWithBajaj
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Loaded with heart-friendly monounsaturated fats, Extra Virgin #OliveOil is extremely rich in #antioxidants which makes it your heart’s new best friend. #EatHealthy
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Show your love for #Pizza by naming your favourite #PizzaTopping. Is it the colourful Bell peppers, the flavoursome Olives or the delicious Mushrooms? #FoodWars
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The Bajaj Cooling #Lounge ushered a breath of fresh air for the weary guests at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 17. Catch a glimpse of it here. #GetInspired #htkgaf17
Love Asian cuisine? Try this simple #recipe and tell us how you liked it. Also, cut down your food prep time to up to half with our range of #VegetableChoppers [ Link ] #CookWithBajaj
Team #Chai or Team #Coffee? Tell us which is your favourite and why. #FoodWars
Our painting competition saw kids of all age groups come together to create their own Disney masterpieces. #GetInspired at #htkgaf17
Congratulations Devika Sudhadevi, you’re definitely a #BajajSuperFan of Sukhwinder Singh! Kindly message us your details. #GetInspired #htkgaf17
The most delicious pieces of art are in the making with Chef Hemant Oberoi live from #htkgaf17. It's time to #GetInspired
Bring out your child’s inner painter. Join us for the Bajaj Disney Fans painting competition on 11th Feb’17, Saturday at Prince of Wales Garden, Fort, Mumbai.
Age group: 8 – 14 years
#GetInspired #htkgaf17
Congratulations to Amit Mithkar (1st Prize), Raj Janardhan (2nd Prize) & Ekata Sabat (3rd Prize) on coming up with the best design for an LED Art Installation. #RoshniDetaBajaj #GetInspired #htkgaf17
Bring out your child’s inner M. F. Husain. Join us for the Disney Fans painting competition on 11th Feb’17, Saturday at Prince of Wales Garden, Fort, Mumbai.
Age group: 8 – 14 years
#GetInspired #htkgaf17
Don’t miss your chance to learn from the #master himself. #GetInspired at #Chef Hemant Oberoi’s masterclass at the #htkgaf17, Cross Maidan, #Mumbai at 7 pm on 11th February.
Even the best artists need a break. Make sure you take a moment out to sit back, enjoy a refreshing drink and enjoy the cool at the Bajaj Lounge at the #htkgaf17. #GetInspired
Watch how Bajaj Electricals illuminated lives in around 17 lakh homes by providing electricity through the Rural Electrification Project. The future of these 24,000 villages has never seemed brighter. #GetInspired

Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

Bajaj Electricals took up the task of illuminating the homes of villages in rural India that were still without electricity. Through Rural Electrification Pr...

#Chef Tarika treating us to some #SweetTreats at the Bajaj Food Workshop at #htkgaf17. #GetInspired
Bajaj Food Workshop at #htkgaf17 with Chef Darius. #GetInspired
10th February is the last day to submit your Sukhwinder Singh fan video!
Post a video or share a message but don’t forget to tag your entry with #BajajSuperFan. Begin at #GetInspired #htkgaf17