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Oh, go on then…. Are you doing anything nice today?
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Cold winters can kill a lot of birds through starvation. The smaller the bird, the more likely it is to be affected by prolonged winter cold. Robins, wrens and blue tits can be affected by cold snaps.
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Friday Freebie!!
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Our 1st guest blog of 2017!

Richard, a 'grow your own' enthusiast has written a super blog full of top tips for winter gardening.

Thank you to Richard Chivers.

The opportunity of winter in the allotment garden -
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It wont be long before we see these!

Have you planted any bulbs for spring?
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Have you ever been lucky enough to see a kingfisher?
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We were so overwhelmed with all the beautiful pet photographs that you sent in! We loved looking through them all.
Here are just a few that we received.
As a thank you, we would like to offer everyone 10% OFF our FULL pet range. Please use special offer code: EASYPETSTORE10 in your basket.
[ Link ]
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Which house plant do you prefer?
A, B, C, or D?

All available at Bakker!
2017 New & Exclusive Plant!
We are excited to share with you our NEW PURPLE FLOWERING HOSTA is a hardy perennial, which will grow fresh, bright, heart-shaped leaves each spring. Although the fabulous leaves are a treat on their own, this plant really is a show stopper during July through to September, it’s truly spectacular.
We’re delighted to be able to offer this as a exclusive.

Hosta 'Purple Sensation' |
House Plant Tip!
Treat your ferns, gardenias, and other acid-loving house plants to a spot of afternoon tea. Fresh, wet tea leaves give the soil all the nurturance these plant types need for a lush, luxurious, healthy look.
We cannot think of a better way to cheer up a cold Friday than to share our beautiful pet photos with you!
We would love to see your pets too, please add a photo to the comments below!

In this photo you can see a very helpful Willow ready to mow the lawn, a happy chap called Patch out for a walk, a pretty Persian who answers to Merlin and a cheeky tortoise munching on a strawberry!
It's caption time!
We would like to hear your best one for this cheeky blue tit!
Can you name this flower species?
We have made it quite tricky, however, here is a clue… We sell 19 different varieties of it!
Our BRAND NEW 116 page catalogue will be hitting the door mats of the UK & Ireland today.
Packed full of New and Exclusive plants, offers and tips, you don't want to miss out! If you haven't received one, please send a PM with your full name and address.
We would love to see your amaryllis!
Please send them in via Private Message.

Photograph - Amaryllis 'Papilio' available to buy at Bakker
House Plant Tip!
Place ice cubes onto the soil in your plant pot, ensuring they are not touching the stem. The ice will melt slowly, releasing water evenly into the soil.
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Do you have an Air so Pure plant in your home?
Air so Pure houseplants are great for supplying healthy oxygen into the surrounding air. They also have the unique ability to absorb harmful particles in our environment and are known to improve humidity in our homes via the plants normal regulating evaporation process.
Why not give one a try!

Air So Pure Air-purifying Plants |
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Which January garden sitting space do you like best?
A or B?