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We would love to see a photo of you with your mum or children, please add one below.
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Where can you find 7 million bulbs in bloom this spring, with a total of 800 varieties of tulips?
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It's time for a KEUKENHOF SPECIAL Friday freebie!!
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Today the gardens open at Keukenhof!
Open until 21st of May!
Are you going?
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Exclusive to customers!
What do you think to the Mimulus aurantiacus Burstβ„’?
A lovely 'new' evergreen plant, have you seen one before?
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Often we have found in the past our customers needed an extra hand when designing a border. We recognised this as an area we can help and have put together several packages.
Here is the 8 perennial Shady Border Collection - 1) White Wood aster, 2) Lady's Mantle, 3) Goat's Beard, 4)Red Bistort, 5) Sword Fern, 6) Toad Lily, 7) Autumn flowering anemone, and 8) Hosta.
Don't forget to...
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Border Pack 'Perfect Mix & Match Colourful Green'
Comment below by telling us which spring flower is your favourite?
This month sees the opening of Keukenhof 2017. We are delighted to have delivered over 250,000 bulbs for the display. Have you ever thought about going?
How many differences can you find between the two pictures?
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Happy St Patrick's Day!
Which flowers are a 'must have' in a bridal bouquet?
Tricky Tuesday!
Can you name a song with a flower in the lyrics?
Top Tip!
It's important to fertilise your garden during March and April. The ideal moment to add fertiliser differs from plant to plant.
Find out more by clicking on the link.

A Question Of Fertilising: For more information visit online garden centre
Now is a great time to add structure to your garden. Share the video and help your friends.
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Can you name this wild flower?
Are you lucky enough to see these little chaps in your garden? Can you name the species?
Can you name a flower that begins with the same letter as your surname? Comment below with your answer.
MYSTERY MONDAY! What might a gardener use this for?