Balfours Bakery
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Train yo self, treat yo self.

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When you need a cheeky mid-hike treat.
Why the square face?
A double tragedy brings Aleisha and Jaxx together. Will Jaxx's wandering heart tear them apart again? Find out now on #BalfoursBay
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Aleisha is overjoyed when she discovers the identity of the mysterious shark attack victim.But it could be too late as his life hangs in the balance. Watch now!
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Some desserts just can't be trusted in the heat.
Aleisha and Sophie discover a mysterious shark attack victim and rush him to the Balfours Bay Medical Clinic. Can he be saved? Will he be eaten? Find out now on #BalfoursBay
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Sarge reveals his soft side at the wedding of the century before a fatal accident rocks #BalfoursBay to its core. Watch now!
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What you're actually hoping for when dinner arrives.
The wedding of the century and a tragedy that will rock Balfours Bay - all will be revealed in the next episode of our gripping web series. Binge watch the full series now at
Balfours Bay's most sickening secret is uncovered as Jaxx demands Sarge's blessing. Watch now!
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The Balfours Beach Hut is dishing up delicious (and free) treats all over Adelaide all summer long.
Catch it between 5-6pm this evening at the Grange Esplanade.
Sausage (Roll) Legs
Float away this summer with Balfours.
A hot date goes horribly wrong leaving Aleisha heartbroken and fearful of a loveless future. Watch now!
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