Winter crafting isn’t over yet. Instagram user @mamalovextwo and her snowmen predict a few more flurries before spring!
In honor of #NationalSnackFoodMonth, we give you homemade cheese crackers by Instagram user @whogivesashallot. The recipe can be found through her Instagram photo!
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Check out Instagram user @earthflower13 using Ball® jars for some inside fun! What’s more exciting than finger painting in the winter?
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Hip, hip, hooray for #NationalAlmondDay! Instagram user @apinchofthis adds a pinch of spice and stores this yummy snack in her Ball® jar for later!
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Did you know that February is #CannedFoodMonth? With asparagus in season, give our Pickled Asparagus a try like Instagram user @davecee1977 did! Find the recipe here: [ Link ]
What a beautiful way to show your love, Instagram user @myglassbox. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
Instagram user @capecod_on_eight stores her homemade body butter in our 4-oz. storage jars with storage lids! This could be a great gift idea for your special someone. Find the jars here: [ Link ]
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Roses are red, violets are blue; Instagram user @natstatfatcat
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Nothing says “I love you” like a handcrafted Ball® jar. Instagram user @queenbeadbri will surely get a Valentine’s Day kiss!
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to pull out the sweet décor. Instagram user @thepinkpineconestudio has created the cutest jars!
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