Spice things up with our Bloody Molly. #WorldWhiskyDay.

Make it: Mix Ballantine’s Finest, tomato juice, Worcestershire Sauce, bitters, Tabasco sauce, horseradish, celery salt and pepper. Garnish with lemon.
Mark Smith
Michael Hill
If life gives you lemons, then make a Citrus Sour. #WorldWhiskyDay.

Make it: Mix Ballantine’s 12YO, apricot brandy, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and egg white.
Amy Noble
Edward Frank Morris
Bernadetta DM
The Peachy Keen is one seriously sweet serve. #WorldWhiskyDay.

Make it: Mix Ballantine’s Finest, peach juice, sugar, sugar syrup, rosemary, and lemon.
Briony Minnie Manderson
Our Watermelon Martini will keep you cool and fresh on #WorldWhiskyDay.

Make it: Mix Ballantine’s Finest with hazelnut liqueur, and top with a watermelon slice.
Selena Kyle
Gosia Niewiadomska
Bring the holiday vibes to #WorldWhiskyDay with a Summer Crush.

Make it: Pour Ballantine's 12YO and triple-sec into a shaker. Add three pineapple chunks and two bar spoons of caster sugar. Shake, pour, and then top with apple juice.
Mark Maguiness
Robson Parker
Nickie Wolfe
Keep it fruity and chilled with a Cherry Breeze this #WorldWhiskyDay.

Make it: Mix Ballantine’s Finest, cherry liqueur, and cranberry juice. Garnish with a lime wedge.
Alan Fleming
Jeroen Aalderink
Ben Muir
This line up is pure fire. Tune in tonight to watch our True Music tour with live sets from Seth Troxler, Louie Vega, Renato Ratier, John Gomez and Fatnotronic. Watch it live here from 9pm UTC - blrrm.tv/seth-brazil
The Cold Brew and Cream: perk up any party by adding a sweet caffeine kick. Make it: In a shaker mix together 35ml of Ballantine’s Finest, 15ml of Kahlua liqueur, two shots of cold brewed coffee, a shot of caramel syrup, a pinch of sea salt, 75ml of cream and 75ml of milk. Shake, strain and pour over ice. Top with freshly roasted coffee beans.
The Girl From FUSS keeps it sweet. Make it: Drizzle chocolate sauce into a glass. Shake 35ml of chocolate liqueur, 35ml of creme de cacao and 35ml of Ballantine’s Finest over ice - then pour. Garnish with white chocolate shavings and raspberries.
The Girl From FUSS keeps it sweet Make it Drizzle chocolate sauce
Denise Edmunds
Sarah Bear Rowlands
Tracy Jones
“I seek a different perspective in all my photos – like capturing Goa in a different light - away from the beaches and parties. Anywhere can take you by surprise, if you just stay true to your own way of looking at things.” The Girl From FUSS.
I seek a different perspective in all my photos like capturing Goa
Luminita Valentina
Janet Michelle
The panoramic views of Moki Bar and Kitchen, Goa captured the heart of photographer, The Girl From FUSS.
The panoramic views of Moki Bar and Kitchen Goa captured the heart
Sam Coughman
William Dos Santos Sirgado
Siobhan Woodland
Looking to up your selfie game? Model and photographer The Girl From FUSS shows you how to bring it.
Feeling it with The Girl From FUSS.
Feeling it with The Girl From FUSS
In a world where people are obsessed with ‘likes’ and followers, for multi-talented blogger The Girl From FUSS, it’s not about creating Instagram-worthy photos; it’s about authentically portraying her perspective of the world and staying true to her passion.
David Benjamin
Ryan Bru
Matty WT Cheal
There’s more fun to be had behind the counter at Paradiso, but those who find the secret door may still miss the real hidden gem
Untamed passion born from the soil, It Restaurant never strays from its Grecian roots.
Rise above the city and enjoy the multi-storey glory that is Frank’s. This converted car park rooftop serves up great food and even better sunsets.
Uncover the red lit history of Lisbon at this velvet-draped burlesque haunt. The ‘Love House’ serves unapologetic decadence with a few surprises.
Leave the red lights of Amsterdam behind for a cocktail of culture and creativity on unexpected sandy shores at Amsterdam Roest.
Timeless ingredients are shaken to perfection nightly but only released to those who know the code.