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Rise above the city and enjoy the multi-storey glory that is Frank’s. This converted car park rooftop serves up great food and even better sunsets.
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Uncover the red lit history of Lisbon at this velvet-draped burlesque haunt. The ‘Love House’ serves unapologetic decadence with a few surprises.
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Leave the red lights of Amsterdam behind for a cocktail of culture and creativity on unexpected sandy shores at Amsterdam Roest.
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Timeless ingredients are shaken to perfection nightly but only released to those who know the code.
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Simplicity and skill are tough ingredients to come across but a careful mix of Japanese and Italian artistry has made sure this cheese stall never has leftovers.
Kiki's chameleonic personality transforms lazy lunches into sunrise dancing.
A forgotten dive transformed into a rocky idyll, La Reserve makes a splash among the local lounge spots.
Aged in rich wooden panels and served with good conversation, the Bow Bar is a refreshing taste of the slow lane.
Find local flavour on every level of the shaded Brazilian hideout that stays loyal to the beach, not the crowd.
Get in the carnival spirit. Headdress not included. Make it: In a glass, mix 50ml Ballantine's Finest and 5ml lime juice. Add cucumber, mint and black pepper. Add ice and stir, then top with soda. Garnish with a cucumber ribbon and mint bouquet.
Brazilian beach vibes in a glass. Make it: Mix 50ml Ballantine's Finest, 25ml lemon juice, 25ml Orgeat syrup and one egg white. Shake over ice. Add a few drops of bitters then finish with a pineapple fan.
Bring the beat to any party. Make it: Mix 50ml Ballantine's Brasil, 15ml lime juice and a dash of coconut water. Add ice and shake. Top with a dash of grapefruit soda. Garnish with lemon, dried mango, and pear.
Always bringing fresh twists to old classics. Fashion designer and superstar DJ Lola Langusta adds soaked cherries to her Old Fashioned.
Your beats might be dirty but your vinyl should be clean. Let superstar DJ and fashion designer Lola Langusta show you how.
DJ and fashion designer Lola Langusta believes you always need to tell your own story.
Know your roots and let them drive you. Meet sonic superstar and fashion designer Lola Langusta.
What does master craftsman Tortus drink? A perfectly crafted whisky and pomegranate punch.
Make it: Combine 35ml Ballantine’s 12YO, 25ml lemon juice, 25ml pomegranate juice, 10ml honey syrup, 10ml maraschino liqueur and 1 tsp of bitters in glass. Top with ice and club soda. Garnish with freshly ground cloves.
Most use machines to mix clay. Master craftsman Tortus insists on preparing his by hand using a traditional Japanese technique. This ancient method removes all imperfections and guarantees a flawless finish.
When it comes to craftsmanship, you can't rush perfection. "Go with the slow," says master potter Tortus.
With its globe-spanning whisky collection and jazz-infused vibes, it's easy to see why master craftsman Tortus takes it slow at Salon 39.