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WIN a FREE TOUR for TWO or choose a TOUR for YOU plus $3000USD ✈

It takes only 30 seconds to qualify in 3 simple steps:

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ONLY by doing all 3 steps are you able to join BAMBOO on any one of our...
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03/25/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Compeptition is LIVE - - - [ Link ]

✈ 1 HOUR To Go! EEEEEEEEEK! Bamboo Competition Time ✈

OK ok BamFam UNITE! Only 60 lil' minutes to GO and we shall reveal the BIGGEST GREENEST BESTEST BAMBOOEST Facebook competition in the history of all things competition and Facebook.

So settle in, grab your cup o' tea (or coffee, we won't judge) go to the loo (English for toilet) and...

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03/24/2017 at 22:31. Facebook
Who remembers when we got to our first 1000? Look at me now momma!!! <3

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our BamFam, you truly are our dear friends and we consider you ALL family.

It started as a lil' vision to create the most amazing experiences that give the most amazing possibilities to both traveller and community. Who knows how far we can take our indie rock n' roll brand of travel...
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Competition is LIVE - - - [ Link ]

✈ 1 Day To Go! Bamboo Competition Time ✈

Can you feel the excitement in the air? We can! We're getting all giddy over here at Bamboo HQ. What is the competition? Where are we sending you? Elephants or Turtles? Beaches or Temples? Mwahahahaha we're not tellin'! :)

Tune in Tomorrow Saturday 25th @ 11AM PST (6PM GMT)

Peace, love & Bamboo
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Smiles all around ❤

To find out more about volunteering in Perú, click here: [ Link ]

Cusco, Perú
Stephanie Vernooy
Competition is LIVE - - -
[ Link ]

✈ 2 Days To Go! Bamboo Competition Time ✈

Ok ok ok we asked and OMG you guys responded! Before we reveal the details we need 2 more days to dot the i's and cross the t's! Trust us when we say you're going to wanna tune in on
Saturday 25th @ 11AM PST (6PM GMT) for the big competition announcement. She might break the internet ;)

Love, peace &...
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The vollys and students at KIDTEA have joined Bamboo in our effort to rid Cambodia of its plastic problem ♻

Today, the children received reusable water bottles! This way they'll be able to drink clean water while keeping their country free of unnecessary garbage.

We'd like to give a massive Bamboo THANK YOU to Theres Inglis for donating the 200 water bottles ❤

Smooth sailing

Koh Phangan, Thailand
Discover Thailand
Arm Bamboo
Who has ❤ for this lil' man?
Tour: Discover Costa Rica [ Link ]
Daily mantra

Lena Martinson, Discover Nepal Traveller
"This week has been a remarkably humbling experience, consistently exceeding expectations. I came to Nepal just a short 15 days ago with not a clue of what kind of adventure I was actually in for with 4 people I had just met. Quickly that didn't seem to matter as we were all ready to jump into an environment entirely out of our...
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LIVE from our #DiscoverCostaRica Tour

It's turtle time ❤!

Find out how to join here: [ Link ]

Junquillal, Costa Rica
Discover Costa Rica
Elisha Bamboo
Baby steps ☀

Our brand new #DiscoverCostaRica Tour is now available! Be one of the first to join us on this experience & click here for more: [ Link ]

Junquillal, Costa Rica
Discover Costa Rica
"Fall in love with the world and live happily ever after ☀"

Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia
Cambodia Experience
Kerry Ringer
Competition is LIVE - - -> [ Link ]

Hey guys, Mark Bamboo here! Just a quick one. We're trying to figure out our next big competition where we will be offering 2 places to one of these countries for FREE! Question is, which one? Be a sweetheart and click and answer!

Peace, love & Bamboo X

[ Link ]

Competition Time. Thailand or Costa Rica?
What an amazing bunch of reviews this week!

Thank you Hannah Moore, Kym Jones, Barb Gilliat, Tracy Wells, Meagan Lynn, Macky Carael, Lena Martinson, Maciel Stefany, Kyle Armour, Monica Lee, Stacey Marshall, Tess Crossley-wing, Sara Clark, Marigely Gonzalez, Cynthia Ralph & Kayla Marie Carpenter for sharing your experience with us.

We love you guys!
"An elephant never forgets and I will never forget you "

Surin, Thailand
Surin Volunteer Project
Pahn Bamboo, Surin Co-ordinator & BamFam
Morning trek up to the Peace Pagoda

Pokhara, Nepal
Discover Nepal
Kayla Bamboo
The true meaning of give-back-packing ❤

Our #DiscoverNepal team has been hard at work these past few months! From Himalayan treks to painting classrooms for the local children to celebrating Holi in style, it's been an unforgettable journey!

Want to join us? Click here to learn more: [ Link ]