Hello Friends, Here's some info on one of the connections that form the heart of your core...

Sankalpa, Visualization and Yoga: The Diaphragm-Psoas Connection

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Yoga Anatomy with Dr. Ray Long

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Want to improve your core activation in forearm plank?...

Click below for a new cue based on research just published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning...

Connect Your Cuff to Your Core in Forearm Plank

Want to learn more about your sacroiliac joint in yoga?
Click below for some key information on stabilizing your SI joint...

The Daily Bandha: The Sacroiliac Joint

Want to test your command of the gluteus medius muscle (and learn how to load it in a stretch)?

Click below to take the QuickQuiz...

The Daily Bandha: Bandha Yoga QuickQuiz # 7: Your Gluteus Medius Muscle...

Want to learn the biomechanics of your pelvis in Revolved Half Moon Pose?

Click below...

The Daily Bandha: Anatomic Sequencing: Revolved Half Moon Pose

Want to learn how to work with your gluteus medius muscle in yoga?

Click below...

The Daily Bandha: The Gluteus Medius Muscle in Yoga

Want a quick cue for stabilizing your shoulders in Down Dog (and another cue for stabilizing the whole pose)?

click below...

The Daily Bandha: Stabilizing Your Shoulders In Downward Dog

Test your knowledge of one of the most important muscles in your body!

Take the Bandha Yoga QuickQuiz...

Bandha Yoga QuickQuiz: The Anatomy and Biomechanics of Your Psoas.

Is your psoas awake in your poses?

Your psoas muscle is incredibly important for stabilizing your lumbar and pelvis in yoga asanas. Click below to learn the cues to awaken this muscle for your practice...

Awaken Your Psoas

Want a quick cue to help correct alignment in hyperextending elbows?

Click below to learn more...

The Daily Bandha: A Tip for Helping to Correct Alignment in Hyperextended Elbows and Knees in Yoga

Ever notice how small muscles can have a big effect in your yoga practice?

Click below for a cool refinement cue that works with the muscles of your big toes...

The Daily Bandha: A Benefit of Using the Big Toes in Yoga

Want to test your mastery of the anatomy and biomechanics of your hamstrings?

Click below to take the Bandha Yoga QuickQuiz

The Daily Bandha: How well do you know your hamstrings?

Did you know that your diaphragm is also important for posture?

Click below for a great visual of your diaphragm's connection to your psoas and lower body...

The Daily Bandha: Sankalpa, Visualization and Yoga: The Diaphragm-Psoas Connection

Are you lumbar dominant or pelvis dominant?

Click below to see how tight hamstrings affect your lumbar spine in forward bends...

The Daily Bandha: How Tight Hamstrings Affect Your Lumbar Spine

Do you or any of your students tend to slump in simple cross-legs pose?

Click below for a cool biomechanics cue to solve the problem...

(animation included)

The Daily Bandha: Sitting Up Straight and Expanding the Chest Forward in Sukhasana

How Strong is Your Warrior?...

Take the Bandha Yoga QuickQuiz and learn a cool biomechanics cue to improve your pose!

The Daily Bandha: QuickQuiz # 4: How Strong is Your Warrior?

Plantar Fasciitis, Myofascial Connections and Yoga

Click below to learn about your plantar fascia and its connection to your hamstrings in yoga…


How do YOU do Down Dog?

Take the Bandha Yoga QuickQuiz to test your anatomy and biomechanics for this important pose!

Click below...