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Have a killer Saturday night Bangalore!!
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Simplicity of the man says it all..
Rahul Dravid :')
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This is sooooo true! I pity you if it's your everyday route.
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Who is excited?

It's been a long wait. Cannot wait to watch Virat Kohli and Co. live in action.
Go RCB! Let's bring the IPL home :)
Hey Bangalore! Check out GreenApple, your complete health store in Jayanagar 4th block.

Congress in Goa & Manipur.
Have you heard of Apple Cider Vinegar?
Your Old monk just got cheaper.
Yes, that includes multiplexes too!
Life can be very unfair,
But especially to citizen of the country who are very capable students/athletes but do not have funding to pursue their dreams.

If you know anyone who's in need of funding do send in their details to [ Link ]

It is an extremely noble idea and is a portal through which deserving students get crowd funding.

Let's help India grow.
Let's make India grow.

Seems like most Indian men have a problem.

Works on so many different levels.

- Batman
Happy Holi in advance :p
Nacho Mitron #Elections

-Robinhood Pandey
Scumbag Bescom

-Robinhood Pandey
Hit like if it's raining in your area too!
Hello Bangalore! It's been a while since I've posted anything.
I'd like to bring to you something I've been working on,
My brand "LΓ© Nut Company"

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- Batman