Suspect in the 2005 attack at Indian Institute of Science, Habib Miya (C) being escorted to court in Agartala on March 18.

IISc attack suspect thrived as a plumber in Agartala
Judge had to send a man into police custody straight from the witness box on Wednesday for disrespecting the court after he was caught eating chocolate not once, but four times during the proceedings.

As bizarre as it may sound: Witness is a cocoa-nut, judge sends him to jail
An amendment to the bylaws of Karnataka State Cricket Association that helped ex-cricketer Anil Kumble become its president without having to wait for two years after retirement could finally become legal.

3 plus years after completing tenure, Kumble gets all-clear for stint
Starting April-end, you can spend a full day at farms, picking mangoes of your choice at base price.

Govt toying with mango tourism; just pluck & play
He would powder his face heavily to avoid being recognised and also oil his arms to make escape easier in case he was caught.

Once inside the premises, he would take off his regular clothes and wear the stolen undergarments and go looking for women.

Kink Panther: Everything you need to know about this lingerie thief
Just Like That - by Ajit Ninan
Problems in your area, too? Send us a picture to 9902028822 along with specific details.
Tap the chatter question: Instead of banning bicycles on highways, should the government provide separate lanes for them?
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#BMColumn | All everyone's been talking about these past few days is the newly appointed Chief Minister of UP and how he's said a bunch of insane inflammatory things.Writes Anuvab Pal

Ignorance of the well-minded
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In March 2017, an advertisement disguised as a news story appeared to report that Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg was leaving the company in order to sell skin care products.

Fake News Buster: Zuckerberg resigns from Facebook
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He was clear about what he had to do, despite being appointed as the first teacher of a school newly opened school for children from tribal hamlets in the taluk.

14 years of toil: How ‘learn warrior’ changed HD Kote’s tribal hamlet
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#Waterday for Bengalurians? Toxic snowfall is back at Varthur Lake; causes traffic snarls | Here are some recent pics.

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His idea has inspired authorities in the region to replicate his model in other areas as well.

This farmer has revived check dam and now about 25 farmers will benefit through the dry season
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Duplicate documents to offenders and seized vehicles were missing.

CAG exposes state transport department
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Namma Bengaluru: The lingerie thief has been caught, eventually!

Knife-wielding nude youth, who was seen prowling Maharani women’s hostel, has been arrested on Wednesday.

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"This principle is equally applicable to the present case where the trial court has imposed a Rs 100-crore fine, along with imprisonment," the petition said.

Jayalalithaa case: Karnataka seeks Rs 100 crore fine
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Do you think nothing comes free? You're wrong! What comes free, yet at a huge price, are nasal infections and skin disease.

Nightmare for commuters in Bengaluru: Toxic snowfall is back at Varthur Lake; causes traffic snarls
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None of the Indian universities is found among the Top 200 Universities in the world, whereas those in countries like Singapore and Japan are invariably appearing in the merit lists published by different agencies. It is very disappointing and demands introspection, writes M. Mahadevappa

Why we should choose the right vice-chancellors