Never give up on your dreams. Watch this. -- Ani
Tracey Mudge
Janine Evans
Amitabh Awasthi
"A place for everything. Everything in place."

My dad sort of hammered this lesson into me as a kid. I value it so much now. -- Ani
Helen Rowan
Tricia Finnerty
Christine Walsh
Brandy McClain Hallock
Seema Durrani
Pasang Dorjee Lama
Imagine ... explore curiously, explore endlessly.

Wishing a creative weekend.
Imagine explore curiously explore endlessly
Imagine ... there're no limits.
Imagine  therere no limits
Imagine ... make it happen.
Imagine  make it happen
Imagine ... strengthen your belief.
Imagine  strengthen your belief
Imagine ... begin anywhere.
Imagine  begin anywhere
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A personal post - Congratulating my cousin, an ace photographer and film-maker for 10,000+ followers on Instagram. Starting with almost nothing this young man has built a strong brand for himself, through his talent, a keen eye and hard work. Congratulations Advait Vaidya and keep it up Bro! -- Ani
Follow this on Instagram A personal post Congratulating my cousin an ace

Instagram post by Advait Vaidya β€’ May 19, 2017 at 1:43pm UTC
Advait Vaidya
Success ... a life lived well.

Wishing you a very successful weekend.
Success  a life lived well 

Wishing you a very successful weekend
Watch this TED Talk by India's superstar actor Shah Rukh Khan, aka the King of Bollywood. Impeccable and Inspirational. An inward looking take on an outward expanding world. -- Ani
Watch this TED Talk by Indias superstar actor Shah Rukh Khan aka

Thoughts on humanity, fame and love
Success ... hard work.
Success  hard work
Success ... not giving up.
Success  not giving up
Success ... courage.
Success  courage
Success ... action.
Success  action
Dileep Damle
Leaf people, branch people and root people. Listen to this beautiful analogy and share it with root people in your life. -- Ani
Aniruddha Kaprekar
Ellen Beck
Annu Dutta
A calm mind leads to calm actions. Watch this video. -- Ani
Sadaf Patras
Vaishali Karanjkar
Alamgir Hussain
Great fun and feeling privileged hosting OMPEG's First anniversary event at Lord's Cricket Ground. As a co-founder it was a moment of immense joy. Very grateful to OMPEG members network. - Ani Kaprekar.

OMPEG UK - [ Link ]
Great fun and feeling privileged hosting OMPEGs First anniversary event at Lords
Fear ... goodbye!

Wishing you a delightful weekend.
Fear  goodbye

Wishing you a delightful weekend
Fear ... conquer it, reject it.
Fear  conquer it reject it
Rashid Raza