Congratulations Senator Harris! We need your voice to ring out loud and clear for all of us.

Kamala Harris sworn in as first Indian American senator and California's first black senator
It’s a simple idea – if you get the most votes, you should win the presidency. As the popular vote for Hillary Clinton continues to rise, it’s clear the Electoral College is no way to pick a president.

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There's still time to make a difference in this election—join me in making calls for Hillary Clinton: #ImWithHer
Everything we care about is on the line. Vote today! #ImWithHer

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Trump says he loves clean air and clean water, but has vowed to cut 80 percent of EPA’s rules. That’s like saying you love the symphony, but you’ll take away 80 percent of the instruments.

Donald Trump Says He Wants To Cut '70 To 80 Percent' Of Regulations
What's at Stake This November? Our Democracy.

Donald Trump Is A Threat To Democracy
Caitlyn wrote to her dad that there should be a woman president because "girls should have the chance to do the same things boys can do."

Why do you think Hillary Clinton should be President? Share your letter on our page! #ToOurDads
Fiona wrote to her dad that he should vote for Hillary because she is a "strong independent woman."

What’s your reason to vote for Hillary Clinton? Share your letter on our page! #ToOurDads
Lucas wrote to his dad that there should be a woman president because "it shows that everyone has been included."

What’s your reason? Share your letter on our page! #ToOurDads
Reyna wrote to her dad that there should be a woman president because women are “strong and powerful.”

What’s your reason? Share your letter on our page! #ToOurDads
Most of you know me as a United States Senator, but in addition to that, I am a grandma. One day I asked two of my grandchildren, both under the age of nine, to write to their dad about why it would be great to elect a woman as president this November. I loved their responses, and it made me realize that having more daughters and sons write to their fathers would be a touching way to spread...
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To Our Dads
What is Donald Trump hiding by not releasing his tax returns?

He’s either hiding how much he really earns or that he stashed money in offshore accounts. Or he’s hiding conflicts of interest, including ties to countries that are not our allies. Or he's hiding how much he actually gives to charity. Or he’s hiding that he isn’t paying his fair share of taxes – maybe even paying no taxes at all....
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Donald Trump Jr. explains the real reason his dad won’t release his tax returns
Let’s not forget that Donald Trump has derided half of America. He told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that half of our country “sits back and says we don’t have to do anything.” He said those millions of hard-working Americans are carried by “the other 50 percent.”

Sound familiar? Back in 2012, Mitt Romney wrote off 47 percent of Americans. Well, Trump has one-upped him. And that is deplorable.

The time Donald Trump dismissed half of America as losers
So glad to talk with NBC LA about #TheArtofTough. Can’t wait to see the interview tomorrow!
I've known Hillary for more than 20 years, and I couldn't be more proud of her. But I'm most proud of our country. I'm proud of everyone who has made their voice heard in this primary. When we stand together, we can do great things.

For the young girls who have watched Hillary become the first female nominee, for women and men around the world, I'm more committed than ever to doing anything...
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I just got off the stage at the Democratic National Convention, and let me tell you: I am ready for the first female president of the United States of America!

Tell me you're with me in this fight. Add your name here to commit to giving your all to elect Hillary Clinton!

Shatter the glass ceiling!
Just finished rehearsing my speech about why Hillary Clinton should be our next President. So excited! Tune in tonight. #DemsInPhilly
So glad to be here in Philadelphia for the first night of the Democratic National Convention!