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'It's the spice of vulgarity which is the most enthralling thing'

Wonder how taste and vulgarity are defined? Visit The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined before it ends on Sun 5 Feb. Tickets: [ Link ]
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We've been recording our ScreenTalks since the 1990s - now we've gone back to the archive and dusted off the tapes...

Listen back to Amma Asante on Belle in today's archive release: [ Link ]
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Are you a Young Barbican member?

Join our private view as we look through 500 years of garish fashion -think Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian dress, Maison Martin Margiela's photocopy dress or *those* Manolo Blahnik boots for Rihanna...

The Vulgar: Young Barbican Private View
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In our new podcast, we talk to Lesley Barber Music about composing the music to Manchester By The Sea -take a listen...

Lesley Barber / Manchester by the Sea | Podcast
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A Stone cold classic: La La Land is showing in our cinemas.

Tickets: [ Link ]
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Live performance, film projections and sculptural objects...

Siobhan Davies Dance's new work is now in The Curve (from 12–6pm on weekends): [ Link ]
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Happy birthday to David Lynch, master of all things weird and surreal.

We're listening back to our 2014 podcast which celebrates the music from his films and TV shows: [ Link ]
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Siobhan Davies Dance's new installation opens today in The Curve: [ Link ]

Here's a sneak peek of one of the many performances...
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Still thinking about Boy Blue Ent's outstanding performance in 'Blak Whyte Gray'?

We head backstage to learn more about the show...

Backstage with Boy Blue Entertainment | Podcast
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Happy birthday to Sir Simon Rattle, our Artist-in-Association and Music Director Designate at London Symphony Orchestra!
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Ghibli, Ghibli more...

We love this NTS Radio mix of Studio Ghibli soundtracks.

Radio Ghibli Part 1 (1986-1992) 17.01.17
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Is Vulgarity the spice of fashion?

Vogue examines the outfits in our exhibition, The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined. Ends 5 Feb: [ Link ]

Vulgarity: The Spice Of Fashion Life?
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A kaleidoscope of colours and shapes...

It's the final week to lose yourself in the mesmerising, shifting patterns of Zarah Hussain's installation 'Numina' in our foyer.
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Studio Robert Henke's Lumière syncs glitching soundscapes with shimmering lasers...

We chat to him about about digital arts ahead of Robert Henke: Lumière III.

Robert Henke on Digital Arts | Podcast
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Thumping beats & explosive energy...

Boy Blue Entertainment's 'Blak Whyte Gray' is physical poetry. #BlakWhyteGray is on until Sat 21 Jan: [ Link ]
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Sad day in the office as we hear that Nigerian synth pioneer William Onyeabor has died, aged 70.

But we're looking back fondly remembering the incredible 'Atomic Bomb' concert back in 2014...

March 2014 - Nils Frahm and Who is William Onyeabor?
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Natalie's KO performance: Jackie opens this Friday in our cinema [ Link ]
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Did you know? The expression 'cut to the chase' was coined in the era of silent cinema, when so many films ended in a chase scene.

Representing this tradition, we've picked two of Buster Keaton's greatest chases for our double-bill this Sunday: [ Link ]
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Masked and costumed like an outlandish doll, Euripides Laskaridis takes care of the chores in this live art performance...

Tickets: [ Link ]